Saturday, October 31, 2015

This is Halloween!

 Posted TODAY on Weebly!

Crank up the screams Zombies and Ghouls!  Time to party and enjoy the Spirits. 

But PLEASE watch the little goblins and gnomes!  Like the Grimlin's they shouldn't be fed after midnight and should not be left unattended on a holiday of mask and costumes!

Keep the safe while you celebrate, I hope to see you all next year for more limb eating fun!


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Recipe: Monster Eggs

10/21/15 Weebly

I got the idea when I let some local kids help me do deviled eggs for Thanksgiving last year.

Its in the name:  Deviled Eggs!  So lets twist that!


Food coloring (blues and greens work best)

Boiled Eggs

Mayo and Mustard Mixture-One Teaspoon per egg used (I personally add about 4 table spoons per dozen, add a extra if you prefer it more 'creamy'-im told mine are abit dry)

Chives or Green Onions (Optional)

For Taste:  Paprika, Chile Powder, Pepper (Optional)

You can also sub my recipe for your own but the food coloring is still needed!

So prep your eggs as usual.  Boil them just short of being done.  Maybe 5 minutes before being fully cooked. 

Now after they cool take them out of the water and roll them on the counter so the shell mostly or fully cracks all over the egg.  If some shell falls off, no biggy but you want it to stay intact mostly.

No put the eggs back into the water and add several drops of food coloring.  As much as you want, but just giving the water a noticeable stain plus 3 drops will do (more water, more drops)-keep in mind this is to stain the eggs, not completely color them.

Now cook the eggs the rest of the way and allow the eggs to sit and cool for about 5-10 minutes, atleast to the point that you or your kids can handle them without getting scorched!  I prefer to give them 5 in the water then 5 out to drain some of the water in the cracks.

Next is a great part for kids.  Your going to peal the eggs.  Same as normal-best if done by hand.

One peeled they should have a nice weaving of colored cracks on the eggs.  It doesn't have to be perfect so if it bled abit, no big.

Now is the part a kid cant do:  Cut the eggs LONG WAYS, not down the middle.  You can either cut a portion of the egg so its like a hot dog bun or you can cut it completely. 

While you slice let the kids pull out the yolk and pop it in the bowl.

Now mix your  mayo/mustard mixture in along with your chives/green onion if you choose to use.  Blend by fork.

Now stuff as normal:

If you cut completely then put the eggs fully together and set them on a plate.  If they split it'll be messy and gruesome looking.  If they don't, your guest will get a interesting surprise.  

If you didn't slice it completely then just do a nice messy stuff.  Let it ooze out and look like something crawled out of the mess.

Add to a plate and add your prefer powdery seasonings (The red of paprika and chili powder add a cool effect, so does pepper.  Naturally salt is tasted more then seen!). 

Garnish your plate with any extra mixture, unused egg pieces, and maybe even some eggs that haven't "Hatched" yet! 

If you have a herb garden or want to go all out, you can use cilantro to make a nest under the eggs or garnish the edges.  It goes great with eggs and wont throw off the flavors.  Older stuff works fine since it adds to the holiday theme.  Dry or fresh, best if on the stem if your doing a nest!

Well, I hope yall enjoy the recipe.  Send me some pics if you do make it!  I'd love to see your version!

Happy Halloween!


Friday, October 23, 2015

Spooky Punch Tips

Posted 10/7/15

I can give you a hundred and one recipes for punch, but lets face it.  You got those, don't ya?  Ya you do!

So instead, im going to share tips for making a cool, spooky punch for Halloween that can add to your recipe without breaking a budget.

1.  Dry Ice

This is really cheap, easy to get.  But what makes it so cool is you can put it in liquids to both cool and add a bubbly-smoky effect.  Great for Witches Brew and Poison style punch.  It wont alter the flavor either.  All ya gotta do is add abit at a time through out the party-like normal ice!

2.  Creepy floaters

Oh ya, you'll wanna make sure these items:  melt, dissolve, and/or are something digestable.  This means no plastic spiders.  But ice (shaped with molds), fruit (please warn guest and cut big to prevent any stupid lawsuits after too much 'spirits'), and stuff like that.  I've heard good things with grapes and olives even when its a more adult friendly brew.

Things that sink and look creepy on the bottom are cool too.  But think jello.

3.  Severed Limbs

Ha, im not even joking.  If you have a nice mold you can freeze you can do skulls, hands, and feet.  Pretty much anything.

I do know a nice trick for the hands.  Take a flavored kool aid and pour it into a plastic glove, tie it off and freeze, easy to just cut it off if you rub it with abit of warm water.  Just make sure its not the latex ones-so many allergies to it, and im pretty sure that's not good for anyone.

4.  Color it

Ya, a pretty pink punch is yummy..  But is pink scary?  Think black, green, blood red!  If you wanna make two bowls, a orange and black really sets the mood.

I've done plain old orange juice with tequila spiked black colored ice.  Went over great without getting anyone past tipsy-best when ya have a few kids around.

So put food coloring to use or pick flavors that will give the right color!

5.  Name It

Strawberry Lemonade with Vodka.  Not.  Scary.  Add some red, drizzle red gel (cake décor, not that fake blood stuff), and a drop of dry ice to make it froth abit...  Call it Blood Wine.  But what gets you in the spirit better then alittle Vampire style wine?

6.  Décor

Don't set a spooky bowl full with a tray of pretty sandwiches and frilly-pretty stuff!  Make the whole table look spooky with fake webs, blood spattered linens, and edible treats that make guest squeak!

I hope yall enjoy and can use my suggestions well this holiday season.


Monday, October 19, 2015

Glutton for Punishment

9/26/15 Weebly

I like work, I like to keep busy.  I hate feeling like there is nothing to do.  So now I have myself set to start working on a web comic with a friend.  As well as working on my books (one of which is suppose to be released by the 31st of Oct and not done editing), my 6 blogs I work on, side post I write for other blogs, my own strange need to write random things at random times, plus my job and dogs.

I'd like to think deep down there's this hope for never leaving the house to make money since I sell books via Amazon and mainly twiddle my thumbs when im not typing.

But is it so bad to dream that I could make myself a hermit and never leave my home but bring in a living wage?  Ya tend to need less when you share incomes-true, but my boyfriend got to start his dream first.  So I over work abit..

I don't know, I enjoy it abit.  I hate the stillness, hate quiet..  I like to feel like there's more to do.

Well, what about the rest of you?  Do you crave more work to keep you in controlled chaos or would you relish a life of freedom and time?

When ya think about it, would you rather be a business man or a hippy (assuming money did not effect either life style that is).

Love to get some feedback on that, hope to see yall again next time!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ghost Story Part 5

9/16/15 Weebly

Now with her mom did a lot of research and decided there were no ghost, only demons who could look like the dead to trick people.  Sounded about right with what they were having.

Now it was REALLY pissed.

"Ma ignored it too.  And spent time in my room, same as the dogs.  They never left except to go out.  It watched from the door, but it couldn't even open my door now."

She went on to tell me how it started breaking things in the kitchen and throwing stuff when her mom was getting ready. 

"Finally Ma had enough too.  Once it wasn't nice to her, she got mad real easy.  She did like I did, but she knew better.  She told it to leave our house."

Her depression ended, the dogs were all normal, and there were no more strange scratches. 

"The house was great... Not cold, not heavy.  We didn't fight, I didn't want to die and I stopped slicing my wrist.  No more blackouts or down patches."

Short but there was more to the story.  I think its worth waiting for though.  See ya next week!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Ghost Story Part 4

( As posted 9/2/15 Weebly)

( I hate you Weebly..  It deleted my post AGAIN... So less detail, more overview)

She said it was like feeling nothing at all, but she just knew she was suppose to die.  That was how it was at home.  Then when she left home it was just pain like no other.  She was sad and never knew why.  It was mind numbing. 

"It was torture, I'd burst into tears without warning.  It was like life was about to end for everything I loved and I just didn't know why.  I mean, who feels that much pain and sadness out of the blue in English... Okay, I hate English but this was like my whole family just got flayed in front of me-life shattering-pain and despair.  Everyone had good reason to think I was insane, I thought I was bonkers too."

I wish she was joking about that too... But i'd heard about a few of those episodes.  Fine and then at the drop of a hat she was running out of the room and sobbing.  No one knew how to handle that so they had someone take her home.  Guess that was a mistake.

"I told the doctors, they gave me meds... They never helped.  They said I was cronically depressed or something..  If the meds didn't help I was getting sent to a padded room.  So I lied and said I was better.  I guess that's why they assumed it was just bullying or something at school."

"I'd go home though.. Sit in my room on the bed till Ma got home..  I'd watch the lights flicker and that 30 pound tube tv get pushed around on my entertainment center.  Sometimes i'd see the shadows.  Everyday it get bigger and darker.  But at night it looked like a human shape.."

She tapped the picture of the claw marks.

"Fi, that was a week after Ma called that medium.  She was talking to it and it was getting stronger.  So I called her too.  Told her it wasn't my grandpa.  Told her I was getting scratched, had what looked like bites on my legs..  Told her how I was feeling now.  Ya know what she said?  Its FEEDING off me.  Its feeding off my energy and because it feels negative to me, im getting bad feelings.  It was just in my head."

She half laughed and started grinding her teeth-classic angry.  Couldn't blame her.  Skeptic or not, how could she bite her own leg?  She wasn't that flexible..  And how was it feeding off her good?  For that matter how was it hating her good to be around?

"It got worse after I called her..  I should of left the house to do that..  It was months of attacks.  I had horrible dreams...  It kept attacking me in my sleep, messing with me when I was awake.  Hoss was the only one to stay with me.  He started laying on top of me..  That's when I knew it wasn't in my head.  It scratched him.  Got him good..  He flipped out on top of me, spinning and snapping at the air.  All the dogs came down and started growling then.  I saw it.  It was a dark form, even darker then a pitch black room.  They chased him out, but he came back."

I asked her if that was where Hoss got the scratch on his head.  I thought it was from a fight.  It had to of been deep, it scarred and left a large hairless dent. 

"Ya..  I took the day off from school and kept close to him after that.  It was the first time i'd prayed since my grandma died.  I prayed God would protect my dogs.  And they never got scratched again."

She told me how there was about two nights with no trouble.  Dogs all slept in there with her.  Her depression let up too.  So she stayed up late and played on World of Warcraft, talking to her friend, soon to be boyfriend.  She'd told him and only him about some of the trouble. 

He knew about the attacks and would Skype with her during the "bad hours" between midnight and three.  He also knew about the last attack and how it had been chased off.

"We were just chatting, I was feeling good.  Then, I went deathly silent.  I felt like I was being watched.  I heard the girls leaving and felt Hoss stiffen under my chair.  I couldn't even breath, I was so scared... I typed to him Its back.. but..."

She teared up, pulled her legs up.  She told me how she kept a plug up back massager on her desk to use on her lower back and neck when she got stiff from sitting in the chair too long.  She always kept it unplugged and the cord wrapped around it though so it wouldn't get pulled down. 

"I heard it walk in, but I was too scared to turn... Too scared to breath.  I just sat there.  I felt someone stand behind me.  They were huge.  Twice my size..  I felt cold air on my head as if it was looking down at me and then that massager...  It was unplugged.  The plug was around it."

She was chocking up, but I got the idea.  It feel from the high shelf she kept it on and turned on and started buzzing and wiggling all over her desk.  Then it stopped.  When she calmed down, she told me that wasn't the worse part though.

"I still had my headphones on.  Sal, didn't know why I wouldn't talk.  I always talked during the stuff that happened.  He knew I was scared shitless, he kept asking in a panic if I was okay, what was that noise, why was Hoss growling.  I guess that thing heard him.  I felt it leaning over me and then he got cut off, like the call was ended..  But a split second later this horrible, unearthly growl... Fi, it was yelling, growling, threatening into my ear, into my mic."

She went on to say that out of fear she threw her headphones off and started crying at her desk.  Sal had done the same.  He started typing to her and she responded after a moment.  He had heard part of it, she knew but said it was static..  But he refused to put his headphones on either. 

"I ended the call and stood up.  I was scared, but I was trapped.  I hate feeling cornered.  I hated being scared.  I did something real stupid Fi..  I confronted the thing.  When I stood, I slammed into the dark mass and it was ice.  The whole room was freezing.  I screamed at it.  I let the natural red hair take hold and cursed it.  I demanded that in God's name it leave my room.  That it never come back in.  That it never touched my pets.  I called it a demon.  I don't know when I decided it was one, but I knew it wasn't my grandpa.  I told it, I wasn't fooled."

I asked her what happened, and she said the room got real warm.

"It wasn't in there.  But the hall light was blinking.  I pissed it off, but I wasn't scared.  I knew it couldn't come in.  The dogs all came charging in my room and started barking at the doorway.  The dreams stopped.  I felt safe in my room.  I believed in God again too..."

I had never known she'd stopped believing, but I was told later that she had got angry with him when she was 9 for taking her grandma.  She'd stopped praying, stopped trusting.  And then at 17, she believed again because he was keeping her safe.  Gave her one place she could be safe. 

"It was after that I told Ma everything.  Showed her the pictures.  She finally took me serious.  Finally decided it may not be my grandpa."

Interested in my friends pain?  See me next week for more!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Am I nearing the catch up?

Yes I am!

I had to stop posting and slowed down drastically on my Weebly Posting so im catching up fast here.  Soon i'll be posting weekly to both!

As far as which I prefer.. I really enjoy writing here on blogspot more.  Weebly is kind of annoying to post to at times.  Plus i've yet to lose a blog here.

Soo...  Maybe in October i'll be caught up?