Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Budget Life: Be-Gone!



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All the same:

This site allows you to turn spare time and all your valuable info into cash.

Videos, task, surveys, sign ups, referals, and web searches.

Pros:  They use lots of partners so theres ALWAYS something.

Cons:  The pay is crappy for the time you'll put into it for a number of reasons i'll state below.

Side Note:  This account was started by my roomie and I was trying it through her but were both beyond fed up.

*This site has HORRIBLE service.  Ya their quick but their reps are cold and sarcastic and tend to treat you like your unworthy of their time.

*The pay is crap!  Too low for too long!  Surveys give me more for my time.

*50-90% of your offers never seem to credit!  They say to give 11-20 days but after 4 days they delete the proof that you did it! 

If you contact them its followed with "Well its not working because your using the same email!"  So... They are actually scamming you and that company.  They'll put up 12 offers by the same site (you'll apply in the hour long process) and do them to the T and then never get awarded because you used "The same email"... 

I actually asked out right:  Do I need 100 emails to ever get paid?  "Yes, you need a new email each time." 

Well, I tried a different email.  No dice.  In fact our balance sheet is 99% all from the same day we started and after that nothing.

Im currently attempting to cap out with 200 points (AKA $2.00) to cash out and drop this craptastic site.

If you want to risk it then I wish you good luck but I wont be putting my time in anymore with this one and hope anyone else trying has a far different story!



Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Going Green: K-Cups

K-Cups are popular.  They give you a variety of coffee, it’s always fresh, and it’s just a push away without the normal routine of scoop, pour water, push button-crack I forgot to add the filter-repeat with filter, start, yawn, stare.

Sound about right?  I thought so.

Well K-cups ARE wasteful!  You’re tossing a full cup after one damn cup of coffee and replacing?!  WASTEFUL!  Any environmentalist is cussing you out at 9 in the morning for it when you’re half asleep.  But there is hope!

If done right for can recycle EVERY part of the K-cup!  (You heard right!)

1.  You can get 4   8 oz. cups per cup.  The first 2 are super strong, the next 2 are normal, after that its water.  So if you have a single, keep using it a few times.  If you can fill a pitcher, there ya go!  If you got travel mugs for two then decide who likes it weaker, stronger, or mix. 

2.  After your done brewing don't toss!  Set it on the sink to dry out.

3.  Now that it’s not hot and is dry peel off the metal top, rinse off and put in aluminum recycling.  Hey, your recycled part already!

4.  Now, invest in a compost bin or dump directly into a plant.  Plants love coffee grounds and pests tend to hate them.  Sadly, pets also enjoy it so keep the plants out of reach or you might have a twitchy dog.

Other Option:  Make a Coffee Scrub (the grit cleans and the caffeinating is going to energize your skin!

Nother option:  leave them out in a bowl to help deter bugs (haven't tried) or put fully dried grounds in jar or sock and use as an air freshener (mmm, coffee)

5.  Now that you've done that, pull out that piece of cloth.  If you’re composting, toss that in there, it'll break down.  If you’re not composting then toss that ONE part in the trash (hey, can’t be perfect?  Why compost if you don't garden).

6.  Lastly, rinse that cup itself and toss it in the plastic recycling.

And you’re done!

Damn, you just recycled all to everything but the cloth!  Don't you feel good?  Now you can say your green while enjoying that yummy Starbucks coffee from home.

SIDE NOTE:  If you’re using the:

Teas-These can be composted but I have no idea what else to do with them.  You can toss them in your garden as well.  Follow as above.

Hot Chocolate, Latte, Cappi, ect-These are powder based.  Use only Step 2, 3, and 6!

God bless you for helping to save the environment!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Budget Life: SlideJoy

WARNING:  Currently not open to iPhones or computers!

SlideJoy is just a fun way to make cash for unlocking your phone.

Pretty much your phones lock screen is now a ad and your paid for seeing it as you unlock the phone!

How much is worth?

1 point per swipe.

1000 points = $1

This is a no work way to make abit of cash but the average person may only bring in a few bucks a month.  But is it a bad thing to get paid for something you've been doing for free?

If your interested, then please follow the link:

What can you get with points?

Paypal, Gift cards, or donating to some of the featured charities!

Happy Swiping.


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Budget Life: SwagBucks

Swagbucks is far from new but after spending a few weeks on it I find it more impressive then some.

You can play swagbucks via the phone or on your computer-and pays more if you do both!

Ways to catch cash:

Random Searches-Not my favorite method.

Watch Vids-I love to let these play through on my phone while I'm busy and on my computer when I don't need the noise/internet (like say while I cook, clean, watch TV...)

Daily Polls- Exactly what it sounds like!

Daily "Crave"-Quick vids/slide shows for points.

Daily Discover-Like crave but you can do task, coupons, ect for points.

Surveys-Answer pain in the rump surveys and most of the time get a point even if you cant do it!  (Better then most).

------if you do 5 of the 6 above you get daily point bonus!---------

Daily caps- Two caps, one for a streak and another for bonus.  Both awarded at the end of the month.

Weekly/Monthly Streaks-reach the dailies each day and your bonuses will boom!

From your phone you can also download games to play and get points too.

Also, shop online?  Swagbucks works like ebates but giving PER dollar rather then on certain items!

Interested?  Then help us out by using this link:

How Much it pay?

Every point is worth 1 cent.  So 100=$1.  Not much if you think about it but it adds up and if your diligent it can add up to some serious cash!

How much do you make daily? 

I aim for 100-500 points a day.  I have to get atleast 100-150 to reach my daily goals but if I do 500 a day it'll add up to $150 a month!

How can I cash out?

Paypal and gift cards!

Unlike other sites you can get cash via paypal accounts!  But if you watch you'll see sales on gift cards so you can save 5-30% off the point price! 

Interested?  Then help us out by using this link:

If I sound excited, its because this is hands down my new favorite.  I'm not noticing issues with getting my payments, my points aren't taking forever to arrive, and I have ONE item I was never awarded for (and that was only worth 2 points so its not exactly a huge deal).

So if your looking for side cash or just a way to save for Christmas then give it a try!  And again, please don't forget to use my link!  (I'm not a "partner" with swagbucks, just a user who would love some refers and wants to see her readers profit from letting videos play through while they do whatever they do!).

So again...

Interested?  Then help us out by using this link:

Happy Hustling!


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Changing Up the Pace

I'll be moving come July so try to and keep from missing any post days I'm cutting the post back to only Weds till I'm settled!

So please bare with me for the time being and hopefully i'll be able to do 2 post a week instead of every other week come December!