Friday, March 27, 2015

Trolls and the Internet, Worth the rage?

Now if your like me.... Then ya got a short temper and a itchy trigger finger.  Now you see theres where Trolls got you.

A troll is LITTERLY nothing but a online bully, prankster, desperate for attention, kid.  I don't care if their in their 40s, they never truly grew up.  These people get jollies off pissing you off and feed off the attention.

Now, we've ALL seen trolling.  If you can comment, you'll see it. 

Heres the kicker:  They just really ticked you off so you reply back with a witty comment.  They just won!

AYEP!  The MOMENT you give a troll any attention you give them what they want!  Don't Reply, don't even downrate.  Just report.  When you reply, you feed them things to use against you and get more attention.  When you downrate then they KNOW they upset you!  But if you just Ignore it or report it, then you piss them off!

If no one will pay attention to a Troll then the Troll gets bored and remembers how shitty of a life they have and falls into a depressed, needy funk.  In this event they will either turn the life around or go insane.

This is good for anyone with internet.  Some trolls don't just try to get a rise they actually intend to cause physical harm!  If you look at any well trafficked forum or YouTube video you'll see atleast one person going around demanding that another person kill themselves because they are "worthless," "stupid," or some other reason.  Often in VERY long, painful detail, even for a passerby to stomach. 

Bullying Online is one of the worse kinds of Bullying.  When its face to face the Bully can be confronted.  You can show force and become a threat.  In face to face scenario, a bully will usually run.  After all, you can hurt them then.  But Online their untouchable. 

So the troll, they hurt, and in MANY cases get what they want by running off someone or in certain instants causing them to hurt their self.

With so many young impressionable kids around you really don't want them to mimick this or worse, be a victim. 

So please, stop Trolls and Bullies at the source.  Ignore and report.  It can save lives and make everyones experience so much happier! 

Monday, March 23, 2015

A Weapon Rant! Concealed Vs Open

WARNING!  This has to do with Guns and the carrying of them!  If this offends then I suggest you skip!  Please keep a open mind when reading any of the "rants"!  They hold opinions of the writer and are open to civilized debate and open minds.  No closed minds "Im always right!" types!  :D

As a gun owning American I DO see a issue with people openly carrying their guns.  But I also know that it is their right.

So allow me to enlighten you on some simple facts to consider when choosing YOUR stand!

Open Carry

Pro:  Deters robbery and threat- When its known your carrying, a mugger will go after the easier target that cant fight back. 

Con:  Treated differently - Its no secret, some people are nervous about weapons.  But others are damn right hateful!

Pro/Con:  A known threat -  This goes BOTH ways.  By carrying ANY weapon you become a threat and thus get priority kill.  You are openly showing you have a gun, you can handle it, and you will use it if you must!  This means you have the option to protect yourself or others in a emergency but it also puts a bulls eye on you!

Concealed Carry

Pro/Con:  Unknown - No one knows you got it.  You see that being dangerous?  Because it can be.  They have it hidden meaning if they want to fire it theres no warning.  It can be safe for them or dangerous for you depending on if their the attacker or protector.

Pro:  No stigma attach while concealed- No one will treat you differently because they don't know!

Con:  If found then the reaction is WORSE - Hiding weapons, with a permit even, really makes you look like a villain...

Pro:  Unknown advantage - True you might get attacked but you have a means of protection that you can choose to use or not.  If you feel they'll not hurt you if you give them your cash then you have no reason to shoot and feel guilty!  If you are threatened or hurt then you can fight back! 

Con:  Hidden weapons can be hard to get to - Under the seat, in the purse, anywhere its concealed you gotta reach for it.  So unless your a quick draw you have attention on you.  Your now the primary target.

Pro:  Most require a license!  - Just like to drive you take TEST for this!  You prove you understand the weapons use, How and When to use the weapon, and what can happen if you use it.  A robber, mugger, or random shooter probably wont own the gun or have that little piece of paper because then its tied to them.

In the end, these are just things that apply to public places like stores.  Stop saying NO GUNS and start asking to see a ID!  If you feel nervous with a assault rifle in the store then put a strict limit on what can and cant be carried in the area.  A small handgun that makes someone's daughter feel safe is not a threat till its carried by a criminal.  A criminal will not follow the law.

"I personally carry.  I keep my concealed.  I am of sound mind, I am legally allowed to do this, and I have no criminal record.  If threatened I will pull and shoot.  If my gun is out, it will be fired.  That's what it means for me to have a gun."

"But I also live in a not so nice area, I walk to a bus stop a good ways from my home.  I sometimes get home VERY late.  I HAVE been followed and felt threatened.  I am one of the people who carries to feel safe.  Because I don't have a car to use here I have to keep my weapon, bags, ect on me. "

"Not all who carry guns need them but there are those that require a weapon for protection.  Theres always more to a weapon then just a idiot kid who you bullied into a bloody rage.  "

~Unknown -
An expert from several emails sent to the editor. 

This was submitted by a regular reader who emailed me her feeling on guns.  As a woman who also carries for safety, I thought i'd share her story as well as pros and cons to carrying in public places. 

Self defense classes never made me feel as safe as knowing I had something to trump a knife. 

So consider the good a gun might do before you consider the bad. 


I DO NOT AGREE ON ASSAULT RIFLES!  Assault rifles are not meant to be carried unless in a war zone.  Keep one in your home.  In your car if you want!  But don't carry it into a store or public area.  That IS something to be nervous about.  A simple handgun is more protection then you should need. 

As my old man would say "One shot to hit, one shot to kill.  If you need to fire again then get out."  Realistically, Your gun is the warning and the threat.  A assault rifle is WAY over board.  If you want it for protection AWAY from civilians then have at it! 

Thank you for reading, God Bless, and keep safe out there with the REAL criminals!


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Kindle, the down side. But How its resolved!

Want to publish?  Ya can!  Don't feel Kindle will work?  Well Amazon also has "CreateSpace"! 

This allows you to publish books as they sell on Amazon!  They do the publishing for you in exchange for part of the profit.  Same as a Publisher, but all rights are yours!  Their just a printing press, post office, store, and marketing agent all in one!  Worth that 20% isn't it? 

By using both features you can double your readers by offering to the older or more old school generation who prefer a book.

I personally love both Kindle and Real Books.   So I don't mind either way.  The Kindle is portable but the book is in hand.  The Kindle is easily broken... The book, most likely, can take abit of a beating.  So I see both sides!

My suggestion.  If doing a book, make sure its LONGER then 5 pages, the price is FAIR, and that you actually spell check!  PLEASE!  With Kindle you can update changes, Book is forever.  Don't have a Chicken eating Eggs...

See the Article below for details on how to publish with kindle, audio, and book.

For Amazon Article:

Friday, March 13, 2015

Publisher! Wait...

Ever wanted to be a writer?  Well now its so easy!  Its KINDLE!  Just post to Kindle on, poems, ideas, opinionated rants, actual stories...

Seriously... Its so easy!  You get a percent of the profit and they do a digital publish, and advertise it, AND give it a huge jump thanks to the thousands of hits the site gets. 

If ya cant make it there... Well, ya did something wrong!  Why?  because ever type of person goes to amazon (Minus the Amish maybe, but to be fair they don't believe in internet!  Probably not into Kindle either).  Well, maybe not EVERYONE goes to Amazon, but theres a huge following to it and there are hundreds of thousands that look for new books alone daily!

If you don't feel slightly accomplished, allow me to suggest a few things:

1.  Spell Check.  Unless its a joke book... The title should NOT have a word misspelled... "Night" is not spelled as "The Niht Befour Chritman."  Atleast do a basic spell check!  Maybe a once over...  Ya know, effort?

2.  Price to match.  2 pages of content is NOT worth 20 bucks. 

3.  Tags, Description, Cover.  Think of popular tags that match your book.  The word "Zombie" will get more hits then "Dead" okay, that's not a good example, but you get it.  Try to use a more general term that matches the books theme and topic.   A description tells about the book.  Get their attention, hook 'em on the story but DON'T tell them the damn ending!  Its popular to use a expert from first chapter or two.  Last, Cover.  Amazon helps you make a cover from their photo bank.  Better to do that then have no cover.  Im willing to be that ATLEAST 70%  of the human race will admit "I wont even look at a book if the title and cover don't interest me."  Personally I look at the description, but you get it!

4.  Market abit yourself too!  Post to Facebook, Twitter, ect!  Let others know its there!  Just choose your audience wisely... Or else grandma might be checking out your "Steamy Romance" *wink wink*  You might not like the reaction you get... And I aint talking about a cussing out, pissed off nanny either..!  Ah... The images... CUT CUT!  OH GOD CUT!

5.  Consider the reader JUST a tad!  Under no circumstance should you blindly follow a mass of fans ideas... Their "little tweaks" can change the story a lot!  They have fan fiction for those changes.  But you might "Consider" their words.  Like, "Why is it every time you kill someone they come back to life...?  I mean, Im no longer surprised.  The only thing that COULD surprise me is if they WERENT back next chapter!"  THIS is a legit comment.  You should CONSIDER it.  Maybe tone down the death and rebirths...  If you take it and use it, you'll end up killing off your whole story in the first two chapters... And then its 400 page funeral... Ya...  Consider it.  Readers are your feedback.  You want them happy.  And there are always readers who will comment saying what they love and hate about the story, your style, and the flow of the book.  One comment cant speak for everyone, so you should never blindly follow.  But maybe mull it over in your brain, "Could I be doing that wrong?"  "Would this make the story better?" These are questions to think on with negative comments.  You can consider the idea and decide. 

Just remember.  There are things called "Trololololols" and they will out right bash you for a book they've never read.  So try not to take anything to heart!

Well, there's my ideas.  I hope it'll help someone!  And I truly hope from the bottom of my heart that you can find success.  :)

Check for my next post on the downside to Kindle, but how Amazon turned that around for independent Publishing too!

Till Next time!  God Bless ya!


Link to sites and more details on publishing on Amazon:

Monday, March 9, 2015

Normal--WHY?! Rant Time!

    What’s normal?  Who decides normal?  Why is this normal and this isn’t?  Why, why why!  Ah, flick it.  Your just crazy damnit, were all just crazy!  Were all different, were all confused… Hell, were all sadistic, ignorant, morons, and brilliant.  Normal is a Norm you strive for because your brain has idolized something. 

 This is why we don’t bat-a-eye when a girls walking around in the “mini-skirt” that you can swear is just a large belt!  But 50 years ago there would have been a civil war over letting her look like a harlot. 

It’s the same for what we do… How we act.  We are too focused on this “norm” to be us.  THAT is why you look at yourself and feel disgusted and why the “Perfect and popular” are so unhappy. 

So.. WHY be “Normal”?  Why cant we just find friends that like us as the crazy person we were born to be?  How do you decide what is normal?  Who started the whole idea?  Is it really worth following?

Lets take the idea of starting the normal trend… In the movie “The Purge” it was normal to let all crime go one night…  So, if all the “Cool” and “Normal” people said its okay to kill your family, would you? 

It might seem extreme, but you dye your hair and change your clothes to fit the trends, because that’s considered “normal” and thus expected.

But are you really happy?  L Take my advice.  Be you.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Touching Base

Hello 'ello. 

Im Wolf, as yall know.

So this is STILL me posting for the original Weebly site.  Still trying out so i'll continue posting here and to Weebly.  The post here will be coming faster till its caught up.  But new ones will be on Weebly.

So if your liking the blog and don't wanna wait then just go check out and read all of the already posted.  Or you can just keep seeing them here, take a pick!

No plans to if i'll use both long term or switch. 

Till next time!  Bye bye yall.