Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Downsize Pt 5

Christmas Over, gotta work...

So here I am.. Dreaded Box...



So for starters I made three stacks.  Memories, How To, Other

So Memories.  These I cant toss... Scrapbooks, Signed, Special Gifts...

So I called family.  "Hey, I got this from Granny.  I wanna pass it to your 6 yr old!"  "Hey, you like Stephan King right?  I got his autograph..  "Mooomm!  Will you hold my scrapbooks for a few years?  I don't want them ruined in storage."

Not exact words but the right idea.  Don't toss your shit on your parents... I only gave her the scrapbooks because I didn't want them ruined in storage.  There was old photos from the Great great great grand parents and letters from the 1800s in these.  This was a special thing.  Priceless.  She wanted to take them too.

So for the most part, those items will all find their way back to me in time or stay in the family atleast.

Next:  How To

The internet is great.  How To books are only worth it if you cant find the info free.  I donated most of these and gave a few to family that liked the topic.  Survival, crafts, cooking, even a couple drawing.  They served the purpose.

I kept one or three.  But only because I knew the info was harder to find free or because it was just a great hand book (I kept my knitting book because it was small and super detailed on making some really difficult stitches.  And a cooking book for cast iron.  It has recipes, cooking over or in a fire, and great tips for cleaning and caring.  I think its worth the space.  Lastly was a book I got for Jack of All Trades type deal.  Like 101 things you can fix yourself and how.  Pipes, electric, even a some car work.  Its nifty and nice to have around).

Lastly, Books...

I read.  Digital and physical.

This cut me to the bone...

So first:  Did I like the book?

Next, what don't I have on Kindle.. Can I get it on the kindle for under 3 bucks?

Lastly What would I WANT to reread...

And that's what I kept...  Thanks to Kindle and about 100 bucks, I cut down to about 20% of my library... Only a walls worth.

I packed them all up and donated the others.

And now you know my heart ache... I took a couple to the local hospitals, old folk homes, and daycares (Yah, I had some from when I was younger.)

Its disappointing, but cleansing...


Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

And a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Pinterest, for blogs and business!

Oh yes.  I'm getting hits thanks to PINTEREST.

Apparently its not just for crafts.  HA!

If you haven't been there before, Pinterest is google with pictures and links.  Its a lot of crafts, tumblr, fandoms, and selling pretty crafts..

Well I've had a few shares to Pinterest and I'm getting fricking hits.  True these are mostly my recipes and craft ideas, but still!

So doing a quick post on ways to get hits on Pinterest (I researched because that idea never freaking crossed my mind!)

1.  Pictures.

Having a pic just makes it look more interesting.

2.  Make account, pin your stuff, other stuff, ect!

No really, share your stuff and poke others to draw attention.

3.  Be "social"

AKA, make friends and share it around...

4.  Use POPPING titles.

"History of Boring" doesn't sound as fun as "CUTE KITTIES IN BASKETS!"  Caps not needed, but you get the idea!

5.  Keep it updated.

Don't post once and never again... Content draws views.

6.  Know your audience.

This goes in pinterest and anything...  Cats don't mix with cooking recipes.  I personally make boards and have them for different things.  Cooking, Knitting, Writing, Business, Cute, Funny.  Get the idea?

I can hide my stuff right in with that stuff.  Promote me, promote them, have a list of things I might need!

Okay, I'm done being helpful, I got gifts to wrap...


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Quick gifts for Christmas! Pt 2-Gift Baskets

Oh, you heard me... I'm talking from a crafty side too!

These are things that beginners can do too!  Why?  Because sometimes a 10 dollar investment can be used to make a $30+ gift with little effort.

That sounds bad... But its true.  Its still more effort then a gift card.

Gift Baskets  $5+

You'll need:

A "basket" (Cups, Old tins, basket, ect)

Filling A (Big item)

Filling B  (Supporting Item)

Filling C  (Follows theme)

Three isn't just a holy number its the magic number.  Rule of thirds, Trinity, 3D...  I'm only slightly bullshitting here, groups of three tend to be more attractive.  But you can use more.

So you got the vessel to put it in.  Now you need the item that is the center piece.  Then you need something that would go with it.  And lastly a item that also meshes or might be seen in the group.


Hot Beverage Basket


A-Tea/Coffee/Hot Coco (Sample sizes will work but include atleast three, or even a bag of their favorite variety.  Just make sure its enough for a couple cups!)

B-Flavoring (Theres Powdered Creamers, flavored syrups, even liquor if the person is a drinker!)

C-Snack or Topping (Marshmallows, Candy Canes, Cookies... You get the picture?!)

These sell for about 10 bucks at most stores but you can tell a store bought to homemade.  Not to mention that you can make it for less or make multiples depending on the size and quality you use.

Ex 2

Dinner in a Basket (Were going to say Italy style)

A long shallow basket

A-Tortilleni (Usually a cheesed filled noodle.  Pretty cheap)

B-Sauce (splurge and buy the more expensive brand, don't look too cheap!)

C-Bread/Butter, Dessert, Cookbook, Giftcard (To something like Olive Garden to keep the theme), even candles if its for a couple.

Something like this sells for like 20 bucks at stores!  70% of the basic wont cost you 10 and that's if you get the organic stuff.  But you get the idea.

Ex 3

Movie Go-er

A Popcorn Bucket (the plastic variety is pretty cheap at a number of stores-they look just like the bags from movies!)

A-Popcorn (Kernals if they can pop them, microwave bags, jiffy puff)

B-Seasoning Salts for Popcorn (These can be pricey)

C-A movie (Even if its a $5 bin find, just make sure its not used and something the person will like!) Or even tickets to a show (Or a gift card to a nearby place if their picky)

This is easily $20 thing for a movie alone.  But you can spend as little as 10 bucks for this if your getting a $5 movie.  Or even 20 bucks for a basket worth double that.

There you go! 

You've made a gift and it'll mean so much more because it required some thought and your saving cash.

Win Win


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Quick Christmas Gifts Pt 1-Knitting!

Oh, you heard me... I'm talking from a crafty side too!

These are things that beginners can do too!  Why?  Because sometimes a 10 dollar investment can be used to make a $30+ gift with little effort.

That sounds bad... But its true.  Its still more effort then a gift card.


Ahhh knitting... (Or Crochet if you prefer that)

Nothing says care like homemade items!

But it takes SO long, right?  Not always!

So I'm going to share a couple things that can be done in a hour to a weekend to make a GREAT gift!

1.  Infinity Scarf.

Thicker yarn and larger needles will make this a breeze!  Just use the desired stitch till it can be loosely wrapped around your neck twice and then sew the ends together with a whip stitch.

The super bulky (or bulkier) works great for this.  I like to cast on atleast 4 inches worth (Everyone knits differently so I wont share the stitch count).  Then I make it about a foot and a half to 2 foot.  That tends to work for me.

If you don't have needles look on YouTube for "How To Finger Knit"  Or ARM knit!  Arm knit will go faster, but finger will be tighter.  If you decide to do Arm knit you'll need atleast 2 things of yarn together to double up. 

This will take 1-4 things of yarn depending on the method and lengths of yarn used.  Also on how big you make the scarf.

If your new to this, stick with a basic stitch.  The prettier/detailed the pattern the harder it probably is...

2.  Hood

Just like the infinity scarf but it'll be wider rather then longer.  1ft  across (Should measure from the edge of your left eye and the go to the back of your head.  Add a couple inches once it reaches the mid of your head).  Then make it long enough to go from your left shoulder, over your head and to the other shoulder.  Add a couple inches again to make it loose.  Fold in half to make it more square and sew atleast half way down one long side (Aka, the back).  Theres the top.

From here you can make a scarf (or two) that you attach to the front ends to be wrapped around or you can make a infinity scarf to attack it to!  Your choice.  Or you can add a puff ball and a braided chain to each corner in the front for a cute hat.

3.  Arm Knitted Blanket

For this you need EXTRA SUPER BULKY yarn!  That's not what its called.. But This yarn is mostly at special craft shops.  Its almost as thick as 50 mm needles and its about 6-20 bucks a piece (But its the size of a small sheep!)

Just do the basic stitch on and off using your arms as the needles.  This wont take you long because its thick yarn and larger needles.  Hah!  Depending on your arm size it could take more then one armload to get you through, but the size of the blanket is the real question.

Is it lap sized?  Full Sized Comforter?  KING sized?!  Yah, that'll make a difference in your needs. 

4.  Pillow Cases

Hah, these are super easy.  Just do your favorite stitch for the size of the pillow you want to give.  You can do one long piece or two.  Just stitch the edges together as needed.  I like to add zippers or buttons so they can be removed and washed.

Well that's 4 easy things you can spend a weekend doing.  These make great gifts and are worth your time and effort because your time makes the small investment more memorable. 


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Happy Holidays!

Look, I don't celebrate every holiday there is and i'd spam the blog if I called them each out, but it doesn't mean I don't appreciate each and every person who reads this.

So Happy Holidays to each of you.  :)  I just hope none started before this, or else I missed them, sorry!  ^.^;

(Also, in all honesty... I don't know how many holidays are celebrated in December, so many religions and beliefs... So don't hold it against me, I just want you each to feel the love!  In fact, why don't you enlighten us if you celebrate something besides Christmas?  Drop a comment with the day it starts/ends, what it celebrates, and who celebrates it!  Maybe next year i'll give it a special post.)