Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day!

<Insert excuse for free post!>

Haha, its Leap Year.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

To Blog or not to blog, hmm

Ah, not to fear, i'm not referring to this one.

Im debating on starting another blog for a more.. specialized subject.  Coffee.

As a writer, blogger, human being... I love the magic bean that is coffee.  I thought about sharing some cool post, recipes ect here but theres SO MUCH to coffee that the blog would no longer be... well, random!  So with that in mind, I thinks I may start another at a later date.  For Coffee.  and tea, wine... And things that go so well with these things...  Okay, so it may be just as random.  But without random i'd never be able to focus. 

I can set up a plot, idea, outline.  Then...  1 point in. ______________.  Its blank.  Am I ADHD?  Or whatever it is..  No, no.  Just crazy.  I am a crazy

Thoughts, fears, randomness?

Friday, February 19, 2016

Know What Really Grinds my Gears?

((Linked from Weebly to explain lack of post...!))

Being a blogger, I enjoy writing.  What I don't enjoy is my blogs being deleted for bogus reasons...

That's right, Google says I've been "Phishing" which means im attempting to:

to try to obtain financial or other confidential information from Internet users, typically by sending an email that looks as if it is from a legitimate organization, usually a financial institution, but contains a link to a fake website that replicates the real one.

( Def., not sure what link they got it from)

Do I send emails?  No, not unless replying to a fan or the site sends them if you ask for them as alerts to post!

Have I requested your full name, number, birth date, or anything like that?  NO!

Do I give you my email or ask for yours?  NO!

I never see emails, they come via the site which means its altered.  That's why I ask for a name to use to refer to you.

I don't even use my friends or boyfriends real names...

Whys this coming up you ask?  I woke up this morning and was going to write a few blog post in response to emails from last week and I got a nasty gram from Google saying I was banned and had my blog deleted for phishing...  My reaction?  "WTFH YOU ASSHOLES?!  WHERES YOUR PROOF?!"  There was a few hours of shattering and cursing...  I really don't take that sort of thing lightly...  No artist or writer wants to be accused of stealing, or be stolen from.  Being accused of trying to steal from my fans really hit hard.

My wonderful boyfriend was kind enough to point out "You know, your running two sites...  Maybe someone thought the newer site was a fake?" 

I kind of just stared at him.

He thinks I've lost my mind.  Because at this moment hes no longer in the house...  He promised coffee and comics...

Long of short, as of 2/18/16 my BlogSpot URL is down, hopefully i'll have it up by the 24th....  Not happy.

Very Unhappy Wolfe

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Day After

Alright, so I always share some gorey details for the amusement of everyone and I've got a few.

First off, I spent 4 hours straight cooking...  No, really.  We had homemade fries and steak with fresh onions and pepper and then smothered in cheese (if you get velveta shreaded-be aware... its salty as hell and you should pre melt with abit of butter and milk... it did not melt well and when I nuked it, it burned and turned to glue, ew...)

So, my InchWorm cut potatoes while I stood frying and cooking a few steaks (yes, we splurged!).

Then I was left alone while he wandered off to watch YouTube...  I came back with a plate of food for us and hes giggling at YouTube...  I nearly stabbed him.  He did get a hard kick to the ass.

After 30 minutes of yelling he turns off the lights and plugs in one of those wax warmers and the whole bedroom smells like coffee...  My one weakness...

Then we spent 6 hours straight watching Friday the 13th movies including Jason vs Freddie and munching on fries.

Im a sucker for horror films and he got me high off coffee, that's the main reason I didn't strangle him.

Then he actually surprises me.  He got me this cute fuzzy wolf ear hat as a gift and made me a iced coffee.  I was happier then a dead pig in the sun shine.

We ended up spending the rest of the night debating horror clich├ęs before a late night trip to the movies...  Where I once again wanted to kill him.  He got 4 am tickets to Star Wars so I wouldn't be able to say he dragged me to Star Wars on Valentines day...

So here I am... Writing this at 8 am after returning home.

And hes snoring and flopping all over the bed. 

What a great Valentines day...


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Last Day before so...!

Not really Valentine's Day related, but cute with a good message!  So take it to heart!  :)


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

V'day On the Way!

I usually try to do a few holiday themed post but for this holiday im already doing a count down of cuteness so I didn't wanna go in with crafts and stuff.  Instead I wanna offer some advice for the romantically challenged.

Girls don't wanna go to anywhere you wanna go on V'day.  They want to go to a nice restaurant or atleast their FAVORITE one.  They want to see effort and feel like you know them well enough to understand a sports bar is not a good place to be...  Now if your going for a guy... The latter of his favorite place will probably do.  But its Valentines day.  Your allowed to make a mush and be romantic!
If you go to the movies it needs to be one of two things (better if both!)  A romantic movie or one she really wants to see.  For example, I enjoy romance as much as the next girl... But in my area the most romantic thing playing involved zombies or a 50 shades of black parody... Personally I wanted to see BOTH but if my boyfriend pays any attention to the hints I drop, he'll be taking me to see Deadpool... Not Star Wars...
If your cheap or broke, consider a splurge.  Get a nice meal made up at the house and a romantic candle lit table.  The effort and care can win you just as many points as a 200 dollar dinner can!
For Girls:  Jewelry, Candy, Roses, something shes been begging for...
Those are the common items a girl will want.  But beware...  Not all girls are the same.  Some hate candy, others don't like getting flowers because they wont last, some don't wear jewelry, and others get offended if you give them a blender for Valentines day even thought they wanted one.
For guys:  Functional Gifts
Guys are a pain to buy for because most don't collect things that are cheap or can be easily found.  And if they are then you can bet they have it already.  The best thing I've found is to find a gift with function.  Scarfs, hats, pocket knifes, bottle openers... These are things you can afford to have doubles of and most guys don't mind getting them.
Put some effort into this, and make it heartfelt.  No matter who you buy for, you'll know better what they'll want then any blogger.
That's my help for the season of love.  I hope some poor sap got some ideas off this and wont be in the dog house this year!
Happy Valentines Day yall,

Counting the Days!

Over the years I've come to be good friends with Kirita/Linda.  So I do tend to drag art from her gallery for my post.  Yall should check her out at the link above!

If not then just enjoy the beating heart she gives in her art! 


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Counting the Days!

Found off Facebook (you can actually see it on my page).  I have a special place in my heart for Wolves.  And not just because its my name sake!


Monday, February 8, 2016

Days Before Valentine's Day!

This is just a cute little post or two to show you a cute picture, saying, or story to get ya in the mood for Valentines Day!  All regular post will continue as always with these extras!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Dogs are not a robbers friend

Last time I told you how me and my friend were nearly mugged and had our bacon saved by some lap dogs.

Well, that wasn't the end of it for her.  A few years later she had another run in with a robber with a fuzzy hero to thank.

My friend was just starting college and was still staying home to care for her dogs and watch out for her mom. Who would of been living alone with just her terrier if she'd left.


Well being a animal lover, she befriended all the dogs with a 10 mile radius. One was a stray that wandered the area. He was a menace to everyone, chasing cars, attacking other animals, and even attacking adults that walked or rode by.

All but her. She started trying to befriend the dog in high school. When she'd get home, she'd call the dog into her yard, out of the street and away from the bus that he also chased. She took her lunch so she always saved scraps. The dog-now named Boss-knew this since she'd throw him the scraps each day. By the time she no longer went to school he as use to the habit and would be in her yard daily awaiting the bus.

Once she graduated though he would always be upset when she never got off so she started walking out and giving him dog food and leftovers at 4 each day when she'd of got home.

The dog eventually got the idea that she was now in the house all the time. He would lay on her porch where she'd set a blanket for him. He'd get food each day as well as attention so his attitude changed. He rarely chased cars, he no longer attacked passerbys, and even allowed children to pet him.

Because she had dogs as well he grew to even like other animals. When she walked he'd follow. When she left the house he wandered around marking the area.

But when she was home he rarely went far. At night he'd chase critters away from the house so she got use to hearing him bark and run around the house.

But one night there was a crunch of leaves. It was like 2 am so she assumed it was just Boss. But it stopped just at her window. Then she heard a cutting sound. The dark drapes hid the face but she could now see a hand trying to get a grip on her locked window.

She was alone in the room with the dogs in the kitchen where it was cooler. Her mother was staying out of town, and by all means the house should of been empty.

She knew someone was trying to break in but she was scared. There was no room for her to fight in the tiny room and she had nothing to use as a weapon. If she moved her old mattress would of made a huge wracket. So she lay there attempting to grab at the old knife she kept stashed under her bed.

Just as her hands caught the knife there was more crunching of leaves. She was now considering to flee thinking it was a second robber. But then there was the growl.

Her heart hit her stomach. The stray she'd been taken in-it was his growl. Her mind went straight to the fact that this guy had to have a weapon and that her little friend would get hurt.

"Scatt mutt.." It was muttered but it was a guy. The growling got louder and more crunching leaves. "I said get!" abit louder now.

Then alot of crunching as the guy ran. She could hear him sprinting through her back yard with Boss snarling and growling close behind.

Then quiet. She crawled out of bed and grabbed the gun she knew was hidden in the closet and loaded it as she went to the front. As a last measure she grabbed a light and shoved it in the pocket of her pants.

As she open the door she heard Thump Thump Thump on the porch. She opened it wide gun at the ready to see Boss. Panting with a cut on his nose, chest heavying after a fast run. She smiled at him and grabbed her shepard and locked the door behind. She search her backyard and then around the house. Boss followed tail wagging till they reached the window. He whimpered and lowered his head as she shown the flash light. The screen to her storm window had been slashed and busted. She could clearly see where a large man had been standing in the crunched leaves.

Her shepard sniffed the area growling while she petted Boss, assuring him he had been a good dog.

As she moved back to the front of the house she noticed a van across the street and a limping man crawling in. He floored it and she never saw the van again.

After the excitement she couldnt sleep and took Boss in with her for the first time. The stray had been very nervous and unsure but followed her in after coaxing. She left him to sniff while she called to report the attempted breakin.

It took a car 4 hours to finally get there since she it was only a attempt. By this time Boss had managed to make his way into another room. She told me he was stiff as a board and growling when the officer came in. She showed him where the breakin had happened outside and told him that a dog had run across the guy and scared him off. This officer nodded and took a few pictures and her statement.

They never found the guy who'd tried to break in but she now owned her second dog (to her mothers loud protest). Boss is still abit stiff around new people but hes always happy around my friend and always sleeps in or near the room the robber had attempted to break into.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Have you ever been mugged?

I got several questions like this after my last post on safety tips.  So I figure i'll share some more of my real life horror.  But go into this with a open mind.

I've never been mugged but I've come close to it a number of times, yes.  My first was before I left my hometown.  It was actually pretty stupid on my part, but it was a lesson im glad I learned then and not later.

I was in a small town, out at night with a friend. We thought it would be cool to walk to the park AT NIGHT. So we did. The park was NOT well lit and the moon wasnt out. The only light came from a volleyball court where some high schoolers were playing. Needless to say it was pretty far away, maybe 60 feet off. And them screaming meant they wouldnt hear us anyway.

Well, we decided to sit in the swings which were a nice 7 feet from the street. It was pretty much empty and we were chatting and swinging. Just enjoying the peace. For awhile.

I felt watched so I kept glancing around. my friend did too. She nudged me and quietly whispered, "You see that near the tree?" A HUGE gumball tree was nearby. (I dont know the real name... Its a tree that stands like 50 feet up and drops spike covered 'seeds' that weve always called gumballs because the spikes stick them to anything nearby.) Under the tree there was 3 figures.

I was muttering fuck under my breath cause I could tell they were looking at us... With dark hoodies on and up we couldnt see their faces either. We did have one saving grace.



We were both dog owners. She had two with her (shepard mix and a medium sized stout terrier that belonged to her mom and I had my pit with me). I pretty much had nothing but a oversized baby that was trying to crawl in my lap to swing too.

Needless to say though, our friendly dogs werent so friendly once they saw we werent happy. The guys were starting to head towards us and we probably had no chance of out racing them to the crowd and no car nearby to duck into since we walked. My friends shepard picked up first, jumping from where she was laying and glaring at them. They stopped for a minute, pretending to look at the volleyball game and even pointing at it.

We really werent convinced. Our moods showed. All three dogs were watching them now. The Terrier who'd been sitting in my friends lap let out a playful roo. She wasnt a guard dog and had never been threatened. In fact she thought all humans were treat machines. But once they started towards us again she stopped wagging her tail. We were scared shitless and she knew that wasnt how we should feel.

But keep in mind, this was the small town everyone knew everyone. People waved and called out before getting close to you and knew your name. It wasnt exactly cold either, no reason to have a hood on if your wanting a "Friendly chat."

They were about half way towards us and the shepard starts growling. The second she started growling the terrier walked to sit next to her barking. My pit picked up next but he just stood next to me, ears back. I assumed he was just scared.

Neither of us were ready for what happened next. The guys were barely 15 feet away and all three dogs lunged, dragging us out of the swings and nearly to the ground. They were snarling, straining on their leads and showing teeth. The guys werent expecting it either and had jumped back nearly five feet.

My friend didnt miss a beat and pulled her shepard in, holding her by the collar. From that far away, they probably thought she was ready to unhook a trained guard dog. They backed off but we could see their hands in thir pockets and glancing back at us.

We watched and they got into a beat up van with no plates that had been hidden behind a old building at the park. Once they were long gone the dogs settled and so did we.

My friend didnt have a cell and mine had died so we went over to the volleyball game to ask for help.

We borrowed a cell, called her father who worked as a volunteer police officer for the area as well as a prison guard for the county. He arrived just as a patrol card did to take our statements. Apparently those guys werent new to the police. They didnt know who they were but they'd been in the area awhile.

Her dad told us that there had been atleast 12 muggings in the park in the last few months, and a missing girl from the area and a few guys in the hospital. That was why the volleyball court was lit up since the kids had called in permission for their weekly games.

Being high schoolers, we didnt exactly read the paper... So we were shocked and felt super stupid...

Scary to think, we could of ended up missing too just because we didnt know the area was being cased by muggers and who knows what else. We were stupid kids and our saving grace had been some loving dogs that neither of us ever thought would be willing to fight.

My friend still has her shepard as well as a few hound dogs. But her trouble hadnt ended there...