Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What is with the FIDGET SPINNERS?!

Okay, really... Why?  WHY?!  It came out of no where.  These little weird things that spin, look like a dollar toy for a kid but cost 8-30 bucks?!  No really, WTF?

I've heard its for anxiety...  How... How is something flashing in your hands helping?  That draws MORE attention.  And no one is taking you serious either.  Plus, your most likely on your phone...  Except that strange guy who has one spinning in his hand while swiping tender with the other...

Seriously.. what the hell?

Me and Inch worm suffer from Anxiety (his worse then mine, im to the point where it makes me a grouch more then terrified..) and we dont get it!  I've not even seen anyone but groan men playing with these things...

Where did this fad even come from?  Whats the point?  Is it just a Hipster wanna be thing?  Is there a real science to it?  Why the frick is it so expensive?!



Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Who Left Me Unsupervised?!

They left me alone near books... I couldnt help myself... I only HALF of my pay check.. >>;  I.. I think thats better then my whole check... 

Luckily the new job has a shitty selection so its not tempting but this Ollies had a really good variety... And they were all SUPER cheap! 

Farming, Camping, Herbalism, Gardens, Art, Fantasy, Horror... I was in hog heaven...
Then I got dragged away, told I looked like a rabid dog, and taken to the tiny little farmers market... There was like 6 stands...

I spent the rest of my check on potatoes, strawberries, eggs, and tomatoes..  Not many tomatoes..

So I spent my off day (a sunny, humid one) outside on 2 electrical burners.  I made jam, jelly, fruit fillings...  Tomato sauce, soup, and stewed... Canned boiled potato (its like instant mashed potatoes, season, cook it, store in a little water and then dump, smash with fork, splash of milk and butter, done.  Not quite as fast as the flakes but it taste a lot better).  I made a bunch of baked potatoes that I now freeze (always cook them first or they turn black).  I put others in storage for later use. 

The eggs went in the out door fridge since they had never been in a fridge (fun fact, eggs can sit room tempt as long as they arent put in a cooler of any kind.  But our room tempt is a bit hot at this time so I figured the crappy outdoor fridge would work better).  I also attempted a potato loaf of bread.  A bit too heavy, will have to try a new recipe.

But yah..  This is why you dont leave me alone in public.

Now im going to try and start potatoes in a bin...  Because I love potatoes and onions... Especially with a fatty seasoned meat like sausage... 

Dont give me those looks either, I am part Irish but im also dirt poor... I learned to love cheap foods and potatoes are better then ramen (in my opinion... But I ate nothing but ramen for 5 months straight.  I now hate the packaged stuff.  It has to be the more expensive cup or handmade noodles... I even use different noodles in my ramen bowls.)

So Kiss Me, Im Irish.  And dont forget the booze too... Booze goes well with potatoes.. Yum.


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Yay... They Hired Me...

Got me a job... Apparently the locals tip well because they had NO need of waitresses... So little need they said my application would get shreaded because they rarely had anyone quit. 

The other place said I didnt have the right assets... Seeing what the staff looked like, I can agree, my natural size has nothing on implants and I dont want to be gawked at anyway.  I had no issue sharing that detail and telling the owner that the place smelled like coffee and cat piss (Oh yes, I knew about the cats she hoarded upstairs..)  So that job is a no go.  Forever.

The last place was a huddle house.  They had JUST filled a job but they did promise to keep me in mind.  So thats a backup..

And finally, UGH, Walmart... They had me apply online, pulled my info, interviewed, and hired me in the span of three hours.  Apparently they had just like lost a couple people that day (oh it didnt sound promising for me..) and they needed someone NOW and they bumped me up because I was there at that moment. 

I was given a spare uniform vest, a name tag with someone elses name, and told to go stock stuff till they could train me on how to work registers.  Oh good God, I shelf'd SO many cans of tomatoes I hope I never see them again... Ironicly, Inch Worm made Italian for Dinner... I honestly didnt mean to scream at him...

So after what felt like forever (really 2 hours..) someone came to show me where to put the boxes, what to get next, and then they sent me upfront to restock buggies that had been left full of stuff.  After the 5 hour mark, I had to wrangle buggies for 2 hours.. Im not sure if they lost the usual guy or if they were just trying to keep me busy because I didnt know what to do yet.

Needless to say, I walked around... In nice clothes... For a good 7-8 hours (with 2 breaks of 10 minutes.. I took them between stocking because I had no clue where the break room was yet..) and that was my "first" day... 

My next day I actually got some training, I was given a schedule to work late nights while I learned the ropes (I think they really just wanted me as a stocker..) but jokes on them, I dont wanna work the rushes and im a night owl..  I love the idea of working late!  Plus inch worm stays up late and sleeps alot during the day... Works out.

So.. Yah.  How is everyone elses life?  Mine kind of sucks at the moment.. But atleast the bills will get paid... Thats what I just keep telling myself as I stock the 1000th can of corn and okra...


PS I was actually hired in June.. Mid June, but I had other post set to run that I wrote up during the two weeks of no internet/Grid Power.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Camper update 2

So... Still here.  Its been over a month and oh lord im getting cabin fever!  The rain is making us feel trapped because if its not wet its raining more.  Man it sucks arse.

At first it left room for snuggling, cooking, hobbies... Not much of gaming since we didnt have power for awhile.

But cooking sucked since it made the.. "house" hot.  Thank goodness I had some canned stuff from a friend.

I did some sewing by hand... Knitting... A painting... We got some movies when power was back.
Worked on my art again, did MANY chapters... The pups are feeling the pain too.

Needless to say this update is that its sucking arse because of all this rain and shitty weather.

Hopefully the next one will be better because were stuck for the next 5-10 years!


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