Friday, April 29, 2016

Budget Life: Roommate!

Roommates are... Mixed feelings.

They can be awesome or they can suck soo bloody much.

Did you know I tried dorm life?  6 girls in 300 square feet.  Drama meets murder.  You had:

Anti Social Writer Me

Country Girl/Artist Friend (thank god I wasn't alone..)

Crazy Bi Polar chick (Who hated to take her meds..  I think she was a physc major of all things)

Drama Queen Lesbian (No offense to anyone but she did like drama and was into girls... You'll see why I named her this in a minute)

Depressed Emo (We all got issues but this was more of a wannabe Emo then a truly depressed person)


Chatter Box

So, this was a studio Apt that was HORRIBLY over priced.  We all shared a loft above the main area so it was a shared bedroom thing and one bathroom (ya, atleast we had a bathroom, not all rooms did).

SO!  It sucked for many reasons.  No walls meant no privacy and Drama queen enjoyed "Flirting" and getting touche with everyone.  She'd pick a girl a week to focus on and then change suddenly and try to act like we were anything but relieved to no be the focus (as in, her mind said it was dating...I wish I was joking when I said she tried to follow me into the shower or sleep with me at night.)  Borderline harassment because she wanted to see straight women get in a cat fight over her.  It never happened.  So she would try to drag us into other drama instead. 

Next was the bi polar nut.  Her meds stayed in plain site but she hated how they made her feel like a "hippy" so she tried to avoid them and ended up using that as a excuse to break things, cuss, and get in fist fights.  We started baking special muffins and brownies so she'd be snuck her meds.  God I hope that wasn't illegal but the girl pulled a knife on me.  -.-  Twice.

Ah, Emo wannabe.  Talked about death and cutting all the time and called me "preppy" because I had a pink cameo bandana.  Why wannabe?  Because..  Its little things.  Like her trying too hard, how she wrote a blog on fashion...  The Emo click wouldn't take her in, I think she really just wanted to fit in with some group and felt bad for her honestly because no one else would let her in because she tried so hard to be Emo, Goth, and Depressed.  She was a great designer so I hope she did get out of that.

Chatter Box wasn't bad.  Unless your anti social with issues about having a person within 3 feet of you, going through your books, journals, unproofed stories, notes, and sometimes drawers...  This was the preppy, happy go lucky girl that you hope you'd room with if your looking for fun besides keggers.  Unless your me and enjoy quiet.  She wasn't a bad roommate outside of the early mornings and far to intimate chats...  Not my cup of tea.  Not the worse, just... Not me.

Then you have my friend.  Born and raised in a small town, manners and morals, enjoyed cooking and reading.  We had similar interest and knew each other ahead of time.  We meshed okay.  But sadly I found quirks I disliked with her too.  Such as cleaning.  She enjoyed abit of chaos... So dirty dishes being left all day and a desk covered in multiple books and sketches... Hellish to me but a comfort to her.  She was REALLY good at multitasking and had issues sticking to one thing for too long.  She just couldn't read a book for more then 2 chapters without needing a break, she'd watch HALF of a movie or show and then pause.  She skyped while doing homework, and tended to pace the halls and when often run down to a vending machine for any of us just to get a excuse to walk around.  Again, a artist has strange quirks.  Shes a great person, but when you live with that it leaves you with a "WTH" mentality.  But she was the bank of random facts.  This is why shes still my go to for How to fix issues and save cash.

Lastly is me.  I practically made a wall of books and put a desk between my bed and the other beds for privacy.  I wont lie, compared to them I was a clean freak and I am a lone wolf a lot.  I need quiet to study but do it best in my own space.  I had a limit of social contact to 3 hours a day, sometimes including my class time to that.  I enjoy more.. order and calm.  I was really a grump and the first to chew your ass off, I cant lie.  They probably hated me as much as I hated them.

In truth, the college took surveys and threw them out.  They shoved you in with whoever signed up after you so it was doomed from the get go.  Too small a space with 6 people that really didn't mesh and didn't belong together.  If I sound hard or offensive to them, its because it was a horrible semester for all of us and we were all ready to move out, vowing to not do that again.  I hope they don't read my blog....

Well, now that you see why I put off rooming.

Let me help you avoid that bloody damn hell!

1.  Find personalities you can mesh with.

Loners, look for other anti socials and maybe one happier.  Why?  Because you need to have alittle interaction to be healthy and the more social person will help smooth out those times and give you a person to chat with during the rare times you need a person.

Preppy/Party people look for happy, social people, and atleast ONE responsible downer.  Why?  Because you'll help the downer lighten up while they continue to tell you "You cant drink on campus or dorms" and "Don't fucking do X in the damn house you morons!"  (The lack of these things kind of hurt me and my roomies so if you enjoy alittle beer or weed, don't live on campus... They wont allow it and never go overboard with either, moderation!  There, I was responsible).

But you get the point.  Find a counter balance but make sure you wont kill each other.  And remember, first impressions aren't always the true face.

2.  Because of this I suggest checking their social media, asking about them, and maybe getting references.


No really.  You will get fucked if you don't have legal writing saying they MUST pay on time or be kicked out.  Include that you can sell any items not removed in a timely manner as well so they wont leave stuff for a month and get pissed when you toss it.  Ensure that the rules are followed to a T and both parties are safe from getting screwed by a bad apple.

4.  Interview.

This is how you make sure you compatible and that you'd trust them.  Go with your gut, if they give bad vibes then its a no go.

5.  Rules.

Be clear.  This is yours, that is theirs, you do this they do that.  If they cant deal then you have a issue.  Don't be the chump, keep it fair.

6.  Get Insurance.

Renters insurance can protect you from the steal and ditch types.  So make sure you got a picture of their ID, social, and signature so your insurance can track them down and get you taken care of.

7.  Give it time.

Don't rush, do this in advance not last minute.

8.  Have ALL NAMES on lease.

If your the only one on it and they wreck it, it'll be YOU they go after.  I know some do deposits, but 500 deposit cant fix as much as you think, no apt is going to go cheap on fixing because your paying.

Well that's my tips.  Why am I writing on this?  Because im currently looking at getting a roommate (besides the boyfriend). 

I decided to move on out at the end of the lease and with my former college roomie.  Since we're still in touch and I know how it is to live with her and we both need the income.

So pretty soon i'll be moving in with my inch worm and dogs into a house with my best friend who also has dogs and a boyfriend in the house (there may be a small war).

But our dogs get along, she owns the house, it needs work; she has a nice back yard, she gardens, she budgets, she cooks, and she is also a blogger.  Our boyfriends have no say...  They know this.  They don't seem to care.

But the house is split by a living area and kitchen and we both get a side so there is space and a private room and a private living space for each of us so... It works.

Sadly, we're going to be living off this and savings while inch worm looks for a new job.  She's in a similar state due to her boyfriends anxiety so the budget wont end for either of us but my post might get more varied.  More DIY, more Budget/savings, more anti social rants, more rants in general, but does that shock you?

Well I've been helpful and ranted for 2 hours in typing/editing.  Im off!


Monday, April 25, 2016

War on ants: Changing Tide

No, no... a month ago i'd call you crazy but now I like the ants.  The ants are my friend.

1.  They are sugar ants (Thank you country friend...)  They do not bite and are very passive.

2.  They are killing roaches.  Seriously, I watched them swarm one... Is that mean?  No, no its nature...

3.  They actually do "DEEP CLEANING" AKA, they get crumbs you cant reach. 

My friend from the boonies came over to try and help with the roaches again and pointed this stuff out to me.  In her mind sugar ants in the house are pests but they can be friends if you keep it under control.  She suggest deterring them from where I cook and store food ( tight sealed food, essential oils on cotton balls, double sided tape...).

But I should let them hang out by where I do my prep and washing because they are more efficient then roaches they'll starve other bugs out and even kill bees, wasp, roaches, and other ants who try to move in. 

Since they really aren't biting me or attacking my fridge I'm sort of letting it slide.  They have killed a number of roaches and they do tend to hang out in my hard to clear areas where I food can fall (between counters and behind the fridge) and their staying out of the dog food (air tight container!). 

So by keeping my usual habits of cleaning and letting them go they mainly come in after meals for crumbs (which aint bothering me) and aren't leaving a thing for roaches.  Between this and my traps the roaches have moved more towards my neighbors (I feel no pity!) the landlord is getting more complaints and starting saying "someone will be out" which means my lease ends as they come 3 months later...

So, moral of the War.  We called truse.  We cool.  Ants are okay.  Ect, ect.  I'm leaving soon anyway.  ^.^


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Must... Escape!

God help me, renting is a nightmare.

Not sure if I mentioned this last time but the roof now leaks.

The leak has attracted pest..  The bad pest.  Lovely cockroaches.

As a clean person with a slightly clean freak of a boyfriend..  I've raised hell.  WHO WOULDNT?!

Ants, wasp, these aren't fun but their pretty CLEAN!

Roaches, rats.. No, fuck no!

No rats yet, but I have dogs to prevent these.. 

Do we get a bug bomb?  NOOO!  Do we have any prevention?  I got roach and ant motels...  He walked in and saw one and tossed it saying it was a "Health hazard"

I hate chemicals myself but damn it all!  ROACHES! 

Today he came in and saw a mason jar of water that I was using to catch them (i'll tell you how to make that in abit) and he tried to whine about that attracting roaches.  I point to the damn leak in the roof that actually is crawling with them.  Being a single floor appointment... That's not my fault. 

Soo ya.  Expect to see budget saving post to come as I look into ways to escape with my deposit.

Why haven't I moved yet?  Had to wait for classes to end and my lease.  Want my deposit.  It was cheap...  Ya, no joke, living this crap hole its gotta be the cheaper option..

Its a 300 buck jump because we have dogs over 15 pds.  That's not including Pet rent per dog either.

Soo, onto the trap.

A friend suggested this one.

Take a Quart sized jar with a nice curve (say a pickle jar or narrow mouth mason jar)

Fill half way with water, drop in some sugar and set in roach traffic.

For it to work you have to stop other leaks or water flow though since it'll split their attention.

Apparently roaches enjoy "Cleaning" in the water but they cant climb out of the jars (its working the ants too).

So dump every day or two and homemade trap with no chemicals.  It is helping but the leak in the roof just attracts more...  So.  Losing battle for me.

But Good Luck to You!

Friday, April 15, 2016

To Continue or To Choose

So many ways back, I mentioned that i'd keep the weebly and BlogSpot going.  But im noticing a divide.

Weebly has maybe 25% the views that BlogSpot is getting.

So its leaving me with "Why keep up both when one has the larger favor?"

At the same time I have friends suggesting I pick a new platform to buy a domain on a different site. 

Well, for the moment im thinking of putting a hold on weebly and moving over to BlogSpot for the time.  And maybe next year looking at a new site to post on.

Why a new site?  As most know im having to back date my post due to Google accusing me of "phising" on my blog and having my blog cut for several months.  This still upsets me.

Why haven't I moved yet?  Because Google allows me to add ads on the blog that allow me to bring in a small income which helps me stay focused on this blog.  Weebly doesn't offer that.

Weebly also is VERY expensive for domain names.  But there are cheaper ones I can publish and buy on.

Because I enjoy blogging and writing, i'd love to keep up both as more then hobbies so im trying to make both produce enough to give me the income I need to survive and maybe have more then 50 bucks a week for food.

And if that's what I want, I need to transfer to ONE site and move from there.

As of now, i'll still be posting on both, but im saying it now as a heads up to my readers.


Monday, April 11, 2016

Irratation of Rent

Oh yes, im renting.  Have been since College.  Sadly, I don't see myself escaping!

Rent is more of a trap then buying a house.  The only difference is when you rent your suppose to be paying for someone else to "fix" problems while you live under their rules...  Kind of like a more expensive version of your parents basement.

So why am I ranting?  Because I hate living under the thumb of a lack luster landlord.

As you've seen from later post, we're fighting bugs (and unable to really fight back with bug bombs without losing my deposit).  No, its not for my lack of cleaning, were not messy, and we have limited stuff since its a small place.

So im stuck..  Unable to get TV or any other cable based thing because it "can damage walls" so I use WiFi...  Cant hang pictures, had to have a Dr excuse to have my dogs (though they cause no messes-though I can understand where some large dogs may be a worry...), im unable to listen/watch things during the times that neighbors are home because "its too loud" (Bull shit.. -.- ), oh, and I know the sex lives of about 20 people, and I gotta tell you, I got enough info to help a few spouses sue the other into the poor house!

You know, maybe I should write a bloody book about living in this place..  I'd have enough info after a week.

Aside from my lack of getting to do things ( or have things), im paying just as much for rent alone as I would on a house payment-which would END at some point!

The Utilities are inflated out the roof (I think they "share" the bill between each section rather then per house), the landlord is nosey (I don't mean inspecting once or twice a month, I mean he's trying to come in twice a week and loves when im gone with the dogs).  Really, I don't know what he's doing but he aims to get in while its empty and runs off the moment I get back.  Is he being a bloody perv or trying to steal from me?  ><  I have insurance now because of it but the mental images make me sick.

Ugh, im just ready to strike out on my own!  Well, own home.  So expect more money saving, house and DIY projects in the future.


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Writers Block Pt 3

I swear it cant last forever!

Next step:  Books!

Books require focus, use imagination, and can bring your inner writer to the surface!

Me?  I like Fantasy, History, sometimes Romance, Always Horror, a touch of slaughter, and maybe a pinch of smut. 

Don't give me that look, im no angel.  -.-

Classics like Sherlocks Holmes, Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Jungle are great books for adults and give your brain a good massage.

The Blue Sword, Call of the Wild, White Fang, and even newer books like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are good for the younger generation and are each compelling enough to draw you in and away from the screens!

Still looking for something to read?

Check out my book! 

Hell's Playground by Fiona Wolfe.  Sold on Amazon for just a buck!  Theres two out and their short so you can brag that you read a whole book in under a week to your coworkers (no really, saying it took you less then a year to read a book without being told to is like a achievement to most under 25!)

Okay, okay im done pushing my book.  But do check out those other books and even mine if you haven't!

Friday, April 1, 2016

The blog is Ending

The blog is going to be shut down, there will be no more Randomness.  Life is a lie and this just isn't fun!

Plus im just so tired of using full words!  And commas and shit, who actually types?  Its all text now!

Move with the times!

So i'll be deleting everything Both sites will be gone.

Enjoy!  Bye!


Ya, April's Fools.  Bad joke, I couldn't think too much on it.  Had a few deadlines for work so sorry it isn't more witty.

The sites are still going strong, im not stopping.  Doubt anyone believed that anyway!