Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Update On Mental Health and Pups

So first, things have calmed.  The dogs got a new toy that's made like a stump and full of stuffed animals..  We hid a couple treats in there too and their very happy with it.  I just have to shove the things back in every couple hours.

I'm... Adjusting.  Not bawling my eyes out every night anymore.  Still hate not having the inchworm in bed but the dogs have started expanding and now take his spot...  Also, how is it a dog can seem to TRIPLE in size to take over a bed?  I thought only cats could do that!

I'm getting work caught up now which was starting to pile up...  Working on another book, got to work on Hell's Playground, thinking of publishing a hard copy even.

Oh, and I was asked to help write a few short books for kids (Funny, I know.)

Inch Worm hasn't really had time to talk but hes started a "Alive" check... Where he sends a text and I send one back daily.  These Arent I Love yous.. Noo... Their Weird.

Day One:

Him:  Meee

Me: Eep

Day Two

Him:  Boo

Me: Oop

Day Three

Him:  F

Me:  U

And its kind of followed these trends of strange things...  But its the kind of strange things we do.  So I know its him.  No one else sends me that shit!

So that's where I am.  I'm stablish.

As for the blog, Febs coming so imma do a couple V'day type things so look for that.



Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I feel sooo alone...

This weekend we got a call, bubbys mom wasn't doing well and he had to rush home... Three states away. 

I was balling for six hours outside the airport!  Don't judge either, I've lived with the dipshit for over years and since he couldn't work and I mostly do work at home so I've probably spent 90% of my time with him since we moved in together.. This probably isn't a healthy way to live but its how it was and the idea of going home and him NOT being there was freaking depressing!

So I finally made it home, the dogs flip when the other half isn't with me (hey, their use to him being there too!) and their not feeling the packing and moving so they been extra clingy.

So with the dogs always under, around, on top of me... Its been painful to move.  But it's kept my mind kind of busy as I try to think of ways to move out from under someones butt.

Would you believe I'm writing this outside?  Of course I'm going to update and post it via the laptop but that takes three seconds while typing takes longer.  Since I'm not much of a texter its taking forever so I'm going to make this post short-sorry.

If I'm late on the next few, give me a break its hard to do anything at the moment.  I'll keep yall posted as best I can.

Till next I Post!


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

One step forward...

Well, it was only TWENTY steps back!  But I swear their worth having...

I cant lie, I've been lying to myself for the last 12 hours.  Late present from the baby was a trip to a nice coffee shop... Attached to a freaking BOOK STORE!

Well, at first I'm doing good...  I ordered my coffee, I'm being good.  Then I'm waiting.  Its taking forever, they had to clean the grounds out and then a issue with the part that makes the steamed milk...  I wanted a Mocha but someone cant do coffee without his extra frothy milk... >>;

So, I started looking.  It was cool.  Nice shop.  Collections of older books, a few classics...  It started with one I just couldn't say no to... This old Mythology book with hundreds of legends, sketches, eye witness... Then another on herbal meds...  It got out of hand. 

Within 5 minutes, I had 12 books.  I sat and decided i'd only get THREE books!  So I started trying to put some up.  Long story short, by the time I got my three shots of expresso in a large mocha I had 20 books in a nice pretty reusable bag and a stern faced bubby sitting across from me... Saying I had problems.. Is enjoying literature so bad?

So now I'm having to decide whats going with me and what isn't.  Because after spending a pretty penny on them, I sure as heck aint donating them!

Maybe I do have a problem... Can you be addicted to books?  I cant be a shopaholic since I only have this issue at book, coffee, and pet stores...

I'm going to need a bigger store room at this rate.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Am I STILL Hungover?!

I tried yager...  That crap had me on my ass.  I thought Tequila was bad Yager had me screaming... Mainly because I was tasting it for 6 hours...  So to get rid of that taste... A cocktail staring Tequila, Whiskey, Southern Comfort, the 150 Proof Vodka we use for making meds and extracts...

I hit my limit.  And I'm not freaking sure where it was.  I think it was somewhere in the 3rd bottle of Tequila... 

I still swear I taste that stuff...

And yet i'll still be drinking...

KIDS!  I am a horrible role model, do not drink.  I am in my 20s, I went to college, and I drink at my home, don't leave the house, no driving, one sober person...  Usually not drunk as a skunk.  Responsible.  As Responsible as someone doing shots can be.  Kids, drinking is very bad..  >>;

Onto my last thought!

I wanna make wine but that crap will require too much stuff.  Same with beer.  So that's not my current option.

I've been making flavored liquor (mostly Vodka and Khuala)  Vodka is my favorite, buy el cheapo and soak fruits and herbs-If its too strong its used as a extract or I mix it with something... Like Coke. 

But now, I wanna try MEAD!

Mead is pretty easy based on my research...  Fruit, honey, sugar, yeast, purified water...  Alittle time to start and a lot of time to ferment.  And Fermented stuff if actually good for you!  (Vodka is fermented kind of too, thus its good for me... o.<  )  So I wanna start this after we move in the camper.

Okay, I'm don't ranting.  I'm going to go sleep off the rest of the booze...


Sunday, January 1, 2017