Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Staying out in Camper-One Week In

So... Its been one week since we moved into our tin box.  And its abit hot...

The back isn't very shady so were in the direct sunlight... We covered windows, keep them open...

It wouldn't be as bad if we could use the AC!!

But its AC and nothing, or No AC and PC/TV.

Were in a 30 AMP trailer, but were hooked to 15 amp at the house...  That 15 amps is pretty much sucked up by the AC so we might can do one light and the AC but trying to charge or run the TV will blow the fuse.

So yah.  We started running the AC and just napping during the hottest part of the day... We take our phones in to charge and pretty much sleep from 11 till 4.  A nice 5 hour nap.  After that we can take pups out, turn off AC and do basic stuff like shower, wash dishes from lunch/breakfast, turn on TV and PS4 to get a show going.

We wait till... 6ish to start the PCs up.  By that time the cool of the AC has left the area and we need to start opening windows so we just open EVERYTHING and start cooking on the stove.  That flimsy screen door is sucky but its keeping the bugs out, because they start buzzing about 6 or 7.  So while I cook the pups are doing their business.

Then we kind of crash and do what we do till 10ish.  At this point its comfy outside so we run pups out again and shut the door and just enjoy the breeze from the windows.

My favorite time is the mornings (I know, I've lost it!)  But between 2 and 8 it is just SO COOL!  Actual cold cool.  It feels nice and comfy in here and this nice bit of late night wind...  Cozy.

This is the time I really like to do the hardcore gaming since it works the PCs sooo much.  Its also when we do our updates.

And that's kind of what were doing. 

I am REALLY seeing why people install fans...  Ceiling fans like a freaking house... But my camper is just too low to do that but I might get a fan like in the bathroom to put in the bedroom and above the kitchen area.  Why the bedroom?  Because its a cramp space sleeping two people... It gets stuffy.

On that note, we are currently not sleeping together during our "Nap" time... I take the couch and hes in the bunk house.  Its just too hot to be on top of each other and the dogs kind of... Spread.  My poor little pitty is sleeping in our bathroom.  Its just the right size for his mass to spread comfortably on his side and since its not on the sunny side  (unlike our choices of beds... The kitchen and bunkhouse closet take those sides where were ending up.)

The pups are adjusting great I think.  They are enjoying the close contact and the fact that you can see everything from everywhere but our bed because its behind a wall.. Their nosey butts love that.

If it wasn't so horribly hot, I think everyone would be happier!

I'm personally annoyed with the stove!  Since I could cook, its always been electric so its taking time to get use to propane...  We actually had our carbon meter blare at us one day because we accident nudged the knob and it was slowly leaking gas into the trailer.  The windows were open so we would of been fine, but now we know it works!

But I'm also abit freaked by that... so I look at it... hourly.

So, it hasn't been overly eventful.  But were making it.  Yay, for that?


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