Monday, March 28, 2016

Writers Block Pt2

And the Fight continues...  Option Two!


Theres also the option K Cups, instant, grounds, beans, espresso, teas, wine, beer, vodka, khula, white Russians, whiskey...

What?  Never underestimate caffeine.  Or other enjoyable liquids.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Fight Writers Block! Pt 1

Writers block hits no matter what you do.  So allow me to share how I fight writers block in a mini series!

Option 1:  Memes and silly photos!

Google.  No own.  Hope you got inspiration!

Friday, March 18, 2016

The Wasps of War

Continuing from last week.

My poor dog has been attacked too much!  I have now joined the war... And the poor Wasp haven't stood a chance.

While the ants have numbers, the wasp are much bigger.

Why have I made such a difference?  I have red neck friends...  Duct tape and fire.  Duct Tape and Fire.

Duct tape the holes they might get in. Then involve gas and fire.  For safety reasons I wont include the rest.  kids and adults, I had a professional redneck help me with this, don't try this at home!

Needless to say wasp are gone.  Im hurting abit from a couple of stings.  But they are gone.  Now to deal with the ants...

Monday, March 14, 2016

A War on Two Fronts: Wasp

I got a decent response to my War on Ants so I'm sharing a new war.  This one not so much being fought by me!  But by my beloved pets and boyfriend.

Being from the south and the country, I've come to terms with Bees being a good thing.  Living in Alabama most of my like, the pesting eating bats and wasps are also a thing I'm with terms with... Sorta.

Now late winter a wasp nest was built near our door.  It has now stretched and is a small problem when entering and leaving the front.

Me:  "Take the side door.  They deter the damn salesmen and landlord!"

No really, they are a good way to keep anyone from busting in the front.  My door knob is scratched to hell because what I'm sure are the freaking neighbors trying to pick their way in while I'm walking the dogs. 

Plus the landlord is bothered since he cant easily get in to do his 'checks.'  Or remind us that the rent is due in a week (like were ever late...)

And I hate to say it, but its as effective as dogs for keeping the Mormons away!  I'm sorry to any who wanna follow that but I don't and I really hate having one try to push into my house to lecture me and convert me.  NO ONE wants to stand at their door being bored after telling you "no, I'm happy with my religion."  And they ESPECIALLY don't want to get pushed out of the way so they can the person lecturing can be more comfy as they tell you how your wrong their right...  There's just a right and wrong way to do things and the ones that patrol my apartments do it the wrong way.  No offense to other Mormons, but you can understand why i'd wanna keep them away.

Now that I'm done being politically correct (Have I ever mentioned I dislike having to do that when I rarely mean offense with what I say?  >.<  Guess I got another post to rant on!).

So, our front door still opens now and then or these wasps find there way in...  And to be fair, they started this war.

So these aggressive red wasp decide "ATTACK!" and stung Inch Worm in the stomach and the top of his foot.  My sweet Shepard mix decides to go on the offense.  She kills two by smashing one with her paw (and him in the process) and bites another.  But that last one... It caught her in the eye.  it suffered a fate worse then death.  The doggy style 100 fist of doom.

Basically she reared up, knocked it down and then started slamming both paws over it.  Over and over.  It was not a bug.  It was a paste.  And then it was nothing left.

My poor baby looked like she'd been boxing with a huge swollen eye.  Since then shes killed with a vengeance.

Inch worm spent a hour whining while I attempted to pull out the two stingers and cool the fire (if you've never been stung, red wasp have a venom and it feels like fire and tends to swell really bad.)

Once the first aid was done he took over my pinterest and went crafty making wasp traps, homemade poisons, ect.  You know, all that stuff he made fun of me for.

Now my home is full of dead wasp (and ants) and one wall actually buzzes because of all the traps.

My dog also looks like a beat up punching bag... Shes not allergic but they do love to go for her eyes... 

My boyfriend can get his arse handed to him but my puppy I'm protecting.  So I have recently joyed the war.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

War on Ants!




Bloody damn impossible!

Its March and living in a Apt I'm sorta flicked when it comes to bugs.  Ever been in a Apt?  Ya the landlord has to do it, if you try to take action you could lose your deposit (and I'm not loosing 700 bucks over a few ants...)  So Ya.

It is now the WAR ON ANTS!

I declared war and the ants, they fight hard.

I've tried sugar and borax, coffee grinds, hotels (aka poison), and even essential oils on cotton balls.

Works alittle but not enough. 

I work hard to keep that kitchen clean but they keep coming!  They now move all about the house and the dog food cannot be left out.

Suggestions?  I'll take them!

Bah to them.  BAH!

I currently wipe them up and their trails.  I do a weekly bleach of the counters (bad for my health and the damn counters...) but that's not helping.

I seem to be losing ground!  No seriously, they now own 90% of the house.  Including the bathroom!

Everywhere I look I see black specks...  Moving...

The inch worm and dogs have given up.  More concerned with the wasps in our doorway.

But I'm fighting...


Friday, March 4, 2016

Whats wrong with Snuggles?

So i've watched some weird videos but some of the strangest inventions and most useless have caught my eye.

Now on the surface EVERYTHING is a stupid.  Look at the remote.  It was made for the lazy.  Whats so hard about getting up to change channels?  Considering you mainly channel surf hourly, not much.  Besides, who hasnt made their child do it for them?  It was my main chore as a kid!

For those that dont know:  Snuggles are pretty much backwards robes, they keep you warm in the front while you lounge.  Its a good thing.  Now most will say "Why buy what I already have?"  Well for a guy or anyone lacking any kind of curve in the front, you'll know that the back of a robe or jacket is a tiny bit too snug...  If you really got anything in the front then its just not gonna work.

Now Snuggles are meant to be loose fitting for all sizes and bust, their like lap blankets that cover you up and allow free movement of arms and hands while being able to see your fingers!  I wont lie, I type many a post wearing a powder blue snuggle.  Why?  Because I have no heat some winters and the south DOES GET COLD!  We even get SNOW!

Plus the snuggles are good for well... snuggling.  My little inch worm and I have spent many cool evenings on the couch sharing the snuggle sharing the arms.  making it easy to reach our drinks, popcorn, and pets.

Other benefits?  They complete the ugly look!  Oh yes, they are far from flattering.  But if your lover or pets care then you need to rethink relationships!  Warmth and comfort>love!

Also, durable.  Seriously, mines held up 5 years of chewing.  

Lastly:  Portable!  Greyhound buses be cold, these are great.  Read and be warm!

Okay, product review done, im not getting paid for this sadly.. -.-
Wolfe Out!