Wednesday, November 8, 2017


New job and heat was killing me so I ended up in a hiatus...

I'm back...


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Coloring Books?

Okay, I talked about Fidget Spinners... Inch worm pointed out that the coloring books were the same thing but it was mostly women that were into them.

I atleast understood this one.  It was suppose to relief stress to focus your mind to a simple task where you had complete control.  It was a creative outlet.  It was connecting to your inner child..  Thats about the line the reasonings went.

And honestly, I like the coloring books.  They were pretty cheap but you had to buy more.  They have interesting designs and could be displayed, had tons of options, and I just enjoyed having something that wasnt connected to a machine to occupy my time while stressed. 

Art wasnt really my creative outlet but anyone can fill a space with color.  Seeing the black and white fill with rainbows of color was amazing to me and it made me feel like it wasnt a waste of my time so I had something to show when I finished. 

The fads dying out now but I still enjoy doing it because it lets my brain calm because the designs keep me focused...

I guess Fidget spinners might could do the same for some people but its easier to twirl that thing then to get out a coloring book...  I still dont like them (mainly because of the type of people i've seen using them... I just dont like the hipster wannabes... They are douche as fuck and I wanna knock their teeth out.  Its not their ideas or the way they look.. Its just how they act and treat people, cant stand it.  I have little tolerance for people that think their better then everyone and that constantly hate on people).

So if you like fidget spinners... Good for you.  I still wont use one.  But if it honestly helps you calm down and deal with life then have at it.  I still say its over priced and highly suggest you google DIY options because there are some cool ones that can be made with zip ties and nuts.

And if you enjoy the coloring books, then dont be ashamed.. I like them too.  Its a great creative outlet for those of us that cant or suck at drawing.


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What is with the FIDGET SPINNERS?!

Okay, really... Why?  WHY?!  It came out of no where.  These little weird things that spin, look like a dollar toy for a kid but cost 8-30 bucks?!  No really, WTF?

I've heard its for anxiety...  How... How is something flashing in your hands helping?  That draws MORE attention.  And no one is taking you serious either.  Plus, your most likely on your phone...  Except that strange guy who has one spinning in his hand while swiping tender with the other...

Seriously.. what the hell?

Me and Inch worm suffer from Anxiety (his worse then mine, im to the point where it makes me a grouch more then terrified..) and we dont get it!  I've not even seen anyone but groan men playing with these things...

Where did this fad even come from?  Whats the point?  Is it just a Hipster wanna be thing?  Is there a real science to it?  Why the frick is it so expensive?!



Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Who Left Me Unsupervised?!

They left me alone near books... I couldnt help myself... I only HALF of my pay check.. >>;  I.. I think thats better then my whole check... 

Luckily the new job has a shitty selection so its not tempting but this Ollies had a really good variety... And they were all SUPER cheap! 

Farming, Camping, Herbalism, Gardens, Art, Fantasy, Horror... I was in hog heaven...
Then I got dragged away, told I looked like a rabid dog, and taken to the tiny little farmers market... There was like 6 stands...

I spent the rest of my check on potatoes, strawberries, eggs, and tomatoes..  Not many tomatoes..

So I spent my off day (a sunny, humid one) outside on 2 electrical burners.  I made jam, jelly, fruit fillings...  Tomato sauce, soup, and stewed... Canned boiled potato (its like instant mashed potatoes, season, cook it, store in a little water and then dump, smash with fork, splash of milk and butter, done.  Not quite as fast as the flakes but it taste a lot better).  I made a bunch of baked potatoes that I now freeze (always cook them first or they turn black).  I put others in storage for later use. 

The eggs went in the out door fridge since they had never been in a fridge (fun fact, eggs can sit room tempt as long as they arent put in a cooler of any kind.  But our room tempt is a bit hot at this time so I figured the crappy outdoor fridge would work better).  I also attempted a potato loaf of bread.  A bit too heavy, will have to try a new recipe.

But yah..  This is why you dont leave me alone in public.

Now im going to try and start potatoes in a bin...  Because I love potatoes and onions... Especially with a fatty seasoned meat like sausage... 

Dont give me those looks either, I am part Irish but im also dirt poor... I learned to love cheap foods and potatoes are better then ramen (in my opinion... But I ate nothing but ramen for 5 months straight.  I now hate the packaged stuff.  It has to be the more expensive cup or handmade noodles... I even use different noodles in my ramen bowls.)

So Kiss Me, Im Irish.  And dont forget the booze too... Booze goes well with potatoes.. Yum.


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Yay... They Hired Me...

Got me a job... Apparently the locals tip well because they had NO need of waitresses... So little need they said my application would get shreaded because they rarely had anyone quit. 

The other place said I didnt have the right assets... Seeing what the staff looked like, I can agree, my natural size has nothing on implants and I dont want to be gawked at anyway.  I had no issue sharing that detail and telling the owner that the place smelled like coffee and cat piss (Oh yes, I knew about the cats she hoarded upstairs..)  So that job is a no go.  Forever.

The last place was a huddle house.  They had JUST filled a job but they did promise to keep me in mind.  So thats a backup..

And finally, UGH, Walmart... They had me apply online, pulled my info, interviewed, and hired me in the span of three hours.  Apparently they had just like lost a couple people that day (oh it didnt sound promising for me..) and they needed someone NOW and they bumped me up because I was there at that moment. 

I was given a spare uniform vest, a name tag with someone elses name, and told to go stock stuff till they could train me on how to work registers.  Oh good God, I shelf'd SO many cans of tomatoes I hope I never see them again... Ironicly, Inch Worm made Italian for Dinner... I honestly didnt mean to scream at him...

So after what felt like forever (really 2 hours..) someone came to show me where to put the boxes, what to get next, and then they sent me upfront to restock buggies that had been left full of stuff.  After the 5 hour mark, I had to wrangle buggies for 2 hours.. Im not sure if they lost the usual guy or if they were just trying to keep me busy because I didnt know what to do yet.

Needless to say, I walked around... In nice clothes... For a good 7-8 hours (with 2 breaks of 10 minutes.. I took them between stocking because I had no clue where the break room was yet..) and that was my "first" day... 

My next day I actually got some training, I was given a schedule to work late nights while I learned the ropes (I think they really just wanted me as a stocker..) but jokes on them, I dont wanna work the rushes and im a night owl..  I love the idea of working late!  Plus inch worm stays up late and sleeps alot during the day... Works out.

So.. Yah.  How is everyone elses life?  Mine kind of sucks at the moment.. But atleast the bills will get paid... Thats what I just keep telling myself as I stock the 1000th can of corn and okra...


PS I was actually hired in June.. Mid June, but I had other post set to run that I wrote up during the two weeks of no internet/Grid Power.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Camper update 2

So... Still here.  Its been over a month and oh lord im getting cabin fever!  The rain is making us feel trapped because if its not wet its raining more.  Man it sucks arse.

At first it left room for snuggling, cooking, hobbies... Not much of gaming since we didnt have power for awhile.

But cooking sucked since it made the.. "house" hot.  Thank goodness I had some canned stuff from a friend.

I did some sewing by hand... Knitting... A painting... We got some movies when power was back.
Worked on my art again, did MANY chapters... The pups are feeling the pain too.

Needless to say this update is that its sucking arse because of all this rain and shitty weather.

Hopefully the next one will be better because were stuck for the next 5-10 years!


Wanna see First Update?  Its Here

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Rain Rain Go Away!

Rain Rain... Too much rain!

Camper life isnt so bad when windows are open but with no structure I cant leave windows open for AIR!

April is the Rainy month of Alabama but this year.... It was May... So it was humid as flick.. And into June... Horrible June...  Its a wet, sofficating heat or a endless sloshy mess of water and rain.

Too many storms damn it all!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

No power? WOW that sucks!

Yah, we lost power... For a few days.  Luckily were hooked up near town and our battery tied us over for a few days.

A unplanned torando popped up in our area and wreaked havoc!  There was no warning in the weather, no siren... So yah, dont stay in a camper during bad, bad weather...  We would of left had we known.

MANY trees and even power poles were uprooted.  But we now have power back and just got
our internet back (a few days later, oh that was hellish!).

So we'll get back to our normal post next week!  Sorry for the week without, we had no way to post! 


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Just Because... :3

It gives the coffee now or it gets more of these!  Oh shit, people like these though..

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ugh, My Kingdom or a JOB!

You know what sucks about loans?  Especially for "Luxuries" like a camper that you live in?  They are OUTRAGOUS!   My payment is barely less then my rent for a 500 sq ft Apt in Atlanta... You know how much it cost to live in a bad part of that city?  It cost waay more to live in the slightly nicer area! (in my case, near my college... It wasnt the nicest part but it was near town so 800+ with no features was dirty cheap...)

My payment isnt 800 a month but its about half that, plus insurance, plus propane (I cook so much I run right through that stuff!  But no electric stoves were offered unless it was a 50 amp and with 30 being more common... I couldnt go for that in price or convience..) then there is the storage fee...  Yah, when its all said and done, im paying about the same every month on a free lot...

But I know that once its paid off i'll have atleast HALF of that to spend.  Oh yah... Thats my goal.  Its like buying a house except this one can move and since it doesnt have a motor attached its cheaper upkeep (no really).  My only issue is im getting free parking now.  If I can boondok abit I can move between location and location... We know our battery can upkeep a few days if were not power hungry and we did okay with 5 gallon jugs of water into our reserve..  (Rednecks... They are wonderful, they rigged us up to pump from the 5 gallon bottles to fill our tanks while water was down!  God bless them... Because I didnt wanna lug those heavy bastards up the steep steps.)
Needless to say, getting by isnt a issue but i'd like to do more...

I love blogging, I love writing but this shit is a one in a million home run for actually making a living wage.  If my writing made me 5 a hour i'd be grateful but since I moved and lost contact to a lot of my freelance work im getting maybe 20 a month of this and my ebooks... ><;

Never fear, i'll keep writing here and i'll still put out books on Amazon.  But I may have to do the thing I hate most... Ugh... A job..

The inch worm is SUPPOSE to be getting one... But someone got it in his head to start his own business so our savings are now gone.  His anxiety always made it hard for him to be around others so I pray this new venture works out since his personality would make it a perfect fit.  But till it pays out, i'll be getting a job.

And yes my friends, i've worked before.  I worked before and even during college abit.  But I didnt need to when I lived with him so I quit to focus on my studies and worked at getting contacts for writing and built this LOVELY blog.  Well it started on weebly...

Anywho, slim pickings in my area... Unlike Atlanta (Hated living there but I did have a LOT more options!).  But luckily Walmart is a revolving door and there are a couple places that take waitresses.  I may even see about writing for the local news... I bet they could use someone under 45!

So yes.. This is my plan.  Upside:  More money, less time, I can splurg.  Downside:  I have no room to splurg, I dislike this area, and I have less time... -.-

The things we do to enjoy life... OYIE!


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Yoga isnt the only Stress Reliever...

This is my new habit.  It even uses my favorite FUCKing word!  :D

If you still live with your parents, this is not for you.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Things I dont understand...

Some of the things I will never understand:

Why people want to make cake out of veggies (honestly, even carrot cake is a strange thing if you think about it!)

Why raw fish is appealing...  Why raw meat is appealing at all really, that includes bloody beef.  How can you be faint at blood and want to eat it?  For that matter why is it we'll ban nuts from places due to allergies but someone fainting at the site of undercooked meat not been addressed?  Or just because vegans are offended... We ban the strangest things in America.

Third, why are people so easily offended?  Im not saying there isnt a reason, but why does it ALWAYS seem to be taken in a offensive way?  Especially when it was never meant to offend.  We have freedom of speech but having a opposing opinion is offensive no matter your reasoning.

Four, WHY DID YOU INVENT STICKY KEYS?!  No really, has anyone ever had a real reason to use it?  I accidently activate it constantly while just thinking before I type and then I cant remember how to unstick it and my keyboard is now writing in symbols to googling is out the question... And I have to restart because im stuck.  Is there a reasoning behind this? 

Why do people care what more famous people are doing?  I've never understood that trend but there are people who know every single aspect of a persons life and this would be considered disturbing and possibly stalking if said person wasnt famous...  If you know more about what a person you will never meet is doing but have no idea what your family is doing... Shouldnt that be concerning?!  I feel like I missed the memo.

Taxes...  I find them vexing to think about with insane laws...  Why isn't it just a strict percent for everyone?  It would be simplier then your taxes jumping up and down depending on your wages and if you got over time...  Hey, I did once work a job that paid W-2 wages!  And that 1 extra hour would cause me to get LESS because my gross jumped me to a different bracket... Where's the sense?

Lastt, is why is smaller MORE then bigger?  I'm not talking a super computer in the palm of your hand, I'm talking a 12 ft table costing the same as the 8 ft model with the same look and benefits...  Same with ovens... All you did was make the cooking area smaller, nothing else is smaller... Why is that suppose to be 500 more for 7 sq ft less cooking space?!  in a SIMPLE OVEN!!

Rant over for now...  Maybe someone can answer these plaguing concerns?  I imagine you cant be wrong when 90% of what I wanna know is opinion based.


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Staying out in Camper-One Week In

So... Its been one week since we moved into our tin box.  And its abit hot...

The back isn't very shady so were in the direct sunlight... We covered windows, keep them open...

It wouldn't be as bad if we could use the AC!!

But its AC and nothing, or No AC and PC/TV.

Were in a 30 AMP trailer, but were hooked to 15 amp at the house...  That 15 amps is pretty much sucked up by the AC so we might can do one light and the AC but trying to charge or run the TV will blow the fuse.

So yah.  We started running the AC and just napping during the hottest part of the day... We take our phones in to charge and pretty much sleep from 11 till 4.  A nice 5 hour nap.  After that we can take pups out, turn off AC and do basic stuff like shower, wash dishes from lunch/breakfast, turn on TV and PS4 to get a show going.

We wait till... 6ish to start the PCs up.  By that time the cool of the AC has left the area and we need to start opening windows so we just open EVERYTHING and start cooking on the stove.  That flimsy screen door is sucky but its keeping the bugs out, because they start buzzing about 6 or 7.  So while I cook the pups are doing their business.

Then we kind of crash and do what we do till 10ish.  At this point its comfy outside so we run pups out again and shut the door and just enjoy the breeze from the windows.

My favorite time is the mornings (I know, I've lost it!)  But between 2 and 8 it is just SO COOL!  Actual cold cool.  It feels nice and comfy in here and this nice bit of late night wind...  Cozy.

This is the time I really like to do the hardcore gaming since it works the PCs sooo much.  Its also when we do our updates.

And that's kind of what were doing. 

I am REALLY seeing why people install fans...  Ceiling fans like a freaking house... But my camper is just too low to do that but I might get a fan like in the bathroom to put in the bedroom and above the kitchen area.  Why the bedroom?  Because its a cramp space sleeping two people... It gets stuffy.

On that note, we are currently not sleeping together during our "Nap" time... I take the couch and hes in the bunk house.  Its just too hot to be on top of each other and the dogs kind of... Spread.  My poor little pitty is sleeping in our bathroom.  Its just the right size for his mass to spread comfortably on his side and since its not on the sunny side  (unlike our choices of beds... The kitchen and bunkhouse closet take those sides where were ending up.)

The pups are adjusting great I think.  They are enjoying the close contact and the fact that you can see everything from everywhere but our bed because its behind a wall.. Their nosey butts love that.

If it wasn't so horribly hot, I think everyone would be happier!

I'm personally annoyed with the stove!  Since I could cook, its always been electric so its taking time to get use to propane...  We actually had our carbon meter blare at us one day because we accident nudged the knob and it was slowly leaking gas into the trailer.  The windows were open so we would of been fine, but now we know it works!

But I'm also abit freaked by that... so I look at it... hourly.

So, it hasn't been overly eventful.  But were making it.  Yay, for that?


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Moving soon?!

Yaah were to that point.  If you couldn't guess from a few post ago about the bed were ready to move into the camper!

So expect that to happen towards the end of the week though we wont be leaving the area quite yet.

So were now going to be living in the backyard in a tin box, getting the dogs comfy and trying our set up before we move to a cousins "Lot."

And yes, I said lot...  They own some land and tend to rent out spaces to summer RVers.  Upside is they said we could build a small enclosure for ours so I can still keep outdoor appliances safe (like my Deep Freeze).  But it can only be abit bigger then my camper.. >.<  It'll be a lot bigger if you ask me, but only so theres room to walk ALL around and have a space to set my stuff without sucking it in or crawling over.

Soo.. I feel cheated.  But, its fifty a month with hookups plus the price for our water/electric.  Better then anything else local so I wont complain much.  He doesn't even care if we have Dish. 

So we'll be getting that set up, trying our new home out, making sure everythings going to work... Fun, Fun... 

And that's where we are!  I'm out, got some more items to move out so take care!


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Its been a crazy week!

Work seems to pile as it gets warmer.  In this case, its run over my desk, my bed, my counters, my dogs, my boyfriend...


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Downingsizing our Bedroom

Making this one fast.  We've sold the vanity, end tables/nightstands, ect ect.

Nothing left but our bed furniture wise.

We have one set of sheets were keeping for now (We went from a Full to a Short Queen so the sheets wont be fitting the camper bed) but I'm holding onto my favorite pillow cases.

Already invested in some ties that are suppose to keep sheets on (saw a trick that keeps regular sheets on the short mattress) and got some new fitted sheets to try on it.  If it works i'll get another set but if not they were only five bucks so it wouldn't be as painful.

Some family got together and got us this mattress topper that I'm dying to try out too...

When were ready to move we'll be giving our bed and mattress to a family we know that could use them (No one takes or buys used mattresses for good reason, but these people know us and they need a new bed so it works.)

Naturally the pillows fit either way, so they go with!

Our Bedroom was pretty simple, but we got rid of almost everything...

The next thing wasn't really a bedroom item but we were having to keep it in our "Bedroom" area.  Our desks.

We each had a desk since we both had a PC/Laptop we use for games and work but they just wont fit on a camper, not even his tiny writing desk.  Since neither was exactly expensive, we plan to just set them on the side of the road and let them get picked up by whoever since it would be a pain for a charity to get and no one would pay enough to make it worth craig's list.

Were still not sure what to do about our "Desk" for the camper so we'll most likely be setting up on the dinette at first with my work files in the bunk house.

Well, that's all we have to report for this week.  Till next time!


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Ugh Family...

So, those who've been reading a long time might know, I'm kind of on a rocky slop with my family.


A.  Live with my boyfriend (Living with means we must be screwing and living in sin after all!)  So I'm apparently a whore for that.  -.-  Even though it started as a way to save money and he's too into gaming to think about sex.. ever.

B.  No kids!  I was a single grandkid.  For a long time.  Then about 11 another popped out just as I started to lose the cute.  5 later, those grandkids are losing the cute.  It is my time to produce more cute and I just have noo intention of doing that soon...  Karma is waiting on me... I fed those kids Redeyes and giant bars of heaven... I have sent them home jumping, quite seriously, off walls.  Also:  If yah didn't know, I'm just not that into babies!  I never saw the Awe factor.  Maybe it was out weighed by the Ew.

C.  I am going to live in a tincan.  No one likes my idea of freedom, they really don't.  One saw my blog post (No really, my family is stalking my blog, and when they see this they will hopefully bugger off about a few things.. -.- )  So being from a family of farmers... The idea of living in a mobile or trailer home... Its taken as a lower class... Were low, but that's "White trash" to them..  Even though my camper has a TOILET!  Oh yah... We have out houses and tubs set over fires type of country going on in a few parts of the family!  Secondly, I hate beer too much to be white trash and I don't do drugs.  I'd try weed and i'll drink vodka, that's as low as I go... Next point:

D.  I DRINK!  GASP!  Yah, women shouldn't drink or cuss... I do these things... A lot.  Sorry Grandpa, but its a new world and if I'm going to work as hard I'm going to drink just as much!  But nah, I like the old code of never drinking, spitting, or cussing in front of women... It was a show of respect type thing and it was kind of sexy characteristic in a man... But the idea that a woman shouldn't do something a man does is outdated.

E.  Their LIBERALS!  No, really.  I lean Rep but my family is mostly Democrat.  Yah, farmers are Democrats... Funny aint it?  And why?  Because my grandma is a democrat that was raised in the city.  And to avoid fighting with her, everyone else converted...  They have a lot of Rep views but they vote for Democrats... Its a strange thing... I personally like something from both sides but on main issues, I always lean Rep so that's the side I tend to back while I try and figure out who is the lesser evil... The fact that I don't straight ticket is also a fun issue.

F.  I'm a writer.  I do blogs, books, I'm even working on some kids books and comics.  I get by doing this... Not rich, but surviving.  But that's not good enough...  I should be something paying triple digits like a Dr or Lawyer...  Or I should be a housewife.  And that's apparently where I should of landed according to them!

G.  They dislike my boyfriend.  Why?  He's a gamer.  Due to his issues he doesn't do people well... They think hes weak and useless... Their half right.  Truth is, he does YouTube and does atleast 50% of the housework.  When I worked outside the house, he did 90% of it.  He may as well be a housewife with a hobby but I appreciate the work he does do because it makes life easier on me.  They also dislike that he is very... City.  He came from TX but he doesn't do... Farm or lack of grid well.  Hes came around to the idea of a homestead as long as there is internet and electricity.  But that took a lot of work on my part!

H.  My dogs.  I have too many is a complaint.  I'd have more money without them is another... And Pitts are DANGEROUS!  I love my dogs, their great.  They keep me happy.  Their worth the 200 a month in food and the various vet bills.  Also, my pitt is as dangerous as a goldfish... He is actually snuggling now.

I.  They think games and books are a waste of time... I love my books.  I enjoy gaming.  This issue has made many a screaming match.. -.-

J.  I don't go to church 4 times a week.  I... I don't mind church.  But going every time there is a service isn't going to happen, because I have to work and I just cant be around living humans that often..  I am Christian, I read the bible more then most...  But I've been burned by bad churches (and horrible church goers, you know the ones I mean..) and so has the Inchworm...  So for us its a personal reason to not go more then spiritual.  I do hope to look at a new one after moving and maybe going once a week but at this time, I'm not and my family seems to think not going to hear a guy yell quotes from the bible mixed with his opinion means I'm a horrible person going to hell...  If you have a good church your in, then I couldn't be happier for you.  Church is as great as the members make it.

The list can keep going... But i'll stop it here before I rant my arse off.

So now you know why my family sucks.  Any of you have similar issues?  We don't judge... We just wallow in misery together!


Wish me luck at the reunion..

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Downsizing Pt 6 Kitchen Again

I revisited a couple boxes and I gotta tell you...not many were fun.  Most had stuff I wanted to keep but chose to just seal and store.

The Kitchen had the most interest because of some of the things I'm doing with it.

First off, if your not up to speed:  I started downsizing first when I moved in with a friend.  Naturally I didn't need my own fridge, oven, ect ect cause I'm sharing in a HOUSE rather then renting a apt.  So most all the kitchen ware was gone through and packed to store.  I then went and got a camper.  Not because I dislike my friend but because we both wanted out.  She decided to sale and I decided I didn't want to go to a Apt but needed to save towards a house.

So here I am.  Back in the kitchen stuff.

Being realistic...  I bought this camper new so i'll be in it for ATLEAST 5 years paying on it and saving up for a new home (maybe). 

So I decided a lot of my big appliances could go.  I sold the big fridge, the oven, even the microwave.

I chose to hold onto the counter top toaster oven and mini fridge though since we haven't moved yet and because I can set those up where we'll be parking for abit.  (We plan to stay with some family for the first year while we adjust and to give the puppers a chance to settle since this will probably be their second move in a years time)  I can use the toaster oven outside when its hot and keep the less perishable items outside in the mini fridge (Think Water and Veggies/Fruits).  Probably my Wine and Vodka too since theres no good place to put it inside.

Next I dumped everything and took sets of 4.  Four Glasses, Four spoons, Four (butter) Knives, Four Plates, and Four wide mouth cafĂ© style cups that can be used as bowls. 

Theres only two of us but an extra set means we can have friends over and have spares.  I know most things are sets of 6 or 8... But you might can SLEEP 8 people on that camper but it would be a tight squeeze to have 6 max at that LARGE dinette.  Four seems like a comfy number.  Especially when we have large pouches like my pitty.

Naturally the dog bowls had to stay, they need them for food and water...

Fun part, I had a DECENT cooking collection...  But...  If you didn't know, my friend turned me over to how great cast iron is for EVERYTHING and not just meat.  So I donated my mix match set except for one medium pot for soup and boiling water.  I then invested in a new dutch oven style cast iron that is a deep and shallow skillet that fit together.  It barely fit into my tiny oven but it does.

Now I know you CAN make pasta in cast iron... But boiling water will pull seasoning off and it'll have to be clean or boiled off RIGHT after I'm done cooking to prevent rust...  So I'll keep that extra pot.  I'll make tomato sauce in the pot too since tomatoes can pull iron out of cast iron and become... Icky looking to say the least. 

I'm also getting rid of my knives.  I'll keep a cleaver, deboner, A all in one (That's what I call it atleast but its kind of a regular steak knife, but I use it for everything outside of raw meat), and this-what I assume-is a bread knife (because it wont cut much else, but it might be meant for fish...)

I actually use those four because I buy whole chickens, whole roast, whole everything really... Its just cheaper if you buy it uncut.. Which is where the deboner and cleaver work.  I also enjoy making my own breads so that knife gets used often too.  Weekly atleast.

I'm of course keeping my single serve blender (Its small and makes portable drinks.  It gets weekly use and I can store it under the dinette).  I already tossed the toaster...  I'm keeping my two coffee makers.  One does grounds and k-cups and the other does my espresso.  I think these (though energy hogs) are worth the space because I drink coffee daily and make espresso shots often.. Twice a week maybe.  Also my spice grinder...  I still have whole coffee beans to use so its still needed.  Plus we buy fresh or dried herbs too so I think the cup sized item is worth the space.

And yes, the French press.  I like it for when I need to entertain because my other coffee makers make singles but sometimes you need 2-4 cups at a time.  Also small and I wanna try nut milks.

Don't judge my coffee and tea needs. 

Outside of that I have a hand mixer that sits on a stand, a food processor, a dehydrator, and a Deep Freeze.

I decided to give up the dehydrator and plan to get a solar one that's smaller.

I'm going to keep the mixer too even though my blender could do it too, but the mixer has a stand it can attach too and my blender cant do more then maybe pint and a half while the mixer can do a full bowl at any speed I need.  Not to mention...  I'm not putting a thick and sticky dough in my blender.

Food processor is going away.  Why?  Because my spice grinder can do dry and my blender can go wet.  I got this thing as a gift and I rarely use it but I know it was probably expensive so I held onto it and used it for bone powder.

I'm keeping the deep freeze for now too since were all using it for the time being and if possible ill take it with me since I have a tiny freezer space in the camper.  Plus its kind of new.

Next I tossed all the utensils.  I kept one bamboo spoon, a Spatula, and a soup ladle.  Fancy, aren't I?

Lastly was mixing bowls...  I tossed the strainer and all but a medium mixing bowl and I got a silicone clip on strainer that fits my pot.

So, I sold some, donated ALOT and moved what I could onto the camper with places.  Made a little running money that i'll be putting with my next payment so all in all, not bad.  And after doing it I have a TON more room in the storage unit so I might not need a bigger one!

Win Win.


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

OMG, who comes up with this shit?!

No really... Its RANT time.  Who the FUCK (I wont point fingers at companies... Because SO MANY ARE DOING THIS), but who the hell calls a period "AMAZING," or "LOVES IT"?!

No girl in her bloody right mind likes that shit.  You LIE!

For those lacking the devil spawn called a utuerus... The fact that your not pregnant causes this organ to attempt to KILL itself monthly.  Every.  Damn.  MONTH.

This means the girl is:

Bleeding.  It varies from girl to girl... Or month to month...  But it does ruin many a pair of undies... Cost hundreds a year in a attempt to prevent that, and don't forget the joy of feeling a constant stream of blood...  We do not laugh, cry, move... Anything.  Or there is a flood.  The bathroom is a murder scene and we are the damn victim.

Pain.  Most of us get wonderful cramps... This is the organ actually trying to KILL itself... Its a physical pain like getting stabbed in the torso, the who-hah, and often spreads upwards to cause horrible headaches..  Sleep or peace are limited and you'll pop advil like its damn candy.

Diets.  Ruined.  Everything in sight must be eaten.  Your food, our food, dog food, possibly even the dog or your arm...  Ah, and sugar is needed... It actually does help with the cramps and the constant stream of blood causes us to need the extra vitamins and energy, so yes.  We want the WHOLE cake.

A lighter wallet.  Did I mention the cost?  If your paying 70 cents a tampon/pad and changing them every 3 hours (Suppose to change more often, but hey this gets expensive fast... But sometimes you need them hourly) And theres 24 hours in a day.  That's 8 a day.  5.60 a day.  For sever days... That's 39.20 a month.  That's nearly 40 bucks a month, EVERY month.  480 a year!  You think I'm messing with you on this?  No, this is a fair guess of the price per.  Tampons need panty liners.  If you only use pads your paying more for your needs... Such as length, units in package, wings, and amount it holds... They are not all made equal.

On this note, there is reusable options... Washable pads, diva cups... They take a larger investment.  Easily 50 bucks or more to start.  But hey, you can use them over and over so its cheaper! 

Now... Factor in the CLEANING.  Those diva cups must be dumped and then rinsed each time.  Every time.  The pads must be WASHED.  Now, unless your okay with soaking bloody things with the rest of your items... Lovely image huh?  Yah no, you wash them in one load as needed or monthly, whatever comes first.  True, this is trival to above, but you have to handle a bloody mess now.  Cant just toss it.  And that is why most buy the expensive but tossable.

Extra Content:  Pre/After Period.  Fun fact... We feel it days before... And days after were still feeling like shit as we bust our asses to get caught up and deal with the messes we caused.  So forgive that little moon swing... Were sorry we screamed instead of taking your head and drinking your blood!

Ah, and sometimes its early, or late, or last longer then normal...  Thought you were done?  Too bad!  Not time yet?  Sucks for you...

Now... Knowing this (as most girls/women do and have since like 12) this is NOT a amazing thing...

So please, do any of you find that crap amazing?  Love having half your month blown?  Love buying new undies that may not survive... 

And these tampon/pad ads... White, tight clothes?  Oh heeellll no... Going to the freaking beach?  They must be trying to do a Jaws remake!  Now they want to make this crap mainstream and say they love this unholy hell?  I know some lucky girls get super light symptoms and light spotting... But I've never heard them say they love that shit either...

Myself?  Hahaha... I'm not lucky.  In any sense.. I gave up on having nice things and wear black sweats with a hoodie 3 sixes too big with a hot water bottle on my stomach while I binge watch horror flicks so I'm ready for what I will be dealing with hourly while gorging on anything left in the house.  Upside?  All those leftovers are getting eaten.  Container and all if I don't pay attention..  I've trained my pitty to help drag me off the couch and fetch me V8s from the pantry... My father has called me a unholy demon spawn.  I'm a freaking joy. 

Now... Tell me, how amazing this crap is..  Please... See if I ever buy that product again after being told its a wonderful thing.. -.-

Here's a ad idea:  Partner with a hotel, Cheesecake factor, fruit of the looms, or even V8.  And tell us what we really feel.  That this sucks but this products offering a discount on food, a room, or a drink that can help keep you feeling human.  Or maybe that your now offering coupons for products we need/want in the package... Ice cream, new undies, candy bars... Redbox...

Okay, rants over.  I'm calm... I need to go stock back up on V8 and cake mix too.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Updating on life..

Well that was fun.

Inchworm started a fire (thank goodness I use cast iron, so my pot is fine!).

We had to forgo the cheese sauce but dinner was still good and the movie and game ROCKED as always. 

He gave me a stuff unicorn..  I named it Pinky.  It now hangs from some rainbow yarn above the bed and it scared him this morning.

So I'm perfectly pleased.

Is it bad that waking to the sounds of screams is pleasing?  If it is, I don't wanna be right.

So whats on tap for the rest of the month? 

Well, I'm going to be doing some serious packing so expect stuff on that...  InchWorms going to work on his YouTube channel again now that were about to move.. >>;   Oh, and I wanna do a couple Lazy post where I throw some random pictures or Memes at yall and that's it.

What?  Nothing interesting is going on at this time!  You surely don't wanna hear ALL about packing.. And as much as yall love my opinion on current events and as popular as those post are, I get TONS of hate mail from that.  o.<  I get encouragement too, but you know how it is...  The loudest side is the one getting jipt'd and apparently I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to my own life and the experiences I share.

Bah, I know yall love my ranting but truth is I'm in too good a mood for that kind of thing and I wanna keep it that way abit longer!  :)

Till next week, I hope everyone's week awesome!


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

((Found online, no real source.  So if you know the original source, i'd love to credit them here!))

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Valentine's Wish Come True!

Bubbys back!  <3

His moms stable, and alls well.  Thank you to those sending messages and well wishes.

So were going through with our V'Day Plans... 

Watching Deadpool, having a nice Dinner of Chimichanga's and Lava Crunch Cake and blasting Wham.

Don't ask me how this came about, but that's our plans now.

Were also playing Deadpool on our 360..

Yes, were fans and were a strange couple.  I couldn't be happier!  And not just because I have something less hairy to cuddle.

Speaking of, i'll see yall again next week!


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Valentine's Day Posting: Date Ideas for the Cheap

Cheap can still be romantic.  And you know us.  Were cheap and poor!

So heres a couple ideas for the rest of you incase your in a similar state or just wanna splurge on a nicer gift.

1.  Movie Night

All you need is a couple snacks, drinks, and a rental.  Try and base those choices off the movie you'll watch or on the other persons interest...  It doesn't have to be a romantic film. 

Example?  Last V'Day me and Inchworm watched a Friday the 13th MARATHON!  It was not scary, we laughed our asses off but it was super fun and we enjoyed a big tray of "Trash Fries" and a few malt beers.  It was our kind of thing.

2.  Candle Lit Dinner

Cook with them or make it ahead of time.  Just a nicer dinner with candles, semi romantic music, maybe even flowers...  Bottle of wine and dessert wouldn't hurt.

We were planning to do this before he had to go...  Planning to make some chicken, enjoy some chocovine wine, and listen to Wham... Felt like something Deadpool would plan.

3.  Camping Trip

Back Yard or nearby park if their out doorsy this tends to be a winner.  Make smores, cuddle up, and stare at the stars!  If its in your backyard you can skip the tent and just use a old comforter to lay on.

4.  Romantic Stroll

For this one you just pretty much go on a nice walk/hike depending on what you like.  Grab a coffee (not cheap I know, but cheaper then a fancy meal) and just enjoy the sights.  Every store has holiday stuff up so its the right mood.  Maybe bring along some soft music.

5.  Spa Day

Perfect for girls, especially the ones who care about their image or enjoy some pampering (This is most but not all girls).  Let them wear a soft robe, do their toes, give them a back rub, have some finger foods, and make sure to avoid getting products they don't use already-Theres NOTHING romantic about breaking out due to a reaction from some face cream.

6.  Game Day

This has a couple meanings...  First you'll need snacks and drinks.  Then choose based on the others personal likings:  Board Games, Video Games, or Watching Sports.  Girls especially, a lot of men enjoy sports... We don't know why but watching other men get beat to a pulp is something they highly enjoy...  So just sit quietly, nod your head, and try to be interested by asking some questions.  Men with women who enjoy sports, its the same idea. 

For those who don't celebrate or aren't dating...  Take the night to stay in and watch some DVR, Netflix, or a rental.  It'll help you avoid the mushy stuff, the themed ads, and the drama of couples that aren't clicking.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Update On Mental Health and Pups

So first, things have calmed.  The dogs got a new toy that's made like a stump and full of stuffed animals..  We hid a couple treats in there too and their very happy with it.  I just have to shove the things back in every couple hours.

I'm... Adjusting.  Not bawling my eyes out every night anymore.  Still hate not having the inchworm in bed but the dogs have started expanding and now take his spot...  Also, how is it a dog can seem to TRIPLE in size to take over a bed?  I thought only cats could do that!

I'm getting work caught up now which was starting to pile up...  Working on another book, got to work on Hell's Playground, thinking of publishing a hard copy even.

Oh, and I was asked to help write a few short books for kids (Funny, I know.)

Inch Worm hasn't really had time to talk but hes started a "Alive" check... Where he sends a text and I send one back daily.  These Arent I Love yous.. Noo... Their Weird.

Day One:

Him:  Meee

Me: Eep

Day Two

Him:  Boo

Me: Oop

Day Three

Him:  F

Me:  U

And its kind of followed these trends of strange things...  But its the kind of strange things we do.  So I know its him.  No one else sends me that shit!

So that's where I am.  I'm stablish.

As for the blog, Febs coming so imma do a couple V'day type things so look for that.



Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I feel sooo alone...

This weekend we got a call, bubbys mom wasn't doing well and he had to rush home... Three states away. 

I was balling for six hours outside the airport!  Don't judge either, I've lived with the dipshit for over years and since he couldn't work and I mostly do work at home so I've probably spent 90% of my time with him since we moved in together.. This probably isn't a healthy way to live but its how it was and the idea of going home and him NOT being there was freaking depressing!

So I finally made it home, the dogs flip when the other half isn't with me (hey, their use to him being there too!) and their not feeling the packing and moving so they been extra clingy.

So with the dogs always under, around, on top of me... Its been painful to move.  But it's kept my mind kind of busy as I try to think of ways to move out from under someones butt.

Would you believe I'm writing this outside?  Of course I'm going to update and post it via the laptop but that takes three seconds while typing takes longer.  Since I'm not much of a texter its taking forever so I'm going to make this post short-sorry.

If I'm late on the next few, give me a break its hard to do anything at the moment.  I'll keep yall posted as best I can.

Till next I Post!


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

One step forward...

Well, it was only TWENTY steps back!  But I swear their worth having...

I cant lie, I've been lying to myself for the last 12 hours.  Late present from the baby was a trip to a nice coffee shop... Attached to a freaking BOOK STORE!

Well, at first I'm doing good...  I ordered my coffee, I'm being good.  Then I'm waiting.  Its taking forever, they had to clean the grounds out and then a issue with the part that makes the steamed milk...  I wanted a Mocha but someone cant do coffee without his extra frothy milk... >>;

So, I started looking.  It was cool.  Nice shop.  Collections of older books, a few classics...  It started with one I just couldn't say no to... This old Mythology book with hundreds of legends, sketches, eye witness... Then another on herbal meds...  It got out of hand. 

Within 5 minutes, I had 12 books.  I sat and decided i'd only get THREE books!  So I started trying to put some up.  Long story short, by the time I got my three shots of expresso in a large mocha I had 20 books in a nice pretty reusable bag and a stern faced bubby sitting across from me... Saying I had problems.. Is enjoying literature so bad?

So now I'm having to decide whats going with me and what isn't.  Because after spending a pretty penny on them, I sure as heck aint donating them!

Maybe I do have a problem... Can you be addicted to books?  I cant be a shopaholic since I only have this issue at book, coffee, and pet stores...

I'm going to need a bigger store room at this rate.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Am I STILL Hungover?!

I tried yager...  That crap had me on my ass.  I thought Tequila was bad Yager had me screaming... Mainly because I was tasting it for 6 hours...  So to get rid of that taste... A cocktail staring Tequila, Whiskey, Southern Comfort, the 150 Proof Vodka we use for making meds and extracts...

I hit my limit.  And I'm not freaking sure where it was.  I think it was somewhere in the 3rd bottle of Tequila... 

I still swear I taste that stuff...

And yet i'll still be drinking...

KIDS!  I am a horrible role model, do not drink.  I am in my 20s, I went to college, and I drink at my home, don't leave the house, no driving, one sober person...  Usually not drunk as a skunk.  Responsible.  As Responsible as someone doing shots can be.  Kids, drinking is very bad..  >>;

Onto my last thought!

I wanna make wine but that crap will require too much stuff.  Same with beer.  So that's not my current option.

I've been making flavored liquor (mostly Vodka and Khuala)  Vodka is my favorite, buy el cheapo and soak fruits and herbs-If its too strong its used as a extract or I mix it with something... Like Coke. 

But now, I wanna try MEAD!

Mead is pretty easy based on my research...  Fruit, honey, sugar, yeast, purified water...  Alittle time to start and a lot of time to ferment.  And Fermented stuff if actually good for you!  (Vodka is fermented kind of too, thus its good for me... o.<  )  So I wanna start this after we move in the camper.

Okay, I'm don't ranting.  I'm going to go sleep off the rest of the booze...


Sunday, January 1, 2017