Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Let's Talk Canning: Storing Properly

Just a quickie on storing Home canned goods… These are from someone who actually cans, I’ve canned maybe once or twice (because she made me join her before we typed this).

1. Remove the rings. These can rest and prevent a bad seal from breaking. You don't want a bad seal to hold since it'll breed the bacteria that kills.

2. Always store in a cool dark place. Pantry, covered cabinets, a crappy mini fridge that doesn't keep food cold but is your table so you cant ditch it... You get the point. Just don't let it sit in direct light.

3. Don't Stack. Same as the rings, if you stack them you can keep a seal from popping when its bad.

4. LABEL! Date and contents. Why? Because this stuffs technically only good so long and a broth looks like a stock, and both look like soup... But they all taste very different.

5. Eat within a year. After a year it starts to lose its taste (according to Ball, but apparently a lot of fruits and jams can taste the same a hundred years later).

6. Check it weekly. I like to check for bad seals each week by poking the top of the lid. If I can push it down or hear it make a popping noise (like they do when their not sealed) then it’s come unsealed and I need to toss the contents and clean the jar. If the lid had sealed when you put it in but unsealed during storage then don't try to reuse it. The food is also possibly spoiled or has bacteria in it already so I wouldn't even taste it to see if its good. Better safe than sorry.

7. (because I like 7 and this is important even if its not about storing) Always check your food before eating. Is it the wrong shade, moldy, smell spoiled, looks spoiled, was easy to open? Then dont chance it. This hasn't happened to her but I've read from other bloggers and Ball site that it can happen. Botulism might be odorless but other stuff is noticeable and can get you sick too. 

Also, if a jar was EASY to open that's bad! I promise you a good seal is a pain to break because it was vacuumed onto that jar. You will hear a wooosh as it opens, you will fight to remove it, and it will pop as it breaks! Maybe theres a trick to it that I don't know but I take that fight as a good sign!

Mostly dictated and typed. But she’s not joking, those suckers are hard to open but it is good. 

Side note, canning was actually fun. So I might do a few more posts myself after I practice with it.


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Moved In...

Oh I'm tired.  We got here and found that half of what we had was useless to have...  They had a bed set up for us, stocked kitchen, ect ect.

So.  Options:  Store it or get rid of it.

So I'm now looking for a cheap storage place to place my extra and donating others.  Naturally I'm keeping a few of my appliances-especially the 20 plus stuff, my bed, and part of my bedroom suite. 

Luckily, we have similar love of coffee... So she gave me the mini fridge so I can keep my coffee "station" stuff.

So I'm going to be suffering a few more weeks with more moving.

Upside?  My friend is a blogger who agreed to write a few posts up for me.  She usually blogs on art or gaming ( ) but while I get settled she'll be helping me write blog post on some of the things she does so I wont fall behind.  So if they look different from my usual, its because she is different from my usual...


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Moving Day/Week

I'm moving out (Yay!) and so I'm taking this as a excuse to skip a post!  Ya, I'm lazy.  But come on, give me a break!

I'm going to be exhausted for a few days, then the unpacking, organizing...  Am I pulling anyones heart strings yet?  No?

Fine, I'm lazy.

See ya next week!


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Tips for Moving

So I'm moving next week and my friend gave me a bunch of tips on how to pack quickly since she did ALOT of moving as a kid, I'm passing them to you as I try them!

1.  Leave no space unfilled.

Fill your jewelry box with a few socks, throw spices and plastic cookware in your crock pot, put cleaning supplies BACK IN THE BUCKET!  Pretty much you fill every nook and cranny THEN PACK IT, then fill the rest.

2.  Get creative with wrapping and cushioning.  Instead of buying bubble wrap use your pillows, comforters, blankets, and sheets to cover and protect objects. 

3.  Plastic wrap is your friend...  Don't unpack drawers, pull them out, seal them with wrap and put them back in!  Same for your cabinets silverware, wrap the organizer rather then pulling it out to pack.

4.  Zip Lock Bag It.  Put cords, devices, and other like minded objects together in larger zip lock bags.  Great for those drawers of ladels, spactulas, ect.  Put them in a gallon bag and then dump them in the new drawer.

5.  Don't take food.  Sure pack lunch and snacks, but trying to move pantry goods like cans will take longer and be heavy.  Instead go to a food bank with all of it and donate it for a tax deductible receipt. 

6.  Clean the fridge now.  Eat those frozen dinners and everything a week or two before to prevent waste.  This is the time to splurge on single serve frozen dinners to get you through. 

7.  Don't fold the closet.  Take a trash bag and put it around the clothes and hangers.  Now you just have to cut them loose!

8.  Mark boxes.  Make it easy to see where it goes by writing or sticking colored tape to it.

9.  Have a "First Night" Box.  This has a pair of clothes, soap, and a few breakfast bars.  Its pretty much a suit case to get you through the morning and night when your too tired to unpack.

10.  USE THE SUITCASE!  Ever seen someone PACK UP a suit case?  Why aren't you using every bag you have as a box?  If its a nice one then pack it full THEN PACK IT!

11.  Donate a few days before.  Do you need a toaster?  Do you need 8 hammers?  12 shirts that look the same?  The Toys from your childhood that you hide under your bed?  Well call a local charity or go visit them with a box of goods.  Save on taxes later, unpack less later too!

12.  Cancel services and change address NOW!  Ya... I have no services but I am changing address so my packages need to be forwarded and my amazon has to have a change.  You can keep the bills.

13.  When renting, do a good cleaning before leaving.  Were doing this by me shoving EVERYTHING in the front room and then cleaning every other room as it empties.  Then while Sal packs the van I'm cleaning the front room.  Spotless.

14.  If theres a hole in the wall, you can use soap to fill it in.  I think she meant nail holes.  Not a biggie to me, but maybe for you.

15.  Put wrap on liquid bottles and then screw on the cap to prevent leaks.

16.  Have trouble with wires?  Then take a picture of how its connected before unconnecting!

Well that's what I got told, putting it to use this week!