Friday, February 27, 2015

Rant Rant Rant

So sorry for the lacking updates!

Sooo... Rant idea, hm, hm, hm....

Why is a number important.  There we go!

What makes 7 lucky and 3 so important?

Well any Christian will tell you that Three is the Holy Number, mainly because its the mark of the Trinity.  Lord, Son, Holy Spirit. 

Seven is apparently also a holy number, based off the seven visible planets from Earth, and in Mediaeval times it was the reason they had 7 days!  Ya, this stuff is strange.

Okay, im letting this one go... What do you think of the "important" numbers?  Do YOU have a lucky number?  Let me know!  :D


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Monday, February 23, 2015

Random Rants and Opinions!

I know that most of what I've wrote on since I started the blog have to do with making abit of cash, mainly because I know that's something everyone could use in hard times!  But as a RANDOM blog I need to give alittle something else!  So, time for me to express a opinion! 

Now, we've all seen the commercials.  Lose weight fast, sweat off the pounds, oh my gosh it works SO well type bull.  And sometimes, its a decent price.  But honestly...  Why?  Ya spend 80 bucks to be told what to eat and do.  But heres the issue...  Its just a bunch of bull.  Your paying for a PLAN and back ache! 

I know your thinking im a... Well most likely nothing positive... But ya know its true!  Whats the REAL difference in all those programs?  Mainly just the order or work outs.  So you wanna know the REAL, FREE way to loose weight?  Well let me tell ya.  Its a few steps and they will take work and dedication.  But they wont eat at your wallet and then clutter up your home!

So heres the "RANDOM TIPS TO HEALTH!"  ...  Ya that took me like 5 seconds to come up with, don't judge me!  :D

1.  Stop starving.  You hear me?  STOP STARVING!  If your told to NOT EAT then you are getting ripped off!  Want to know what they really need to say?  Eat till your 80% full.  How ya do that? 

Well heres my ways:  Eat till your in the "Okay range"  Your not really full but ya aren't hungry.  That's a GREAT area to stay in!  My other method would be abit difficult.  Its eat MORE.  Not more food but more often!  Like every hour or two have ONE SERVING of food! Now I know ya think that's counter productive...  But honestly...  Look how much you eat in one sitting.  You think a plate full is a serving.  Really that's about 6 servings!  So heres the idea, your eating less but getting in your needs.

If you look at a food pyramid... 6-8 grains a day, 3-4 fruits, 4-5 veggies... The amount of food it requires is just unreal!  The smaller portion method is a good way to get all that in without stuffing yourself.  If you honestly cant do that then just doing the "im not hungry, but not really full" method might be your best bet!  Why would THAT method work?  Its proven that our brain takes about 15 minutes to catch up to our stomach.  So if you stop before your brain says your full then in 15 minutes you wont be hurting, in fact you'll feel perfect!

2.  DONT SKIMP THE WORK!  My god help us all!  Diet alone can not help you forever!  You need to work your muscles too.  Ya don't have to have high tech equipment, just a variety.  Running, push ups, jumping jacks, sit ups, even just bouncing your legs while your sitting is burning calores.  So just work in alittle every chance ya get.  Its better to do it for atleast 30 minutes straight but ya gotta do what ya can do.  Doing 5-10 minutes every hour or two might be more effective for those who aren't as active, atleast to help you get started!  Just don't rush it.  Doing push ups faster doesn't work you as much as taking them slowly, shocking aint it?

3.  Eat HEALTHY.  Skip the fast food.  Pack a lunch, avoid the greasy fast food temptation!  Its HORRIBLE for you!  Its loaded with sodium, calores, and processed with crap that turns the unediable food into something that can latterly sit out a year without spoiling... Im serious, lots of studies on that... 

4.  Try to eat more fresh or frozen fruits and veggies!  Canned stuff keeps forever but preservatives and the like are placed into the food to keep it fresh.  With frozen though its "Natures pause button" as they say.  Just as good as fresh!

I hope these tips will help some of you in your search for the perfect body!  Good luck!  :D

Have a blessed day!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Making Some Tax Free Cash!

Money, its wonderful!  Taxes... They have a purpose... A annoying purpose!  So!  How can ya stick it to the man with tax free money?  YARD SALES!

Yes, the age old Yard Sale.  Everything you make is yours!  But there is the pesky little permit... Which CAN get costly!  So, what do you do?  Simple:  Ya Make it bigger!

Theres always free community yard sales or even friends and family that throw them once a year.  My suggestion?  Make it big.

The permit is for the location, they cant prove that more then one person is really hosting it.  So in a sense you have 10 yard sales under one permit!  Cool, no?

So heres my tips to a GREAT yard sale!

1.  Advertise, ALOT.  Give it atleast a 2 week ad before the sale.  Put out posters, flyers, and ads in any free papers in your county!  Trust me, people will come from other towns if it promises to be worth it!  Don't forget to abuse the social medias!  Craigslist, Facebook, twitter, ect!  Theres even plenty of yard sale sites to try!

2.  Be honest on the size.  If theres 10 sales at once then say its BIG!  But if its just you with a few items then its kinda not big!

3.  Advertise special, rare, or expensive items that might be for sale like electronics, appliances, and furniture!  Telling people what you got will attract more.  Don't be detailed, but give the idea!

4.  Be organized and neat!  Don't just have a huge pile of clothes and expect people to BUY!  Have them folded, separated, or hung up!  Two trees and some rope or old PC pipe and glue can make a nice place to hang up some items!

5.  Regress abit!  Know the old lemonade stand?  Well if ya got kids then you can let them run this part.  Offer cheap cakes or drinks for free or a cost!  Since these things start early, you'll get some takers.

6.  START EARLY!  You should be READY by 5 am!  People start looking at 6-7 am, EVEN if you say it wont start till 10!  So cut the middle man and start at 6-7 am and get the early birds.  Let it run till atleast 2.

7.  Don't do it during holidays!  Unless your on the highway you wont get many bites.  Most people will head out to the lake, family gatherings, and the like on holidays.  This means less interest in your items, more interest in their own life!

8.  Take advantage of pre holidays!  Christmas, Easter, whenever gifts are needed!  You'll always find the cheap family looking for cheap gifts!  Do it before the stores start the big sales or else you might miss out on some clients!

9.  Offer a service!  You good at making items?  Why not market them this way!  Got the permit anyway and you might can get some under the counter work while your at it!  Try to have some business cards ready with your name, service, and number/email near the products you make.  MARKET IT WAS HANDMADE!  People go NUTS over handmade!  Just make sure your offering it at a yard sale price, that's probably supplies with a 10% mark up meaning 5 dollars to make sale at $7.  Mention that its on discount at the moment and how much it usually cost to encourage buying now!

10.  Be polite!  A smile, pleasant conversation, and alittle elbow rubbing will NEVER hurt!  People are more likely to buy if they like you personally.  Make them feel like friends instead of like strangers that you tolerate for money!  You attract with honey, not vinager!  :)

Well that's the last of my tips for THIS blog!  Don't forget to check me out weekly for more blogs and tips!  Thanks for dropping by, keep it random my friends!  :D

God Bless Ya!


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone had a good V'Day! 

Me, I spent it with my boyfriend, fighting in the morning and cuddling in the afternoon...

Our plans ended up... Squished.  He actually planned to take me to McDonalds (Ick...No pink goo...) and then to see a movie I didn't want to see...Ever... I have NO interest in 50 Shades of Grey.  NONE.  Especially not with.. Other People...

Anyone else ever feel kind of icky when their at a movie and it has a long.."Heated" love scene?  I mean its like watching porn around strangers.  I don't know, maybe its just me but its just kind of sickening to do that. 

As it is I hate seeing any kind of sexual nudity or sex in films... 

It just turns me off the whole movie. 

Take Horror films.  Just about everyone single one has sex included.  Most are NOT tasteful... (pan out, hinting at their being sexy things happening, Okay.  Watching two people rolling under the sheets and thrusting...Not...Okay... )   I go wanting to see blood and guts and instead get assaulted with softcore porn and little to no real horror... I get more fear out of the 40-50 year old actor plowing the horrible (probably picked up just for looks, you know exactly what I mean) actress that looks like shes BARELY legal! 

I got off topic... I'll save my lack of respect for current culture and movies for later.

Back to my day..

Well, I was pissy with him for that.  Mainly because I had hinted over and over that I did NOT want that...  Turns out (and reason I forgave him), he asked his sister what to do...  Said sister hates me... Wants to see me dead and her brother back home, I mean the looks are pure hatred!

Well she told him to take me to see the movie because "She loved it, thought it was romantic."  And told him to take me to McDonalds because I apparently "Wanted it" since I kept saying it.

Moral of the story...  If a girl keeps mentioning NOT wanting something.  It doesn't mean she wants it.  Especially if shes saying it with ALOT of venom and staring you down with a "Do it and Im. Going.  To.  Kill.  You." type stare...  Or comes out and says "Take me to do this and I will dump you right there.  There WILL be a crowd by the time im done yelling.  Possibly a hospital visit."

So that night we went out, rented a cute movie (How To Train Your Dragon 2, actually!) and cuddled up.  After about 5 hours of talking, playing with dogs, and movie we decided to go grab some food from a local Diner.  Planning to fight the cold by curling up in bed after... 

Another Moral:  Don't leave the apt after 8 pm if you want your bed.

We got home and had both dogs on MY side of the bed... House rules, whoevers side their own gets the couch.  So he got the bed... I got a love seat... 

It was very cold too...

Well, I hope yall had a better day then I did.  Its not all bad but hey, it sucked!


Friday, February 13, 2015

Making Abit of Money: Amazon

Im sure your not new to!  We've all bought or atleast browsed this site for awesome deals before.  Have ya eve considered using this high traffic site for Money?  Maybe, maybe not.

Well heres the thing.  Its very EASY to sell with them! You just create a seller account and put up your stuff!

College students especially will love this!  Why?  Because you can buy and sell books here and make a profit or just break even!  If your bookstore was like mine then you'll understand the need to break even on a $500 book rather then selling it back to them for like 20 bucks!

Now heres my tips:

Find something small and easy to ship.  Things like books, cards, or jewelry.  DONT attempt to sell things like a couch here!  Why?  Because you have to SHIP the damn thing!  And Post Office aint gonna deliver your poorly packaged old couch most likely!

Find the right price.  You got the item, now consider the shipping price.  On default Amazon gives a shipping price.  (At the moment the price is 4.99 a item.) BUT if this item is bulky or heavy, it might cost MORE then that!  So if to compete your doing $0.01 with 4.99 shipping and the shipping alone is 12 dollars... WOW you just got SCREWED!  So be very aware of these things.

Be Honest.  When saying the condition of a item, be honest.  Don't say its like new when it looks like you dragged it behind your truck for 20 miles!  You'll get a BAD rating (And you DONT want your only rating to be 1 star with a comment of "It was HORRID!  I Wanted to give a -100 stars for this service!").  Better to say its decent condition and be upfront with damage.  It'll save you money in return shipping and help get better ratings!

Be aware of the cut!  Amazon will HAVE a cut!  They give you a preview of the cut but it does go up with the price.  So keep it in mind when planning.  You can always fix the price later to better fit the market!

Don't be the bastard.  Ever notice in pricing and auctions that undercut by ONE PENNY?  Ya.. Don't do it.  You'll look bad to both other sellers and buyers.

Shop around.  Really!  If its something you can sell locally for a better price, then try it!  Your goal is to make some cash and live, not please the internet!

Don't be afraid to not have the lowest price!  Better the item to sit for a month then to actually take a hit on it.  Your goal is this:  "I've had it and used it.  Now I just want to make a few bucks after shipping it."  That means your ONLY goal is to have 1 buck or two to call your own after Amazon takes THEIR cut, plus you have SHIPPED the item, and you have taken care of buying SHIPPING MATERIALS. 

I Hope my tips will help you score a few bucks!  Enjoy and happy savings my random fans!  :D  Till next time!


Monday, February 9, 2015

Random and You

Randomness.  We are all random!  For this Blog its taking alittle of everything and turning it into a Blog that can appeal to multiple people.

Gaming, Money, News, probably not fashion... Well, just about anything can be found here! 

Willing to take in extra bloggers as well if your interested!  Will do atleast 1 post a week as long as its just me!  So for the time being, please enjoy!  :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hello New and Old Fans!

Evenin' there!  Most of you know me as Wolf from the Blog  Well, im out sourcing the blog abit!  I'll be posting so old post from there to here to start, and then after sometime I might move to either here or there, or I might just keep both up.  For the time, I cant say!

Till then, I hope to see you roaming around!