Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Downsizing! Part 4

This one will have more then one thing since it didn't effect me!  (HAH!)

Part 4:  Closet

1.  Stop me if you've heard this one, but theres a trip where you turn ALL of your hangers the wrong way and then at the end of the year you see whats left and get rid of it.

Naturally you need to keep that one suit/dress incase of a funeral or job interview... And maybe you wanna hold onto those jeans from high school to use to encourage you to lose weight...  But lets face it.  Those jeans aren't in the right place to help you say no to fast food and ice cream.

So unless it cost a arm and a leg and is for special occasions, donate it.

Also:  The Queen is never asking you to lunch.  Nor is the president.  You need one, maybe 2 nice outfits and atleast one of them has to be for a funeral.  Unless you dress up daily for work the rest can go...  But if you do that daily then you apparently have avoided that outfit for some reason.  Toss it.

Now I know this sucks because weight loss places tell you to buy smaller things to encourage you to lose, but the back of your closet is full and its not doing any good.  Unless your SERIOUS about it, your not doing anything but wasting money and space...  But, if you must, see below!

2.  Vacuum seal.  Its not just for meat!

Get your space bags and vacuum and shove those out of season items and/or things you want to keep out of your hair.  Maybe under that hell hole that is your bed! 

If you have kids, stick them there.  Tell them it keeps the monsters away and cure two headaches.

3.  Store Seasons.  No really, if its 100 degrees then sweaters can be put somewhere with less traffic till their needed.  Vice versa for the tank tops and swim suits come winter.

4.  Shoes...  You don't need a million.

Look, I know its against the norm, but I am a woman.  I own 4 pairs of shoes.  House Shoes, Winter Boots, Summer Shoes, and Hiking shoes.  For a brief time I owned 5, but my running shoes were devoured by a puppy.

I live with these 4 pair and life is fine.  I have flip flops, slippers, insulated boots, and some good hiking boots.  Naturally a pair of dress shoes or running shoes can be added, but I cant fathom the idea of having more then 10 sets of shoes at a time...  And even then I'm having trouble figuring out what kind of shoes i'd need to fill the space.

Ladies and men...  If you have more sets of shoes then you have fingers and toes then you might have gone overboard and need to considered therapy and donating...  I say this because we all know the woman with 5 different shades of pink heels... Same heels, just different shades...  Same with men.  We know that guy with 5 pairs of dress shoes because their "Different" but they looks like the same shoe with a different price tag and name attached.

Give me flack, but I speak the truth your loved ones live!

Your wallet might be in tears too at this time.

5.  Theres a spare and then theres too much.

Be realistic, you don't need things like a rain coat or warm jacket to match your outfit, your only wearing it to get from point A to B.  So why is it you buy 12 so theres "options"?!  The yellow rain coat works JUST like that grey one.  I promise, it doesn't have to match your shoes, it just needs to keep you dry.

Maybe you have a small one for light showers and a heavier one for hurricane season.  This is okay.  But you know when you have passed the limit better then I.

Well, this was a treat.  I think I'm going to go take a calming shower... Trying to focus on tips about clothes and closets isn't my style and makes me feel so dirty...

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

New Home Ideas?!

Yaaah I just moved in and all this downsizing has me thinking about the living small movements...

Tiny Homes, RV/Camper Living, Ect.

You see I do Freelance and my boyfriend does Surveys and YouTube... We live simply and on a budget. 

A friend broached the subject of tiny homes to me.  40k and some elbow grease could get me a paid off tiny home.  Or I could do 10k and get a really nice RV or camper and keep renting by doing camp grounds.

The Idea REALLY appeals to me.  Being young the idea of moving about is appealing.

So I did research... RVs are a pain because their giant cars.  Engine blows your SOL.  Campers have to be pulled.  But either way I cant drag my home to the store, job interviews, ect...  So a RV would need to haul a vehicle and a Camper would be hauled.

Needless to say campers seem less hassle so I'm going to do more research into them!

So far, I think a campground will be average 600ish a month for all hookups and water/electric.  We'll need a dish or data plan for internet... On months were low we can boondock and go off generators/solar panels and fetch water by staying at free ones (that might be 200 a month if its not free+water plus solar panels/generators be a easy 500 buck investment..)

Either way, I think it would be a great way to save cash, see the world...  I wanna do it!

So I'm going back to my research, i'll keep yall up to date!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

People are EVIL

I recently looked at Pinterest... 

Well, my interest bring up many odd things... Pranks, petitions of horror that needs to be stopped, prepping, tumblr, ways to get away with murder...

So in a short week I know how to properly butcher a human, and get rid of evidence or a way to just destroy the body... 

Ah, but that's not a issue.

Tumblr though... Oh it ruined...

I have childhood memories.  Those post ruined them!  I cant watch Courage or Scooby Doo the same you bastards!!  Those were my FAVORITE!!

But worse part is it can be sweet, it can be intelligent, it can be defending people against racist, breaking sterotypes, calmly sharing views, finding out whos butt is in a close up picture...  Honestly, sites like tumblr and reddit could be used to solve cold cases.  Its full of people with nothing to do but resources you never think to use and skill sets you may not have.  Its inspiring.

But then its evil.... I mean the happy face balloon prank was fucking horrible.  This is the only site that can make something so pure become so terrifying!

And then makes something scary sweet and cuddly...

Be afraid.

Ah but my point.  I keep seeing the prank post and oh are they devilish.  I wont spoil it, but my favorite ones are always the saw themed ones...  But the the frozen mentos isjust wrong... Same with any that hide toilet paper.  You even bastards.  Leave the toilet paper alone!

But, it evens out.

I found these posts called "Faith in Humanity" and they really brighten my day.  So whenever I have a bad day or need a pick me up I look for a meme of them to help my cheer up.  The idea of good in this world always makes me feel better.

Needless to say, Pinterest is a fun site and I suggest using care when pinning items.  Because that one prank you found cute opens a door way you cant close...


Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Moment of silence...

I am American, and my none American followers can stick a sock in it.

I'd like a moment for everyone to please pray for the families of those effected in the 9/11 plane crashes.  As for the men and women in the military and the citizens over seas that are caught between.

You don't have to like the US, you don't have to like the war.  But what makes us human is that we can understand the suffering of others...  They are all human.  Soldiers are not war machines, they have hearts and bodies that feel pain..  The people effected by 9/11 will have wounds that never heal as children grow without parents and parents bury their child... 

So whatever you belief, please think of them as human beings and pray for your fellow humans. 

Be safe.


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Downsizing! Part 3

Part 3:  Bust the Misc Boxes!

I cant be the only one who "saves" things because they still work but got replaced. 

Well, we have the "Electronics" box...

This has been around since I was in middle school.  It holds any still working mouse or keyboard, misc wires, manuals, ect.  It is a VERY large box.  I mean fit a old fashion tube that measures 30 inches big box.  In fact it might of been...

All the same, we popped that open and we counted 12 key boards, 20 mouse (3 wireless), a tangled mess or 6 of cords, and manuals that dated back to the 40s.

So first step:  We saw what we could still use of the manuals.  We kept two... And that was because one was for our stove, the other for my computer.

We had an original computer manual from the 90s, some for old appliances, a car manual that we no longer owned, and one for a insulin breathing mask that I out grew in Elementray school. 

Next we tested the mouse and keyboards.  (atleast the the USB ones)  The ones we couldn't test we donated anyway since someone might need the old fashion stuff.  The wireless mouses didn't work (even with batteries) so they got tossed and 3 keyboards had busted keys ad got tossed. 

We kept one mouse and one keyboard as spares... Because you never know when these will act up.

The cords... Of we tossed any we couldn't identify in under 30 seconds.  This left us with 2 that we knew and still could use.  And that was mainly because they fit our phones.

The others got tossed.

Next we hit the "Misc" box I packed.

This one was mainly things I forgot to pack or waited to the last minute to pack...  It was mostly dirty clothes, some soap, and extra dog leashes... We actually kept all that because our dog chews his leash so we always keep extras of them... We can go through two a week or 1 a month depending... So that IS something we keep on hand.

But enough on me for once...

I know everyone has that "junk" drawer.

Go clean it out and organize what you need from it. 

Tell me what strange things you find in your own junk box/drawer.  Lets share the pain with complete strangers so we might feel less alone!