Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Im a Happy Pup!

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I'm bouncing for joy!  I found my new home!

I went in with a 10-17k budget... But the sells rep kept insisting on showing things that were priced HIGHER then I wanted...

But, He showed me a 30k one that I love...

Look, being realistic I was expecting a 20-22k camper that was right at 17k after the sale price and maybe 20 ft long...

We needed space for computer desk so we were looking at getting Toy Haulers or campers with bunks that we could... "fix" to our needs.  Truth be told, a Queensize bed, Kitchen with fridge, burners, and sink, and a bathroom I could walk into without feeling like I was in a coffin... That's all I wanted.  But I need space for our PCs and dogs to stretch.  So yah, I was expecting a used but good shape toy hauler that was abit under 20 ft.  (Toy Haulers have about 5 ft of open space at one under for Motor bikes, 4 wheelers, ect.  GREAT space for full size desk or entertainment centers, plus they were basic and cheap.)

Back to the story though...

Knowing what I wanted he kept trying to push HIGHER models on me till we finally went to a toy hauler in my range.  It was 12k after sale, 15 ft, and SUPER basic.  I explained how I loved the open space, the need for computer desk, and the large dogs...

It clicked in his head EXACTLY what I wanted and he said "I know you like this, but I wanna show you this one other model.  It'll be like 21k after we factor in the sale's savings and I think you'll love it."

I caved... Glad I did.


Wood floors, private queen size bed, huge table that covered to a king sized bed, pull out faux leather couch, full kitchen with a HUGE sink, two entertainment centers, a bunk house with a separate closet... Plus two slides (One in the bunk house, other for the couch and table).

I was drooling...  Then he showed me the outdoor kitchen and shower... The kitchen had a sink, fridge, and two burners... Summer days and camping... Oh, and the added kitchen storage.  That shower though... Well, lets just say big dogs are harder to fit in shower stalls... Even bigger ones.

So.. Yah... 5k more and I'm about to go sign on my new home...

I should be moving in Mid December.

Fun, fun!


Friday, November 25, 2016

It's Black Friday...

If your part of that hellhole...

Please try not to die.  :(

Prayers for anyone who gets injured in those rat nest over saving a couple bucks!


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Getting the Most Out of Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving is coming and America is a VERY wasteful place!

So I wanna give tips to avoid this... Because wasting food is wasting money!

1.  Don't toss leftovers.

Does your family do To-Go plates?  If so-Freeze or eat it.

If not-Start!

If your family always had money then tossing food seems natural... like my father's family... But my Ma's from farmers... You waste NOTHING.

So don't toss the left over food, keep and EAT it!

2.  Make lunch plates.

Its hard to cook during the week and a healthy lunch is a rare thing... Save some cash by making plates to eat at work with a Meat, Veggie, Starchy Side, and even Desert if you don't mind it being heated.

Getting sick of it?  Well then...

3.  Freeze it!

Yap, freeze the plates, freeze that untouched pan of food, save it for a week so your not sick of it.

Alternative?  Can it if possible... Soups and gravys aren't so hard.

4.  Reuse!

Casseroles.  They are made by mixing meat, veggies, and some starch.  Potatoes, Mac and Cheese, dressing... Starchy bases!  Add other leftover and mix and match to your hearts content!

Too much Turkey and Ham?  In my home we call it sandwich meat..  Shred, slice, rip... Put between to pieces of bread and your set!

Soups, their GREAT for the meat and veggies.  All it takes is a stock base.

5.  Stocks and Broths

That YUMMY ham bone and HUGE turkey corpse on your table can give alittle more...  Toss them in a crockpot with some Veggie scraps (or even a few of the veggies) and let it stew for 4 hours on high or 8-12 on low.  Its a great broth full of thanksgiving flavors to get ya by for another meal or even upgrade your Christmas dressing!

Upside?  Bone broth is SUPER good for you and cans easily!

6.  Donate

Homeless shelters, churches, friends/family with little food... There's places the food can go to make a difference even after the holidays.  Do some digging or call your town hall and look like a saint while you avoid spoiling food.

7.  Compost.

Yah, I know most don't do this but thinks besides potatoes, onions, and meat will compost great for a garden.  Please don't dump it directly into the garden, animals and bugs will get it...  Though I suggest it, if you don't already do this then please research before starting or you may regret it.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Thanksgiving Alternative Meals

As yall know, I'm cheap!  And Turkey and Ham aaarrrre not!

So I looked up and asked around for a couple meal ideas for those who have small gatherings or need a cheaper option.

1:  Turkey and Ham Subs

Not original, but just as filling. 

We actually plan to do this one, splurging on high dollar deli cuts and cheese and fresh subs covered in 2 pds of ham and turkey and some yummy munster cheese (1/2 a pd to be exact).

This was maybe... 25-30 bucks for the entire meal for 4 people and we'll have lunch for another day.  (Were buying ahead-Freezing to keep fresh!)

Down here a small ham was running 20 bucks, turkeys about 40!  So this is a cheap option even with the $10 a pd turkey and ham.  Not to mention the fact that no cooking needed. 

Best part?  Got your two traditional meats and the bread takes the place of dressing.  Add in a veggie or some homemade mashed potatoes and you'll have the needed flavors at half the cost!

2:  Thanksgiving Casserole

This one came from the roomie:  Make a pan of dressing (Or mashed potatoes if you dislike dressing), shred a cooked turkey breast, toss in some peas and carrots, and smother in turkey gravy.

Cost you maybe 15 bucks or you can use leftovers from a earlier family event.  Its filling and great for small families but you'll have less leftovers to go bad or make you sick, bleh..

3:  Replace the turkey with This

Ground turkey is ALOT cheaper and honestly, how meat really comes out of that 10 pd turkey?  Maybe 6 pds after removing organs and bones?

Well there's my say for this, stay hungry!


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Oooh, New camper?


So its not my first time thinking this but I've thought about it... I want my own place and I'd love to travel.

So, I've been keeping my ears down to the ground and oyie, Campers and RVs...  The prices are UNREAL.

Anything newer then 2000 used was asking for close to 10 grand?!  REALLY?!  (Craigslist ads... They WAY overpriced them...)  And the pre 2000s were rusty, moldy, gutted...

Do you know what a "Hunting Cabin" is?  It means might have water and electric... Its a hauled over tent... That's what pre 2000s were.  Anything that was in good condition was easily 8 grand... And under 20 ft or a pop up.

So... I looked at new stuff from dealers... Found a dealer having a 30-40% off sell!

So guess whos going to look at new "Homes" this month?  ;3

Since the coming weeks are my Holiday Post line up, i'll be updating you after thanksgiving!


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Gah! I made a blunder...

GAH!  I blundered, soo sorry!

To anyone who read my Weebly, I'm really sorry I stopped updating there too.  I just saw that things weren't being shared between the two like I planned... Soo... It hasn't been updated since August.

My bad!

At this point, it is becoming a hassle though to run both.  So i'll be posting to Weebly again like I am here when I get a chance, but come the end of 2016, Weebly might get a notice about future posting...

For now, i'll try to get the post shared over after Thanksgiving.

Thanks to Lunria who sent me a message letting me know!