Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy New Yeaaarrr! (Early)

Yes early!  Why?  Because i'll be busy tomorrow 'celebrating' with one of the few days I get the excuse to drink myself into a stupor. 


Kids, please don't do as I do, you wont like the outcome.

Under no sense do I encourage anyone to drink, do drugs, be violent, and so on and so forth, don't sue me.


Okay, legal stuff out of the way, this is my last post of 2015~

Starting next week it'll be a new year with new crap to deal with and possibly a hangover too! --Seriously kids, don't follow my example!--

So stay up and see the ball drop, enjoy the last of the year with a bang and kiss someone just to say you got some action during 2015.

Wolf's going on the prowl!

Happy New Years!


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas! Ho Ho WHoooo!

Yall keep safe and enjoy Christmas!  Or the Holidays if that's your type.. To each their own.  Personally im Christmas so that's what I say!  (Yay America!  Don't got to like it, just tolerate it!  Same to you, same to me!)

The halls be decked, the tree tilting from overload of glass balls... And maybe a pit bull or two.  And a bunch of fat puppiesss~~!  HA!

I hope Santa brought you something shiny and God has blessed you.

So to all a Merry Christmas and a good night!


Side note:  This is Friday's post, im taking Christmas day off!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Eggnog Recipe, Yum

My last post idea ended tooo soon.  So now I come baring a recipe, Fresh from the kitchen!

Now yall know im a cheapo.  I like to save.  Well Eggnog is VERY expensive.  But I love it.  So, how bad could it be to make?  Not too bad.

Original Recipe:

I used this as a guide but I really didn't follow it too well.  But credit where credit is due!


3 Eggs

1 1/2 cup Half and Half

2 tablespoons sweetened condensed Milk

Bourbon or Vodka

Nutmeg, all spice, or cinnamon (tablespoons worth)

1/3 cup sugar

First, split your eggs into two bowls.  Whites in one yolk in the other.  You can do this by cracking the shell to take a decent chunk off the top to allow the white to drain, or you can do as I do and just drop it into your hand and let it slide right through your hands (If you do this, the yolk is surprisingly firm and wont feel slick, just be careful of the yolk popping and starting to pour out too.

Next use a whisk to beat the yolk till its a bright yellow.  Now you slowly add the sugar and whisk that in till the sugar is 60-100% dissolved.

Next add in your Half and Half.  Whisk.  A splash of Vodka or Bourbon.  Whisk.  Your Seasonings.  Whisk.  And finally that sweet condensed milk.  Whisk it good!

Now to your egg whites.  Whisk them till their a abit bubbly and have started to turn white.  Then add to the rest and whisk it for about a minute.

Taste and chill.


Why Half and Half?  Its cheaper and healthier then heavy cream.  Plus I don't usually buy Whole milk and I can use the Half and Half with coffee.  Since Half and Half IS half cream and half milk it makes sense to combine those two and just go with that.

Why two kinds of Spirit?  Personally I like Vodka over bourbon.  But Bourbon gives it the right color.  If you want to use more, be careful with the bourbon though.  It has a MUCH stronger taste then vodka.

Can I skip the Spirits?  If your doing the uncooked method like I do, then don't.  Just use less but do use it.  It'll kill bacteria from raw eggs.  Besides, you really cant taste it if you just use a splash. 

A Splash?  That's what I call a two second pour.  The amount is like half a shot.  Use more if you like or less.

Why the options on Seasoning?  I like all three myself.  I'll even combine the three.  But Nutmeg is traditional but I enjoy cinnamon more.  A touch of ginger can also give it a nice kick.  Experiment abit!


Half and Half 1/2 gallon for less then three bucks.

Sugar few bucks but I always have on hand.

Condensed Milk was 2 bucks a can but I use it for cakes and in my lattes so i'll use it.

eggs were 5 bucks but I get organic and cagefree.

Spices I have on hand.

Spirits were maybe 10 bucks a bottle.

Shopping Bill?  Less then 25 bucks. 

Eggnog from store?  4 bucks for 1/2 gallon.

It doesn't look worth it does it?  But since I usually buy these things it wasn't exactly a extra trip for me.  And I can make the recipe over and over.  The only thing I didn't usually have on hand was the Half and Half. 

The price probably washed out for me but if your not buying the organic stuff like me then you'll save several bucks for more.

Enjoy and see yall soon!


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Time: Clean Up and Decor

Everyone loves throwing Tinsel on the tree and scattering lights and glitter at the house...  Its all great cheer till you remember Santa's elves don't clean it up.

For parents especially the After New Years hangover is probably met with friendly reminders of getting Rudolph off the lawn and Frosty off the roof.

That cheer is now dread.

My mother never let me decorate the house as a kid because of the clean up.  I had to visit a friend to trim the tree each year.  When I hit High School I decided I should help with the clean up...

That tree was soo much easier to put up then take down.  I left covered in tinsel, pine needles, and broken glass from the ornaments that hadn't survived the de-trim.

I suddenly wasn't so bitter at my mother for her lack of spirit.  And I didn't even help with the outside!

So for starters:  Downsize.

My friend always tosses broken ornaments, and attempts to keep tinsel for the next year during cleaning.  Her methods have helped her go 12 years without needing tinsel and allowed her to downsize the amount of boxes she puts away after Christmas.

She also donates ornaments she dislikes but are still good.

We both decided on smaller trees as well.  She still goes for the living tree but one about 3-4 ft tall to allow kids easier access rather then the 8 foot her grandparents always invested in.

I on the other hand save my cash and got a 3 ft to put on a low table in my apartment when they were on sale.

We both ditched a lot of our d├ęcor in favor of not overloading the tree.  That means one string of lights, about 10-30 ornaments, and small toppers.

I know the idea of downsizing ornaments can sting for some, my friend Linda had atleast 300 sitting in the attic but atleast 100 had value to her family such as "Baby's First" and handmade ones from her or her family.  These weren't replaceable.  Her idea was to avoid having any break on a tree that may fall and had a case made to display them that is easily put up each New Years and taken down after Thanksgiving.  In return her favorite ornaments glimmer on her tree and are easily put away without fear of the others being broken.

The same is said with her stocking collection.  Stockings from before she was born were hung in homage to her Great Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, cousins, all since dead.  These have meaning to her family and she tends to hang them on the wall with other stockings and uses them as a "advent calendar" of sorts.  She sticks sticky notes above and small treats or toys in them for the kids that come over.  It gives her a festive area and a quick clean up after since she just uses the spot for pictures and keys year round.  Not really a downsize but it allowed her to give away the stocking holders to other family that wanted them after her grandparents death.  And the clean up was very quick.


Ever seen a house covered in Christmas lights (I mean multi colored) year round?  No offense but its either a lazy person or someone into being "Festive" in my experience Mexican descent. 

But my artsy friend in her wisdom started laughing and saying she likes the idea and does the same inside her own home. 

Clear white lights can easily be placed in back yards for soft lighting (I actually do this with my patio, it makes it nice for late night reading and meals).

My friend uses her outdoor lights in her kitchen, she has huge house supports showing and hangs icy one on one side towards her table and then around the room to act as a "night light."  She uses the traditional white lights as well that flicker.  It reminds me a lot of fire flies and its a great place to write.  Since she hangs her herbs to dry in the kitchen and has potted plants in the room it always smalls earthy and wild.  Its the comforts of AC and Heat in a outdoor feel.

Another thing she does is take her old lights and stapled them to her ceiling (keep in my mind this is her house, not a apartment) to let them hang loose and uneven above her.  To be honest, walking in it looks like a jungle.  She has dark walls and those strings look like vines.  But she pulled the blinds and turned off the lights.  Poof.  Those strings lit up and it reminds you of looking at stars.  Great for kid rooms since its like a natural night light and it was a great way to use yet another string of the 12 she had.

I personally use the lights around my old vanity.  I only have the one string and my vanity is antique.  I don't use it often but the multicolor string looks nice reflecting off the mirror and pictures I have sitting on and near it.  Upside is I never have to untangle the lights or dig for them.


This does not mean 12 boxes labeled Christmas or even ONE BIG ONE labeled Christmas.  It means rolling the lights and hanging them, carefully packing ornaments and stockings.

Theres nice trays you can buy discounted after Christmas for ornaments (Waste of money to me, but my ornaments aren't that big, nor do I have that many!). 

I took after my friend's grandparents.  She'd buy the nice bins that pulled out like drawers and label each with "Stockings and Lights" and another "Ornaments" with the last one called "Santa and Hooks" which really meant her collection of santa statues wrapped in the Christmas paper they'd used and the stocking hooks.

Linda narrowed that down to one bin with drawers and now uses the others for fabrics and art supplies but the concept still stood.  She now quickly finds her stuff and puts it up and then cleans up in only a few hours. 

Living in a Apartment, mine is less organized.  I repurpose as much as I can like the lights, I wrap ornaments in the stockings, and then shove the fake tree under the bed with the stocking wrapped ornaments.  If you have the room, I suggest following the other example.  My tree scares the crap out of me through out the year when the dogs pull it out of the bin and leave it sticking out just slightly...  Cops have been called when I scream bloody murder as something prickly 'attacks' my foot when I wake up. 

I hope yall got some useful info and some laughs out of this.  Im going to go get tipsy off eggnog!

So have a happy Christmas and keep safe!


Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Time: Weight

Its the Holiday budda belly (as my granny called it) that extra 10-30 pds you get between christmas and thanksgiving.

Dont wait till New Years to start that workout.

1.  Cut the food.

Dont over eat, this means eat slower and not inhaling the food.  And save room for desert without cramming it in.

While your at it, avoid unneeded calories.  Do you need 6 spoons of buttery potatoes or WANT them?

2.  Workout/walk.

Take a extra hour to workout during that vacation.  Your waistline will thank you.

Its short and sweet but I couldnt find any better ways to enjoy the holidays without cutting the fun!

Have a good Christmas yall.


Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Time: Crime

Its not new, but crime rates increases during times of vacation... Like Christmas.  And Summer.

Burglers look for easy prey, and a empty house is very easy.

So this post is meant to help you protect your home and self.

1.  Avoid social media.

No one wants to hear how your cruise is great and the weather is nice while we freeze to death back home.  Plus your just throwing out the red carpet to thieves.  "Hey im not home, im in the freaking bahamas!  Guess whos home is up for grabs?!"

Brag after your back.  Same goes for when your out.

Same for sharing your gifts...You love that nice flat screen you got?  Well so will they...after they off load it for a nice profit.

2.  Dont make it easy.

Trim your bushes and give little to no hiding places.

Soft grass?  Try pebbles and shifty rocks around your windows.

Give them no where to hide, make it noisey.   Make it bright!

3.  Install extra lights.  Dark shadows SHOULD be feared.

4.  Install cameras.

These cant help during but after.  Plus if their noticable they add a extra risk.

5.  Dogs are your best friend.

They are a risk to life and limb but they also tend to bark.  Even a small yapper.  Noise ends stealth, no stealth means no go.

6.  Advertise that your going to be a pain in the ass!

Got a system?  Cameras?  Guard dog?  Put up signs.  Even if you dont, use some to make them think you do.

7.  Padlocks, deadbolt, steel door jams.

They arent picking the lock, their kicking in doors and busting windows.  Shatterproof glass and the like can help with that.

8.  See out, not in.

When lights are on inside your visible but their not.  Scary huh?  Invest in blinds and good curtains or consider getting use to no light.  Motion lights are good too.  You'll see those even in the dark.

9.  Mirror Mirror.

Oh yes, mirrors.  Atleast on your door.  Ever heard of someone being followed inside or having someone sneak up on them while they fittle with keys?  Does having a mirror on your door sound like a bad idea?

10.  Be unpredictable.

Go to store on certain days and times?  Change that.  If your getting cased they'll catch on.  Change it up and your not giving them a plan they like.

11.  Lock up.

Well thats my post for the day.  Yall take care this christmas!


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christmas Time: Debt


I dont know about you but those 10 dollar caps dont save me cash when im buying for 6 kids, 5 friends, a boyfriend, 2 parents, and about 7 other family members.

Plus, what can 10 bucks really get?  With such a low cap you may as well give gift cards so they can atleast get something nice at a discount!  How sucky of a gift is that?

Not to mention you put time into what they'd like verse the cost.  You cant even get a good book for 10 bucks and a used one is hardly a caring gift..

Personally, I shared with my friends a idea for next year, same with my family!

Dont waste all your cash, lets play a game instead.  Secret Santa and Naughty Santa are popular and easy, plus cash saving.

The idea is simply:  You use a higher cap (say 30-50 dollars) and get one person a gift.  My family is playing Secret Santa since we all have different interest.  But my friends and I are planning a game of Naughty Santa where we get gifts to fight over.  Being college students, were all interested in similar things so it wont leave any one person with something to feel cruddy about.

Upside?  These games allow a higher cap while saving each person 10-50% of what they usually spend depending on the amount of people.  Now the gifts can be bought with less pain and more thought.

Downside:  Kids.  These sort of games will not work for those under the age of 16.

The way to deal with kids?  Personally I like to buy Kids stuff throughout the year.  This saves me the pain towards Christmas and lets me take advantage of sales.


Another biggy.  But do you really need 12 dinners?

If your whole family is going to a big thing, do you personally need one?

Me and my boyfriend tend to just have a not so cheap dinner on Christmas and Thanksgiving with a couple friends.  Example?  2 pd burgers with loads of cheese and nacho cheese fries.

This sort of thing tends to cost us half of the amount of a turkey dinner if not less and we even split the cost with friends that join us by doing a pool and voting on the meal.

Again, college students.  Were close and cheap!  So this works great for us.  Plus we still get a traditional meal when we head home to see a large group of family.

But if you like those big dinners, just consider doing like us.  Pool money with friends, buy a turkey and fixings or everyone bring a dish.  That thirty dollar turkey wont be as painful when the other 50 dollars worth of sides is someone else's problem!


A small price but to others important none the less!

I learned from my granny though... You buy there AFTER christmas.  For 50-90% off.  I do this for EVERY holiday.  You pay 50, i'll pay 3 bucks.  Downside to this is that one ornament you REALLY want can sell out before you get it.

out of season will be cheaper but pick your battles.

Hope these help, join me next week for more!