Friday, August 28, 2015

Kids...With Kids?

(4/29/15 Weebly)

So... I was on Facebook and saw (for the 8th time, seriously...) a post saying "Like if your over 18 and don't have a kid yet." And got me thinking....."WOW"

Seriously, do you know theres a huge boost in single parents and kids with kids? I mean their having them in Middle school!

Babies having Babies indeed...

But is that REALLY that strange?

Anyone 80+ can probably remember girls (like 15, maybe younger...) marrying old men... And that being normal! There was a time when not being married by 18 meant you were F*CKED! It wasn't THAT long ago either!

But we spent 50 years or so not doing that stuff and now its weird to be on it again? Like bell bottoms and the flappers style clothing, fads come back! Apparently this is a fad.

So... Does this mean that women will be expected to stay in the house and raise kids again while men work again? Will Blacks and Whites not be allowed to mix? (Legally that is. To be fair any separation in modern times is your choice no one is keeping you apart. The White Man aint keepin you down. The Black Man aint going to shoot you... Hate the person, not the race. If you judge a person by race at all then you have made a mistake. But I can attack this beehive another time...)

To the point. Whats the real appeal in sex? Is it worth the risk? Honestly... If your under the age of 16 and having sex then something is WRONG. Its not "The Cool Thing" and its not rebelling. Its selling yourself short, opening the door to Hell (figuratively and literal).

Sex in general opens you to STDs, children, emotional and physical damage.

You've heard the STD and baby talk. At school or even parents. Do you really need a lecture on that? Nope. But heres the facts:

Herpes. AIDs. You know what these are. You know ALOT more too. Now... These can be controlled but not cured. The meds aren't cheap. Your wasting money on the meds monthly, your losing years of your life, your ruining other peoples lives, and your a stigma. And most people under 18 probably aren't tested and if they are aren't going to tell you. In fact, most over 21 probably aren't tested and wouldn't tell you!

Think of Family guy! Brain did not tell Stewie or Chris he had Herpes. And they ended up with Herpes after becoming Blood Brothers.

STDs are painful. Ugly (case in point, that Family Guy episode. Icky sores). Not Worth it.

Babies. Cute maybe to some.. But their only fun in small doses. Did you have a baby sister or brother? Or visit with a baby in the house? A night or two of the nightly screaming might be annoying but aren't you always saying "Just one more night." or "Thank GOODNESS were going home and I can sleep." Then you have a answer.

Babies cry and wont stop. It will be like that for months. No going out, no having a life, probably no college. And no, you cant dump it on your parents and boys you cant dump it on the girl. If you do, you'll pay. Usually you pay in heavy wage cuts. Oh, your getting 20 bucks a hour?! Well she can get 50-70% of that pay from every check in Child support. Same to girls who dump it on men.


Seriously... You cant fix a marriage by having a baby. You just gave a common ground that will fade and you will then ruin the childs life when you end up breaking it up.

Child support can hurt, yes. But it isn't a way to get back at your Ex. Its not a way to get money without working either. Its meant to care for the child. If your getting a thousand a month, good for you. Take it and use it for the child! They should be eating balanced meals 3 times a day. Have clothes that aren't holey (not exactly expensive but not full of holes). Any you got left should be used FOR the child. Maybe put towards their college education. It is NOT for you. Don't take it and buy beer or drugs or a new car or jewelry. Don't even try to say you got that brand new sports car for the kids safety when it doesn't even have a back seat...Or room for a car seat.

Next The damage. It IS damaging. Do you know how many people turn around 10 years or even just one year lately and say "I wish I had waited..." Maybe not till married but atleast for someone better. Im sure most do wish it. And not just because they ended up with a kid or STD, just because it wasn't special or the person they were with wasn't good to them.

Well... Im ranting abit to much, but you got the idea, right? I hope you young impressionable ones will take some of what I've said and understand its important. The worst will happen to everyone at some point. Everyone has to face the "Worse Possibly Outcome" at some point. Its not always going to be "It'll never happen to me."

So. If nothing else. Adults. Kids, Teens... Keep it safe. If you must, use a condom. Keep it safe. Don't let anyone pressure or force you into it. Don't be scared to ask questions!

Till next time darlins. Keep it safe, and God Bless you! :)

A Side Note: This is all assuming the sex is mutually wanted. Not Forced or Rape. My thoughts on any form of force or rape are not reflected above.


Monday, August 24, 2015

My mind...Is straining... Must. Not. Break.

(4/21/15 Weebly)

Im having a "afhrrghfghghthghfrrrgrrle" moment with YouTube.

Now, its been a long time since I've got to rant... So run if you don't want the rant.. Cuz imma blow.

Ever been on Youtube (What am I saying, who hasn't..) Well they have these FUN little ads before EVERY DAMN VIDEO! Well.. I get lucky. I get the same..Ad... Every f*cking, damn time!

Its not just every now and then, its just about everytime (and im on YouTube daily for HOURS).

I mean really, I know you buy so many slots to go over so many days... But really...

I think some of these games, movies, shows, products, ect buy 80% of the ad space for the day.

I mean im seeing ads for movies like "Duff" on my freaking heavy metal... Its NOT targeting the right audience at all!

Worse thing is you see these ads and think "Ah, that looks kind of cool." Then you see it a 3rd time "Okay... Im loosing interest." After the 10th time "Okay I've seen EVERY good part already... No point in seeing it." And about 20 times later "F*ck off already... I don't care." And 50 times later (not even joking...) "OMG I HATE YOU, I F*CKING HATE YOU! I NEVER WANT TO SEE THIS EVER!" And any time after that is a facedesk and tears of misery...

I'm so sick of it I counted... I've seen for the recent ads:

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. = 64 times

Duff = 103 times

And that's today alone...

I know you can skip (90% of the time) but its just... UGH! I understand the reason for ads, being able to skip them if their usually longer then 15 seconds makes it super okay to me but NOT THIS! Atleast some variety! Its just UGH! Its like a broken record, I my ears are bleeding.

And while im at the ads. Playlist: whats the point? You stick 20 minute ads in them and your stuck walking back to Youtube to skip it. I really wish they'd set a "Skip all after 15 seconds" button. I mean i'll take the extra 10 seconds to be able to skip everything longer then 30 seconds. I love playlist, I love being able to start my favorite songs and go work out and write. But its a pain to crawl off my machine to go turn that damn 20 minute ad off...

Okay... I have a straining migraine... Ughs... Uggghhhsss!

Till next we rant my friends.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Still Testing.. Testing...

(4/17/15 Weebly)

Still Testing, Testing, Testing...

I cant get use to the way it feels to make the post here! Its so bare (the page where I write the blogs into that is) and white! With HTML options....With Blogspot atleast.

I took computer courses and know how to make the codes... But the white, blankness is just so... Wow... I feel like im not writing enough its so bare!

But thanks for sticking with me on this! After a couple months I see both plus and minus' to both Weebly and Blogspot. Im still unsure on what I want.

So im going to keep going abit longer with both. Those following both, those 30 or so post aren't all posted to Blogspot and im still adding to Weebly. So i'll be holding out abit longer before I decide I think. Get both up to date. Its starting to become a habit to post to both sites honestly.

I might keep both... I feel so indecisive!


(Edit:  Since writing this on Weebly I figured out more on blogspot-including backgrounds..  So its not so bad to me!)

Friday, August 14, 2015

BloodLust Cheat: House of Mirrors

(4/8/15 Weebly)

Now as yall know, im random as can be with my post so i'd like to bring up my gamer side again, this time with tips and tricks rather then a rant!

Okay, Blood Lust is a fun little Forum style RPG that you can only get on Apple store (Boo...). I enjoy the forum style (think Pirate Clan or Viking Clan on Facebook. Thats forum style) and I enjoy the idea of the lore.

This game has lots of lore and little hints in the lore. Now THIS ONE gave me a ton of issues.

You go to the Family Reunion (which is like the 3rd or 5th zone, comes after burying carmella) and end up in this place called "Hall of Mirrors"

Now you got 4 options. Foward, right, left, back. So I try one of each. I tried right right right, left left left, and all that jaz... Then I read that lore above where it clearly states "Preside as usual." So.. I tried Forward. And I kept hitting Forward for 5-6 times (my stam ran out about 4th or 5th hit, I cant quite remember but less then 7.) and boom. Im out.

I found the lore in it is VERY helpful.

Tip for anyone who tries: Do the missions with the most Gold as much as ya can unless theres a reward. Once ya get the rewards from all of them move on.

Also, Stam is SLOW refill. Use as much as possible each time your on and then just check it every hour or so.

Lastly, Save those Sacrifices and use them for Bats. You can buy 3 for a buck ya but free games arent free then! So just do the offers that ya can and save them for bats.

Well. I think i've done my job for the week. Time to go poof!

Till next we meet, imma be gamin.


Monday, August 10, 2015

Tips to Health: Do what Ya Love 2

(4/4/15 Post to Weebly)

As promised, another tale, that's abit happier!

My friend is Kirita ( ) a wonderful artist and very loving person!

Ya see, shes turning what she loves most into a career. She is a artist who actually makes things to sell Jewelry, digital prints, computer wallpapers, commissions, and a lot more.

Though its not enough income to support her yet shes going to school for game design to make her own MMORPG!

Outside of her 20 hrs a week for a local business she also Sells on Amazon, does commissions, sells digital copies of her art, sales on DA, and does a lot of volunteering.

She pulls in an average of 30 bucks a month with Amazon by selling her old college books, jewelry, her old collection of rare cards, and even artwork after she factors out her materials, shipping, and Amazon's Cut.

Her digital sales and prints bring in about 50 bucks! Though it might not seem a lot to you, but Like my e book those digital sales are repeat sales of one item. Its like spending 3 hours on a item that can sell for a buck or two a HUNDRED times! This is why e-books are so popular to publish for new authors. There is no material cost so there's a high profit WHILE you sale them cheaper! The profit just comes in slowly.

Then theres the commissions she does. Im told those are few and far between to be mentioned but theirs months where she eats pretty good.

Now this is enough to keep her up and afloat till the big bucks roll in but she does most of this in her free time like I do with my writing. The difference is shes about to go to school for her career choice.

She could be bring in the big bucks in 10 years time and living her dream! But for the time being shes making a profit off what she loves to do anyway.

Doesn't that sound like something we could all stand to do?

Till next we meet!


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Happy Life Tips: Do What Ya Love

(3/25/15 Post to Weebly)

Ya heard me. Do what you love!

Me, I enjoy a lot of things. I enjoy reading, writing, and showing my creativity.

So in my case I make E-Books (Such as Hell's Playground) which brings me in a few bucks a week selling at a buck with 70% royalties. Lets say It averages me maybe 20 bucks a month.

I write blogs. Based on my views per day and that most ads give you a buck per thousand... It would take me 10 days (with about 3 ads running) to make 3 dollars. So im averaging maybe 10 bucks a month.

I also make and sell items on Amazon. Altogether that averages maybe 20 bucks a month after Shipping and Amazon's cut.

So lets see, doing what I love Im getting 50 bucks a month... And then you take out the materials for what I've made... That probably is about 5 bucks month. And then the cost of a site for my blogs, that's 10 (oh, that's the cheapest too! Atleast on Weebly.) so after you take out that 15 from my 50 im profiting 35 bucks a month...

Now you see, that's life. Its 35 extra bucks a month for about an extra 15 hours of my time. Why do I do it? Because I love to. I love to write these blogs and all my books and I enjoy making the jewelry that I sell with my friends and I love to hear how much people enjoy the items I sale!

No, you have to remember that 10 bucks for blog ads is all fake at the moment and do is the 10 bucks for the site. So I really am only profiting that 35 bucks.

Why don't blogs make me money? Because as it is that is how much I would bring in. I'd have maybe 2-4 ads running with my 120ish views a day and they only profit a buck or two per THOUSAND views. Its for reasons like that that I say not to be angry with YouTube and their ads (because most of the time their not TOO long and the YouTuber gets some cash off it) and with other people who blog and their ads.

Yes ads suck but they make that person a few bucks that helps them support their site and maybe even their life.

For me though, that wont happen. But this is why im thinking of switching to for my blog. I can post 2-5 ads there with a free blog. Sadly, I have to get my content up there first and I just don't get the views there Like I do here. Mainly because all of you are here on my fanbase! But now you know the dirty truth...

Oh well, im off topic!

Im thinking of making something like this a whole little series, similar to how I usually do with holidays. I have other friends and family to exploit! And perhaps a few oh my favorite blog fans will send me a few of their own tips and tricks or even their stories for posting! (With permission of course! I'll even change the name!)

But I will be picking this up next week to tell you about how this IS making money for a very dear friend of mine. Atleast, more then I am!

Till next time my friends!