Monday, June 29, 2015

Thinking, Thinking... Curious

(As Posted to Weebly 2/19/15)

You know... I've hit writers block. Don't you hate that? Apparently you can hit it as a blogger too. Not that I don't have ideas. I just cant focus enough to make more then 3 sentences.

So looking down at other blogs, you see Loooonnnggg, paragraph after paragraph, endless post. And lately they kind of skimp.

So to the rest of you. Does that bother you? To get little updates/mini post weekly verse a possibly once or twice a month long post?

Its all... Im not sure, RANDOM I guess! Maybe it wont matter one way or a not?

Possibly i'll just try to poke in more with mini post to twice a week for those..

Update to Blogging on other sites. I have started on with this same site name (yap, that's me.) and am posting. Its only 1-2 a week. At this point I wont reach this post till May or June. But its progress. It gets a few of its own special post nothing special if you want to check it out.

Also, if you noticed in some of my first post, you saw that I do write for Amazon Kindle. I've published one book so far (hope to have 2 by Halloween!). So im considering... Almost advertising a few books. Not just my own, but ones I found and enjoy. Would anyone be interested in that? This blog is meant to be random and wide variety type but it don't hurt to really keep some post of interest!

I'll try and keep up my actual holiday post too this year... Starting for St Patty day... V'Day is abit too... Well, gone!

Well. Till next time darlins!

Have a Blessed day!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

And my day was...

(As Posted on Weebly 2/15/15)

I hope everyone had a good V'Day!

Me, I spent it with my boyfriend, fighting in the morning and cuddling in the afternoon...

Our plans ended up... Squished. He actually planned to take me to McDonalds (Ick...No pink goo...) and then to see a movie I didn't want to see...Ever... I have NO interest in 50 Shades of Grey. NONE. Especially not with.. Other People...

Anyone else ever feel kind of icky when their at a movie and it has a long.."Heated" love scene? I mean its like watching porn around strangers. I don't know, maybe its just me but its just kind of sickening to do that.

As it is I hate seeing any kind of sexual nudity or sex in films...

It just turns me off the whole movie.

Take Horror films. Just about everyone single one has sex included. Most are NOT tasteful... (pan out, hinting at their being sexy things happening, Okay. Watching two people rolling under the sheets and thrusting...Not...Okay... ) I go wanting to see blood and guts and instead get assaulted with softcore porn and little to no real horror... I get more fear out of the 40-50 year old actor plowing the horrible (probably picked up just for looks, you know exactly what I mean) actress that looks like shes BARELY legal!

I got off topic... I'll save my lack of respect for current culture and movies for later.

Back to my day..

Well, I was pissy with him for that. Mainly because I had hinted over and over that I did NOT want that... Turns out (and reason I forgave him), he asked his sister what to do... Said sister hates me... Wants to see me dead and her brother back home, I mean the looks are pure hatred!

Well she told him to take me to see the movie because "She loved it, thought it was romantic." And told him to take me to McDonalds because I apparently "Wanted it" since I kept saying it.

Moral of the story... If a girl keeps mentioning NOT wanting something. It doesn't mean she wants it. Especially if shes saying it with ALOT of venom and staring you down with a "Do it and Im. Going. To. Kill. You." type stare... Or comes out and says "Take me to do this and I will dump you right there. There WILL be a crowd by the time im done yelling. Possibly a hospital visit."

So that night we went out, rented a cute movie (How To Train Your Dragon 2, actually!) and cuddled up. After about 5 hours of talking, playing with dogs, and movie we decided to go grab some food from a local Diner. Planning to fight the cold by curling up in bed after...

Another Moral: Don't leave the apt after 8 pm if you want your bed.

We got home and had both dogs on MY side of the bed... House rules, whoevers side their own gets the couch. So he got the bed... I got a love seat...

It was very cold too...

Well, I hope yall had a better day then I did. Its not all bad but hey, it sucked!


Friday, June 19, 2015

Sorry for delays!

Im very sorry about a delay in posting here, I've been busy since May with school and work and unable to focus on either blog.

Im going to go back to posting steady here and back date my older stuff from Weebly to catch it up!

I hope i'll soon have everything posted and be able to give new fresh content like I do on Weebly.


Monday, June 15, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day, Darlins!

((As posted to Weebly 2/13/15))

Happy Valentine's Day, yall! Grab your hunny and make them a happy bear tonight with plenty of honey!

For you...Um, under 21s. Keep it PG, no sex. (See parents? Im not gonna encourage that!) And for the sakes of you not really caring about my orders, atleast keep it safe. No one wants a kid while their a kid! You adults too! (Hey, maybe that's another blog post...)

I'll try to have some fun dating tips and gift ideas for next year. But you have any happy memories or gift ideas for/from Valentine's Day? Share them in Comments or email them!

As for me... Well I got plans with my beloved Zombie Bait. He's promised me something special! Fingers crossed its not a trip to GameStop where I get to pick a game... Or the Video Store and I can make him watch any movie... Again.


If your reading this... You better change your plans reaaalll quick Babe.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Never Bite More Then You Can Chew...

Ever heard that old saying...  Don't bite off more then you can chew?  Well don't promise it neither!  If you say "I'll do anything" or "I'll give anything" then be ready... 

Personally I've got a VERY bad habit of making these sort of statements.  So when one of my dogs got loose (In Atlanta that's a BAD thing even if your not down town!) I did the only thing I could do while I ran around searching every nook and cranny.  I prayed.

Im a Christian, yes.  And I pray atleast once a day.  But I know they get answered... Often with what most would call "Funny" ways...

So, my youngest got loose... I freaked.  After an hour I start saying the things you should never say unless you mean it.  "God, i'll do anything just please keep her safe and help me find her."  Well.  I got my wish.

Shes safe.  She's in the ONE patch of woods for miles.  Shes Treed a HUGE Coon!  Its up there hissing and growling and shes bouncing trying to get it.

So I start running to her.  Shes in a HUGE patch of brairs and thorns.  I have to crawl in after her *Ow..Ow...Ow...* and all shes got is a cut or two.  Me?  Im in a short skirt, a thin shirt, and some luckily hard bottomed flip flops...  What I got on is stuck or hung on the thorns and im bleeding from alittle of everywhere.

So I crawled in.  Crush most of them down, so it was mainly hitting knees and below, picked up her 75 pound fat bottom and carried her to safety. 

Luckily, I had a leash.  And that coon all but shot between my legs trying to get away! 

Someone had some sick sense of humor with that one...

So im standing there all bloody and cut, fussing over my dog and checking the 2-3 cuts she got to make sure shes okay, and you know someone actually had the nerve to ask if I got in a Cat fight?  That poor bastard almost got his eyes clawed out... Hey, give me a break, I was hurting and I did NOT appreciate that comment.

So I walked the mile or two back home... Bloody, cold, and pulling leaves and vines out of my hair.  I got looks.  I was feeling alittle more then humble too..

So long story short.  I said "Anything" and I got cut up, embarrassed, and my Lucky Star of a dog was safe and sound...  I'd probably do it again.

Well I hope you got a laugh out of that... Im off to soak in some disinfectant...  And get all bandaged up.

God Bless and be safe.


Friday, June 5, 2015


Im planning to branch the blog abit and possibly look for a cheaper site.  Im doing this blog more for fun then I am for money so Im looking for a site that's dollars a month to the 20 dollars Weebly is costing.  So... More on that Later!  :D

But don't fear!  I'll be posting here still for several more months and letting you know if I found better!

(This was posted to Weebly when I first started here back in January.  Never fear!  Im simply sharing all post from there to here!  Thank you for sticking with me, see you in a few days!)


Monday, June 1, 2015

Special Post: WOW!

Okay.. Not a regular post, but WOW im impressed!

I've hit over 250 views in one day!!  Im BEYOND blown away by that!  You people are going to make me tear up. 
You really are... I hope I can keep getting even in the ball park of that number each day and see it grow! 

Its been jumping with leaps and bounds this month!  It was around 150 mid January and then BOOM right at the end of January were bouncing to 250+!

Thank you all again and i'll see you later this week with more Post!

((This was for Weebly.  Since then I've got up to 300 and 400 views daily!  Im still stoked by this.  <3 ))