Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The No-Longer-Observed-Manners-of-Trick-Or-Treating

You hear me!  This is to all Trick-Or-Treaters too!

In my day (Im only twenties mind you!), you started the Candy run AFTER DARK!  You didn't go out till after 5:30 or 6 pm.  You took that 2 hours after school to eat dinner, get ready, let the parents get home, and let the candy giving people get home!

Last few years... Its been earlier... And Earlier.  Last year I think I had kids banging at the door by 4!  Only 30 minutes after all the school buses would of stopped running.  I was arriving as they started banging!

Oh, and did you know I left at 3 that day?  A 7 minute drive was taking a hour because of the cars lining up everywhere for candy!

So explain to me... How do you GET candy if no one is home, cant GET home, and so ticked to find 20 kids on their doorstep refusing to move till they get candy. 

Ah, and parents, where are you with a 3 year old running around a random group of kids...?  In the car of course!  TEXTING!

So they sit while their young child wonders 5 houses up and then has to come back and usually looks lost!

So why am I ranting?  That's easy... This October 31st... Show up at my door before 5 at the earliest and you'll have dog crap dropped in your buckets!  I DARE your parents to say a word to me when they are pulled into my goddamn parking space TEXTING and your blocking my door demanding Candy when my porch light isn't even on!

To those too young to know this:  PORCH LIGHT = CANDY.  Don't bang on a door because you see their home!  I had 50 kids come to my door after I turned the light off "BUT YOUR LIGHTS INSIDE ARE ON!!!! MOOOOOOOOMMM!!!!!!!!"  Its about this time I called my largest and most aggressive dog to the door...  100 pounds of fat and loud bark, don't you love Pitts? 

I actually stuck a note on the door:  (Out of 20 bags of candy, I splurged on dollar stuff so it was only 30 bucks worth, I was all out of it by 5:30-6... The time I would of started...  I was only giving 2-3 suckers per kid!  And that was only because they were Dum-Dums!)


This worked well.  I have a few large dogs, instead of keeping them away from the windows and doors I let them scare anyone who came near the door.  After 8 pm I went out with one of them and sat on the steps enjoying a drink.  Mind you this pup is only about 40 pounds but shes a lot of leg and can pass for a police dog if ya aint comparing her to a shepard side by side.  Sweetest thing, loves kids.  But when a big dogs jumping and barking most parents make a kid keep distance.  Those that didn't weren't asking for candy atleast.  Just wanted to pet the pups and asked a hundred and one questions on if she could find lost people or drugs.  I snuck those kids some  of the good candy I stashed.  I like kids that love animals.  Those are usually the good ones!

That last part was really late, mainly kids getting back from Trunk-or-Treats to the Apts I stay in.  A few of them knew me already and knew i'd saved candy for them or just love seeing my dogs.  I think 99% of it was the parents know im not home and that i'd have some stashed for kids I knew (El Cheapo Treat Bags and a Spider cookie!).

This year im Protesting Trick or Treaters!  Ya heard me right!  This year you'll find a sign on my door:



If you agree with this idea of NOT being put out on Halloween then put a sign on your door informing Trick-Or-Treaters that you are NOT home and will NOT give out candy till after a certain time.  If you have a driveway I suggest putting a blockade or sign threatening to call the cops if anyone uses it.  Seriously...  Its bad enough to take over the streets, don't park in someone else's goddamn parking slot, driveway, or lawn (Especially their lawn!  If you catch someone doing that crap take a picture of their Tag and call the cops.  That's personal property damage when they tore up your lawn just so they wouldn't have to walk 2 more steps!)

Woo... I feel better after that rant.  Got your own horror stories or complaints?  Post below and lets vent together on this annoying issue and lack of manners!  Maybe we'll survive without shooting someone!

Yall keep safe and God bless!


Friday, April 24, 2015

The Finger Plate

Im giving you the recipe for my popular Finger Plate!  Corn Dog fingers that is!

Heres what you'll need:

Corn Dogs (Pre made, or your own recipe)


Popscicle sticks

Heres what ya do:

1.  Cook the corn dogs.

2. Once Cooked, cut them in half (Or break if you want the creepy factor!).

3. Insert the sticks into the exposed hot dog part (As far as you like, but deeper and just before breaking the skin looks best!).

4. Garnish with the ketchup making a bloody mess around the "Base" (where the hot dog is exposed, even onto the stick!).

5. Optional: Cut a portion of the tip of the "finger" off to make a nail or use food coloring or other condoments to draw a nail.

Serve with bowls of blood or even a extra bloody mess. Enjoy!

Side note:  A friend of mine used bones (Real bones, chicken legs and such) it didn't work out!  They insert the bones (that had been fried already with the chicken) and cooked them again with the corn dog for gross factor..  Don't do that...

Chicken bones are FRAIL!  Those things were splitting like crazy and though it was realistic it was not a good finger food dish to be serving! (No pun intended!)  People were pulling bone out of their mouth and their food.  Its a major chocking hazard! 

Please, if you try this then use UNCOOKED BONES!  Wash them in HOT water to kill germs and cook with the fingers!  ---OR--- Stick cooked bones in AFTER its cooked (make sure you can not bite the bone and it splinter easy or break before using!).

And please... If using real bones, warn your guest of possibly splinters of bones and don't serve the bone ones around children.  They wont pay attention to corndog and bones.

Thank you for checking this out and have a safe Halloween!

Happy Cooking, God Bless!


Monday, April 20, 2015

Testing Waters

Still Testing, Testing, Testing...

I cant get use to the way it feels to make the post here!  Its so bare (the page where I write the blogs into that is) and white!  With HTML options....With Blogger atleast.

I took computer courses and know how to make the codes... But the white, blankness is just so... Wow... I feel like im not writing enough its so bare!

But thanks for sticking with me on this!  After a couple months I see both plus and minus' to both Weebly and Blogger.  Im still unsure on what I want.

So im going to keep going abit longer with both.  Those following both, those 30 or so post aren't all posted to Blogger and im still adding to Weebly.  So i'll be holding out abit longer before I decide I think.  Get both up to date.  Its starting to become a habit to post to both sites honestly.

I might keep both... I feel so indecisive!


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Is it Roommates or Supernatural?! O:

Okay yall, have roommates?  I do.  Notice stuff goes missing...?  I Do! 

Is it your roommate?  Or is it evil-Other dimension Goblins!  OooOoooo....

Socks go in the washer together, go in the DRYER together, but you open it up... POOF!  I actually tied one pair together and they came untied in the dryer and one went poof!

Is this Halloween related?  Fuck if I know!  O:  The cursing IS required for this freaky, wide ranged issue!!  But that's not all!  My glasses, my cell phone, jumpdrive, food!  They all vanish! 



Well!  I set out a trap!  And I caught the little thieves...

Heres One, hiding in the microwave!  That's WHO took my food I bet!
Though I never saw it, when developing the film, I found THIS!
This next one seems to have been pretty brave, almost curious.  When approached it simply stared and cocked its head!
They exists!  I has proof!  Watch out for these little Goblins in your home!


Thank you for reading this, for those who are wondering the photos were a joke, the missing stuff isn't!  The first two pictures were really just my older cat Miss Kitty (RIP) who died some time ago.  She was a small cat, known to run off with your under...garments...  The last is a older Picture of my mothers dog BB.  I can truly blame her for stealing food, shoes, socks, and at one strange point my homework!   She was given that bowl to clean though.  I would make a sweet item once a month when I lived at home and the quirky pup always licked the bowl clean.  She is still alive and well with my mom!

I still believe in those Goblins and the stuff going missing.  But having 3 dogs of my own I know theres a chance they took it too...but they cant get in a closed dryer to untie socks!

So I stand by this!  Happy Halloween yall, don't miss my next post with Recipes that I both found and made myself!

Good luck, be safe, God Bless!


Friday, April 10, 2015

Halloween: OUR Holiday

I'll start this little bit with some stuff you know.

Halloween is a modern thing, thousands of years ago it was ACTUALLY a pagan holiday, i'll cover that in another post.  But ya, drop it.  Halloween is no longer Pagan, its Hallmark.

What we know as Halloween, though based on the the pagan holiday has nothing to do with it now.  It, like most of the holidays we celebrate, is now rooted more in modern logic and Hallmark.

So what is Halloween?  Its a day where all goes!  Kids cause mischief, the creepy and strange run free, stores sell fake body parts, and the next day Dentist celebrate!

Really.  That's what it is!  So go out and dress up, get candy, part your ass off in a sexy costume, and sit on your porch scaring children and shooting the teenage rebels... Worlds better off!  ;3

Go out and feel safe knowing your supporting a Americanized holiday and some 3rd world country that makes your candy and costumes!  And tomorrow go swarm the Dentist and Doctors with hangovers and sugar crashing galore! 

Be your inner "Monster" the 31st as you help children celebrate the one holiday that get to gorge on candy and fear!  After all, its the one time your boobs can pop out and not be a whore, or take your zombie lifestyle up a notch with some raw meat and brains!

As for me, i'll be giving out candy, guarding my house from any morons and shooting zombies!  That's right, Resident Evil time!  My boyfriend will be covered in chicken blood and running from my little "Zombie Hunters" since he wants to be a zombie this year, were letting the dogs chase him down as training for the zombie take over! 

Ah, im expecting a BLOODY fun night... x3

Be safe, God Bless, and have fun Ghouls and Goblins!


Monday, April 6, 2015

What to Expect Next!

With October coming up I figure i'll make my next few post about October, Halloween, All Hallow's Eve, and some interesting things you might enjoy! 

I already plan to share some of my personal recipes, ideas, and alittle history to any loyal fans.  Hope you'll enjoy this Monsterous event! 

Till next we meet Bats and Ghouls!


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

10th Post! Wooooo....

((Applies to Weebly Blog.  This isn't really my 10th post here...!))

Welp, heres my 10th blog on this site... Seems like a good mile stone for a newby blogger huh?  10, 100, 500, 1,000, type deal?  Meh.

Figured i'd celebrate alittle!  So the site apparently has like 5 people who actually follow it so far (I do little to no posting or ads, so whoo?), and its a start!  Yay?  o.o

Im not sure if im scared or happy that people actually follow my insanity... Hm... Well, either way, its happening!  :D

So thank you all for your loyality, and to any new people, run while ya still can!  :D

As always, if you want to hear a rant on something or maybe want me to look into a subject for you then just drop me a line and on a week im out of ideas it'll probably end up here!

Feed the monster in my head!  It likes when you stick your hands through the bars! *Mmmm, bloody fingers!*