Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Yall keep safe! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

In the Halloween Spirit or has Writers Block Lifted?

Hello, hello faithful ghouls!

So Halloween is coming and my mind has been flowing...

I've put up the basic draft for Hell's Playground 3 (need a editor...)

And I've started working on more chapters for a few of my Web stories (Also need editors.. ><)

And now I've wrote up plans for 3, one for a novel and two more for horror shorts.

I haven't been this busy since... Well, College.  Being in a haunted house can really get the juices flowing.

Sadly my Blog mojo is drying up while I sort through the book ideas, so bare with me?

I'll continue to post but they might be abit slimmer for a couple weeks while I work on some better ones.

Much love~


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Halloween Candy Ideas!

Time for some Halloween ideas and isn't Candy a huge part of it?

Well its not like the old days...Homemade Candy and tampered with foods have been laced with drugs and even razors and always ends up in the trash.  But some of us enjoy doing more then giving out the plain old treats!  So I took a few ideas and compiled them for your enjoyment!

First I want to tell you what were doing...  Tissue Paper Sucker Ghost....

Sound stupid?  Well its actually kind of cute!

You take regular tissue (2 if its the cheap stuff) and put a suck in the center. 

You then put ribbon or yarn around the suckers base and tie a bow. 

Lastly you just add googly eyes or use a marker to add two (or more/less) eyes!

What you end up with is a ghost wearing a bow tie of sorts... Their kind of cute...

My friend is abit artsie so she'll add felt cut to look like witch or pirate hats, drag on eye patches, that sort of thing.  She saws that toddlers especially adore it!

She also does "Dum-Dum Spiders"

She takes 2 pipe cleaners, cuts them in half and then twists the four pieces around the base of a dum-dum.  She then adds googly eyes and bends the cleans to look like legs and sets they around the porch or on a table. 

She says the kids can pick a Trick or Treat when she does that...  Needless to say shes enjoys this holiday!

Another idea is Gift Bags... But those holiday ones can get REALLY expensive!  3 bucks for 10?  I bet you have more then 10 trick or treaters...

Next thing to try is start buying them the year before on clearance or try making your own with yarn, some red paint, and surgical gloves!  (Latex free would be best dearies!)

First, splatter paint or dip the fingers into the paint.  You can get creative and cut off a finger or two and tie off the digits to soak in paint!

Next stuff with candy and pass out.

Not as cheap as the Dum-Dum spider but it would be great if your the type to give out a handful... This way you can GIVE them a hand!

Ya, I'm not funny I know~

Well those are what I came up with but why stop at three?  Heres a few others to try:

Let no one say I don't support fellow bloggers!  ;3

Be safe with these treats my friends!


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

More Research!

As promised I'm following up on my Housing idea post and I gotta say a lot of people do this.

I'm really into the idea.

Camper is really a bigger thing to me then RV though...

I'll need a couple hundred items to go with both but I've handled trailers before so I think learning to haul a camper is more up my alley then a bus sized RV...

So far the tips I've found are Smaller is better if your going to be on the move, and if your going to stay put go for some upgrades to deal with faulty power.

A friend suggested I look into Composting toilets to say on my black water tank since without the toilet water it'll just be "Grey Water" and I can dump that into trees...

First off let me explain that part:

Grey Water is Sink, shower, everything but toilet water.  This is safe to dump only plants you wont eat (flower gardens, trees (even fruit trees!), and grass).  This is easily recycled.

Black Water is really sewage... Its EVERYTHING but its reclassified because what a human produces is toxic unless its properly disposed of, AKA dumping stations for blackwater.

In the camper case, I think i'll look into setting up two tanks.  One for toilet and grey water and another for ONLY grey water so I can dump more easily if we do boondock.  A composting toilet is great when you have a place to compost but when moving that will be a lot harder.  And I want the freedom to move without a mulch bin on my campers ass.  (FYI, compost is toxic to animals so you wouldn't want to have that in the open.  If dumping grey water you'd wanna make sure there were no puddles too.  Puddles attract pest and blood suckers)

But thank you camping friends for that... Info.  Naturally they camp more on their land so dumping compost into a hole to bury isn't to big a thing for them and since its never more then a week its never much.  Same for bathing and dish water.  The ideas were really awesome.

Next I was warned about Humidity and mold. 

Campers leak.  And if it goes unknown for too long you end up with mold IN the walls which must be ripped out, cleaned, and replaced.  Its costly and expensive.

But it can be avoided by winterizing, sealing, parking under cover (not trees but a awning), using dehumidifiers, opening windows when using heat/cooking... Pretty much a lot of what you'd do for a basement or old house.

Air flow, a good "Roof", sealing, and alittle help from dehumidifiers and moister absorbers.  I know a good dehumidifier runs a few hundred but I've already picked a 15 dollar one.  I plan to get one for each room and a few of the moister absorbers to help keep it nice a dry.

Because of the dogs and living in this thing, i'll probably add on front to back fans (to generate a breeze, saw that suggestion on a living with pets post), and of course windows will be opened to allow doggy sniffing.

In case theres already mold, i'll probably be checking behind sheet rock...  That stuff can be toxic!

Its not a lot of room...

Ya, Campers are going to be like a galley kitchen.  Long, crampt, and straight.  I've lived in small Apts... I can deal.

If you go for one with slides you can increase your walking space!  Plus I don't need everything... 

Were a couple, we need ONE bed and we need computers not a table so we can get rid of second beds, the dinette table/bed combo they often have, ect.  What we do need is a desk (long table works!), dog bed areas (hey I opened the floor plan with that dinette gone), our kitchen (Only I cook so, smalls cool..), a bed room/bed area (Hey, gotta sleep!), bathroom (Again, its a need but most have these!).

Laundry room?  Hah, were use to laundry mats.  Big bathroom?  Please, I don't do make up.  A sink is for brushing teeth and a tub is for showers!  A toilet just needs to let me fit.  I'm not picky.

Closet and storage?  I'm down sizing stuff and I have maybe 12 shirts and a couple pair of pants...  Be realistic, my boyfriend has more clothes then me!  I just need my kindle, coffee maker and coffee, computer, and pets...  Oh, and my boo of course...

I'm a simple person! 

Dog food?  Pfft, we moved to a raw diet.  Cost about the same as their dog food and its saving vet bills.  Then again I didnt feed my babies the junk stuff.  It was 30 bucks a week for high quality like Flint River, Call of the Wild, and Rachel Ray wheat and corn free! 

To be fair, high quality food reduces Dr bills so its a healthy investment.  Plus they eat about what we would so its not hard to keep the items fresh and not increase the amount we buy. 

Downside?  I like to buy in bulk but I probably wont be able to go buy a 50 pd bag of rice for 10 bucks...  Ever seen those?  Their HUGE and HEAVY bags!  Be hard to store canned (home canned that is) goods.  Their abit bulky.

Well, I think that's long enough for now!  Till next time!


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Rant: Racism, BLM, Sterotypes

Side Note:  I like every race just fine, I don't think every person on Gov Aid is abusing the system, every black person with a few nice things is not abusing the system, I do not think Gov Aid is a bad thing-I do think a lot of people abuse it though, I don't think ONLY blacks abuse the system either... I know whites and Mexicans do too, I do not Support BLM-I believe all lives matter-but I hate BLM because I feel its used to justify hatred and crimes towards whites and cops which isn't equality that they claim to want. 

With any good cause you will have the bad apples...  But when your riots are more about looting and beating people to death its gone too far.

Let me start out by saying I have nothing against any race or religion.  My hate is based more off the person then who they are... If that makes sense.


Person A is black, has a good job, but is a child rapist.  Person B is white, lives in the slums and just tries to get by.  Person C is Mexican, here illegally but wants to become legal and does lots of charity work so they can become part of the community.

Out of the three I have a issue with Person A.  But ONLY because of what he has or does do to kids.  You can replace the race with anything and i'll still feel the same about all of them.  Why?  Because Race shouldn't matter.  For God's sakes, I lived in Atlanta... If I had issues against race i'd probably be dead by now.

Now that we've got that out of the way.. 

Black lives matter calls for equality.  That's good and dandy. 

I hate it because it turned into something else.  Right now its protest that turn into full on riots.  Its a Good cause being used to make up for HORRIBLE CRIMES!

If you listen to OTHER black people you'll hear them say how these riots turn on their own community, kill other blacks, cops, and even people just in the area as well as trashing anything in their path.

You can see footage of people being beaten because of their race BY BLM supporters...

So I was born white.  Does that mean I deserve to be beaten?  I was born white so I most have money and be from slave owning families?  Wrrrooonng.  If you've read this blog, you know I struggle.  I stretch a few bucks for a months worth of food.  I don't get any aid and I wasn't born with a spoon in my mouth.  In fact, my family has ALWAYS been poor!  I'm from SHARE CROPPERS! 

Let me enlighten...  Slaves were EXPENSIVE.  A slave could EASILY cost as much as a cow and a couple chicken.  These animals can graze for their food and give food in return.

A slave could earn half the wage a white man could which wouldn't really pay for much more then their food.  They could help tend crops but they didnt out right produce food.

A Chicken lays eggs.  When its done laying it can be eaten.  Can produce more food.

A cow gives milk.  When its done it can be eaten.  Can produce more food too.

A Slave is a human that could not be eaten and without huge plots of land to work enough to turn profit it was just paying for its own food.

This all being said, my point is slaves were expensive.  Most people had them for a status thing.  This was VERY few people too.  In the South you had five people: 

Labors:  Share croppers, railroad workers, dockers, ect. 

The Rich:  Gov officals, plantation owners (VERY few.  You might have a couple per state!)

Middle Class:  Store owners (these were the people with enough to get by in the way of buying and trading with hopes of profit.

Slaves:  Property... Not always from Africa (sorry to disappoint you but Irish, prisoners, Native Americans, just about anyone could lose their rights and be made a slave.  Ah, side note...  Your own people sold you.  If your family wasn't slaves here, they would of been in Africa because they enslaved their people too!)

But I'm ranting now, aren't I?

But this is what a lot of people get high and mighty over in BLM.  Whites owned blacks.  But 90% of the whites couldn't afford to, they were treated worse then slaves because they were expendable! 

Now lets move to after freedom and civil war...  Lets move to Civil rights.  You had peaceful protest like Martin Luther King.  Made a huge difference.  But you'll notice he didnt hate whites... He didnt ONLY want blacks to be treated fair.  He wanted ALL people to be treated fair.  He wanted to forget the mistakes of the past and move on to a better future.  BLMs and its riots spit on his dream...

You want equality? 

Then lets talk about what its like to be white and poor.  No food stamps.  No Government housing.  Working two jobs.  MAYBE getting WICK for the kids.  Maybe All Kids for the kids... MAYBE.  Wearing clothes that have been mended for 7 years.  STAPLING your shoes to keep them another week, Getting said shoes for 50% off out of season when  no one else wears them.  Having two pairs of shoes that didnt cost you 10 bucks and making them last atleast 3 years...

That was my life.  Its the life of a lot of whites because our parents wont ask for help or cant get it because they have a job at all.  My mother raised me solo getting the minimual wage...  When prices went off she pawned her car title once to pay for a busted pipe and our barely making it went away and we were always in the red.  We shared a pack of ramen a day we were so poor... So she swallowed her pride and asked for food stamps.  They took one look at her and told her no.  She'd never get them.

She insisted on the application and they asked her "Got a job?"  Yes, but I only make... "You got a car?"  Yes, but it barely runs.. "How many kids?"  One.  "Wont qualify."

My mom left in tears..  We were starving and because she had a job and car we couldn't even get food stamps to help us buy just alittle more.  So she got a second job...  I saw her for 10 minutes every morning before school when she'd drop me off on her way to work and she'd get home so late i'd not see her again till morning.  That second job got us out of the red and she quit the moment she paid off her title again and we got to eat PB&J and ramen each day again.  I grew enough veggies to get green in my diet.  That was my life.

When I went to college I had about a thousand in pell grant each semester (like one class), Loans, and Grants to get me by.  I raked up debt that I'm still paying off.  I still stretch my budget.  Still work.  Still get no aid but the pell grant but I'm not in college now...

My TV isn't a flat screen.  Its a Tube.  You know, the heavy fuckers?  I have little to no credit card debt.  But I carry alittle to build credit score.  My computer is 14 years old.  I got it refurbished from a friend...

Do I seem like a privileged white girl?  Well I am in a way.  I have people who love me, I get by without help, I pay my dues and am independent.  I'm happy I grew up poor, it taught me to strive for better.  You'll find most whites with money were like me.  They strived to be better.  Were not all like Paris Hilton, weren't born with money. 

You want equality?  Teach your kids to want more in life and work for it.  I know not everyone living off the system is abusing but many are and they teach their kids to by telling them or letting them see that they are. 

I had three friends.  Ones mother went to the ER weekly for drugs to keep her "disabled" title and free housing, food, ect.  She then sold her food, drugs, and rented a room to strangers for cash.  Lets just say she always had the "New" stuff...

The other had a mom like mine.  She worked but they had debt so it was like getting out of a hole.  She stressed the need for education.  She told her daughter to NEVER need help.  She wanted her to never need a man or the Gov. aid she was getting which was only cheap housing and food which gave her a chance to pay bills.  This friend studied hard and might get new items every few years to keep her from wearing torn clothes because they didnt sew like I did.

My last friend..  She had a disabled mother.  But her mom volunteered and got child support.  She got gov aid, cheap housing, ect.  This friend... They had money to spare which they saved to buy new clothes each school year.  She got an allowance and bought her own stuff or got it from friends.  She was a mooch.

Why did I say this you ask?  Well two are black and one is white?  Can you guess who?

One moochs off the system.  She still has new everything and I'm so sad to see it because she was a dear friend.  She started because she was with her mother who taught her how and was proud of this.  We are no longer friends and I cant respect her because of how she lives her life... 

The other is in School.  I'm so proud shes in college and we still chat but were abit distant now due to life.  And yes, she is black.

The last is white.  Shes in college but still mooches.  She wants food stamps, free school, and housing like she grew up with.  She cant get all these things and I out right laugh at her whining.  I remind her that I'm doing the same with less and getting by.  It still amazes her that I have a 14 year old HP as she sits with the newest iPad in her lap.  We still talk but not as much since I have little to offer.  She likes to whine to me, but I think she enjoys to ass kicking I give when she does. 

Look, I'm off track.  But I'm not writing a paper here.  My whole pointed started because I just hate BLM.  They are the Blacks version of the KKK and the Nazi Party...

They are calling for attacks on anyone for the color of their skin and even their own people who they don't agree and their protest turn into looting riots.  They want equality they say but they want it in the form of more free stuff and money.  They want to justify their attacks on cops and any white person by blaming people that are long dead for things that happened to people also dead...

Just recently in this small town a kid was beaten to death for saying "Blue Lives Matter too."  He was BEATEN to death for thinking all life mattered...  This kid wasn't even 20s.

Let me be frank.  BLM is about free stuff.  Blacks have the same rights.  You started the BS of a few kids getting killed by white cops.  Let me tell you a hard truth.  Cops are people.  You act like a thug and they react thinking its you or them.  You say you have a gun and try to reach for it they freak.  There are good and bad cops.  There are racist blacks and racist whites.  Get over it.

Heres a story.  I'm in the car with a friend.  Both white.  Her steering wheel is locking up so she starts swirving and trying to pull over.  A cop pulls up behind us screaming we stay put.

He comes over hand on gun and flash light in our faces demanding our IDs and if we have been drinking.  She reaches for her purse and his gun clicks and is pointed at us.

"Pull a gun and i'll shoot."

"What the hell makes you think we have a gun?"  Well, there might be a NRA sticker her dad put on the car to scare off boys from his daughter...  "Look, my wallet is in my purse.  Do you want the whole damn purse?"

He reaches in, grabs it DUMPS it out and looks at her ID and makes us get out to do the test.  We pass easily.  He then searches our car...  He mistakes her asprin for drugs...  Her phone goes off and HE answers it saying were being arrested for drugs!  Oooh yah, that didnt go well.  Before he got us in cuffs her uncle and dad showed up ready to kill her.

Needless to say more cops showed up... Found out it was asprin.  Had a K9 unit sniff her car..  It was clean.  Were laughing our ass off at the stupid cop, not trying to hide it.  Shes telling the other officers about the gun pointed at us, dumping her purse, ect ect.  Her dads turning red with anger.

"They were swirving!" He yells!

"Steering wheel locked up, I was trying to pull over!"

Her dad went under the hood with another cop.  Turns out someone had fucked with stuff under her hood, cutting into the fuel or oil chamber, scored her battery and break lines...Even loosened bolts around parts.  It was a walking time bomb on when she'd end up crashing.

The cops take statements.  We get towed.

Call a week later and there is no report.  Only a report saying that officer dipshit pulled us over due to erratic driving and called us a tow truck due to "Engine Damage."

Two white females... We were threatened by a cop, had our case thrown out and rewritten because he had harassed us, and now we'll never know who fucked her car up... 

As far as the car went, we were on a "Road trip" of sorts where she took me to see a movie in Birmingham for my B'day...  It was a dark parking lot and late night horror marathon.. It was just going to be too hard to find out so they didnt want to try.  Insurance covered as we called the place no video in the area we parked so no telling.  Upside was she ended up with a newer car due to damage.

This stuff happens everyday though.  Bad cops will harass and threaten people because their corrupt and power tripping.  They know their buddies will help them so they feel immune.  Race rarely means anything.

Good cops will react and do stupid things.  If they feel threatened then their going to try and survive by threatening back.  If you attack they fire. 

Smart way to avoid this?  Never be alone.  Never fight back just do as told.  Know your rights.  Be sure to be in a well lit, public place.  Also... Make sure its a real cop...  I've had people try to get into my Apt in Atlanta by wearing costumes or having stolen badges.  If its a real cop they will understand you wanting to make sure.  If they don't then they are doing something illegal or their not a real cop.

As for BLM...  Fuck off.  Get Equality by getting any job you can and going to college on the free grants, and all those minority/black only scholarships...  (Btw, ever seen a WHITE only scholarship?)  If your grades aren't good enough to get these then don't blame schools...  You can study yourself and do better then they can teach.  Don't say the worlds against you cause your black either.  This is 2016.  Most of us grew up going to school and sharing everything with every race.  We have a variety of friends and even see it as acceptable to date other races and the same gender.

If you want to blame anyone, blame yourself for falling into a state that lets the government heard you like sheep by waving food stamps and free this or that in your face...  Its not Aid, its potential wasted. 

If you wanna be seen as more then a thug then pull your pants up and wear clothes that fit without being four sizes too big.  Dress the way you want to be seen.  If you can afford $400 pair of shoes, you can afford a cheap suit and decent pair of shoes. 

Fun fact:  In prison if your ass or boxers are visible its not "Swag" its a invitation for sex.  :)  Something for ALL guys doing that... Also.  Girls don't find it attractive...  Not white girls or black girls... Seriously.  Its not sexy to watch a guy grab his pants with both hands and yank them up so he can KEEP up.  If you find a girl that does like that then good for you.. Everyone has some weird kink.

Bah, if you made it this far good for you!  You truly value my opinion and I thank you for that.  If your opinion differs that's fine too but I hope you took mine with a open mind and I will take yours the same.  If you comment please share detailed thoughts with reasoning... I actually enjoy hearing well thought out debate.  or reading in this case.

Side Note:  I like every race just fine, I don't think every person on Gov Aid is abusing the system, every black person with a few nice things is not abusing the system, I do not think Gov Aid is a bad thing-I do think a lot of people abuse it though, I don't think ONLY blacks abuse the system either... I know whites and Mexicans do too, I do not Support BLM-I believe all lives matter-but I hate BLM because I feel its used to justify hatred and crimes towards whites and cops which isn't equality that they claim to want. 

Thank you again for reading, I promise next week wont be a hot button rant!