Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day!

Yap, yap.

Friday, May 27, 2016

The Search Continues

...For More ways to save!

Lets see, I've talked about cutting coupons, and ibotta.....  Whats left.

Oh ya, tons.  I'm currently trying out a ton of survey, coupons, and video apps that I hope to start sharing but till I get a good fill of them, I cant offer a review or suggest.

At this moment I'm going on as a referral to my friends to try myself (signup bonus helps her and me and if I don't like it'll i'll cash out and follow on hers!).  So when I do share, i'll probably share her referral since I'm going to freeze mine so we can focus on pooling recourses (don't do this with your roommates unless it involves food and everyone chips in for that.  In this case I'm chipping in for lack of income while we settle.  All money is being pulled till we get on our feet and can more evenly split bills.  Again, we trust and know VERY well, don't do this yourself!)

So I'm going to keep researching and i'll start giving budget facts next week!

See ya next time


Monday, May 23, 2016


And were back on track.  (yay...)

So im going to take this time to write 5 more post to schedule and then im going to grab a nap...!

Googles phising bull set me back, but now im on track...!

Yall have a good one and make sure to check out the content if you missed it!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Aww... Have Q&A.

I've got a lot of love and encouragement in emails for moving and best wishes from yall and it is appreciated.  <3

So I figured i'd answer a few questions I've been asked lately.

Who is Inch Worm?

That's my name for my boyfriend, Sal.

When were you in college?

I started back in 2014 but I went back and forth since then do to needs for cash.

You were possessed and in a old house in 2015... Arent you a renter?

Yes, That was actually wrote while staying with my friend who I actually wrote the ghost story about.  I was there during that time and was how I had the experience I later wrote on.

Are you still in college?

I've had to take time off but I am alittle off.  I plan to pick a new school near my new home to finish.

Why move in with your friend?

Because shes a good friend and were both struggling.  She needed a roomie and I wanted a new place to live.

Whats your major?

Though its changed once or twice, it started as Physic, then went towards teaching, now its not really any real major so much as creative writing classes.  I haven't found a good Lit major to follow that wasn't more focused on history or poetry so im mainly just getting a Associates with ALOT of writing.  (shocking isn't?)

You mention your boyfriend but never much, whats he like?

Sal is a big baby (case in point), but I do love him.  He is a big gamer, sometimes a arsehole, and he often says im possessed.  (Im not, hes just a pain!) 

Why do you write a blog like this?

I write a random blog because when I first started I had no idea what I wanted... I didn't know what to focus on because I had so many opinions and ideas.  But I didn't wanna spend all my time writing about my opinion.  I didn't wanna do a DIY, cooking, or whatever blog.  I kind of wanted a blog that really said who and what I was.  I enjoy organization (Thus Check List) but my ideas are off the wall and different (thus random!)  SO you got Check List To Random. 

I find this fun, enjoyable, and it helps me be less anti social because I love talking with all of you.  When I first started, I never thought i'd have soooo many people looking at the site, emailing me, or following.  So I keep writing for all of you.

Well that's all I feel like writing.  Time to get hammered with the ants!


Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday the 13th!

If your into that then you must be shitting bricks!

<--Might be into that.


Well for those that had to work im sooo sorry for you! 

Avoid ladders, smashing mirrors, black cats, and carry salt to toss over your shoulder for protection!

And the rest of you settle in and celebrate with the ending of school and a copy of Friday the 13th.  Because Jason Is watching!

Keep safe yall!


Monday, May 9, 2016

Why have I not been posting?

Im back my sweets, and so sorry for the wait!

I have been unable to post due to a little misunderstanding (put nicely) with google.

If your following weebly then you saw my post about the "Phising" ban that was placed on me.  I also reposted it here for 2/15 so that everyone would know why it just kinda went... poof.

So sadly, I stopped posting on weebly too (since Google owns so much, I was scared i'd get banned there too!).

Needless to say, all of my google blogs were locked down, my email was limited, and im just not getting everything up and running.

What does that mean for the blog?

Well, i'd like to try and back date the post I was going to post so both blogs will still have the content instead of a HUGE gap.  But that will take time.  After the 2nd would be April post I stopped writing out of depression so I don't want the other posts to fall behind too.

So for now, the post are going to be... Awkward.  Im going to start from the back so no post get missed by those who don't follow but im going to try and do 2-3 till I catch up.

So please bare with me and thank you so much for staying with me during this!


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Budget Life: Money Saving Apps!

Stop me if you've heard this one before but ibotta.   (Click that link to see my very first review of the app!  No I am not paid to do this)

(Want to make more with this app?  Put me as a referral or add my roomie as a friend if you've already started! )

Why am I reviewing again?  Because I want you to see it has worked and mention a few changes.

First the use is the same.

Unlock a product, scan the barcode, QR, or take a picture (depending on store).


Its SO much faster.

Not to mention, on cash back alone I bought all the Christmas gifts last year via amazon gift cards.  Now I have even more!

Where can you use it?

Hundreds of stores including Walmart, Target, Food places (I know Chili's is on there actually), Pet Smart, Whole Foods, Sam's Club...  Places that accept coupons tend to be on the list.  Even Dollar General and Family Dollar.  I found pharmacies like Rite Aid and Walgreens too.  More then likely, a store you go to is on the list.

What can you use it on?

Cloths, Pet stuff (Limited amount honestly), Electronics, food, liquor (Oh yes, MANY wine and vodka choices were listed for select brands!), containers, Office supplies, ect.

What brands are included?

Most main brands seem to be featured.  Ziploc, Tyson, Olay, Dial, Chobani....  But my favorite is the "Any Brand" ones so I can get my favorite brand.

Is it for certain items/flavors?

Some are.  I know for like a Brita Rebate for filters, it was only good for the pitcher filters, not the ones you put on your sink.  But most were "Any variety" with exclusions on anything smaller then so many ounces.  There are some specific ones though, yes.

Have much have you saved?

Im over 200 bucks in savings this year alone and I can use this with coupons, other apps, ect! 

Half of my food ends up being free after all my rebates and apps are used!

You can get gift cards to stores and Amazon but I like Amazon best to buy books and gifts at the end of the year.  Its like a personal savings account.  You can also have it sent to a Paypal if you'd prefer cash back.

(Want to make more with this app?  Put me as a referral or add my roomie as a friend if you've already started! )

Why do I keep asking you to add my roomie as a friend?  Because she buys stuff off Amazon Pantry and we cant double use the purchases so she's making hers our main account.  So please add her and help us both eat!  I also get a portion of it back around Christmas so help a sister out?

Hah, well all the same save you so cash and move on from struggling to saving!