Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy New Yeaaarrr! (Early)

Yes early!  Why?  Because i'll be busy tomorrow 'celebrating' with one of the few days I get the excuse to drink myself into a stupor. 


Kids, please don't do as I do, you wont like the outcome.

Under no sense do I encourage anyone to drink, do drugs, be violent, and so on and so forth, don't sue me.


Okay, legal stuff out of the way, this is my last post of 2015~

Starting next week it'll be a new year with new crap to deal with and possibly a hangover too! --Seriously kids, don't follow my example!--

So stay up and see the ball drop, enjoy the last of the year with a bang and kiss someone just to say you got some action during 2015.

Wolf's going on the prowl!

Happy New Years!


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas! Ho Ho WHoooo!

Yall keep safe and enjoy Christmas!  Or the Holidays if that's your type.. To each their own.  Personally im Christmas so that's what I say!  (Yay America!  Don't got to like it, just tolerate it!  Same to you, same to me!)

The halls be decked, the tree tilting from overload of glass balls... And maybe a pit bull or two.  And a bunch of fat puppiesss~~!  HA!

I hope Santa brought you something shiny and God has blessed you.

So to all a Merry Christmas and a good night!


Side note:  This is Friday's post, im taking Christmas day off!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Eggnog Recipe, Yum

My last post idea ended tooo soon.  So now I come baring a recipe, Fresh from the kitchen!

Now yall know im a cheapo.  I like to save.  Well Eggnog is VERY expensive.  But I love it.  So, how bad could it be to make?  Not too bad.

Original Recipe:

I used this as a guide but I really didn't follow it too well.  But credit where credit is due!


3 Eggs

1 1/2 cup Half and Half

2 tablespoons sweetened condensed Milk

Bourbon or Vodka

Nutmeg, all spice, or cinnamon (tablespoons worth)

1/3 cup sugar

First, split your eggs into two bowls.  Whites in one yolk in the other.  You can do this by cracking the shell to take a decent chunk off the top to allow the white to drain, or you can do as I do and just drop it into your hand and let it slide right through your hands (If you do this, the yolk is surprisingly firm and wont feel slick, just be careful of the yolk popping and starting to pour out too.

Next use a whisk to beat the yolk till its a bright yellow.  Now you slowly add the sugar and whisk that in till the sugar is 60-100% dissolved.

Next add in your Half and Half.  Whisk.  A splash of Vodka or Bourbon.  Whisk.  Your Seasonings.  Whisk.  And finally that sweet condensed milk.  Whisk it good!

Now to your egg whites.  Whisk them till their a abit bubbly and have started to turn white.  Then add to the rest and whisk it for about a minute.

Taste and chill.


Why Half and Half?  Its cheaper and healthier then heavy cream.  Plus I don't usually buy Whole milk and I can use the Half and Half with coffee.  Since Half and Half IS half cream and half milk it makes sense to combine those two and just go with that.

Why two kinds of Spirit?  Personally I like Vodka over bourbon.  But Bourbon gives it the right color.  If you want to use more, be careful with the bourbon though.  It has a MUCH stronger taste then vodka.

Can I skip the Spirits?  If your doing the uncooked method like I do, then don't.  Just use less but do use it.  It'll kill bacteria from raw eggs.  Besides, you really cant taste it if you just use a splash. 

A Splash?  That's what I call a two second pour.  The amount is like half a shot.  Use more if you like or less.

Why the options on Seasoning?  I like all three myself.  I'll even combine the three.  But Nutmeg is traditional but I enjoy cinnamon more.  A touch of ginger can also give it a nice kick.  Experiment abit!


Half and Half 1/2 gallon for less then three bucks.

Sugar few bucks but I always have on hand.

Condensed Milk was 2 bucks a can but I use it for cakes and in my lattes so i'll use it.

eggs were 5 bucks but I get organic and cagefree.

Spices I have on hand.

Spirits were maybe 10 bucks a bottle.

Shopping Bill?  Less then 25 bucks. 

Eggnog from store?  4 bucks for 1/2 gallon.

It doesn't look worth it does it?  But since I usually buy these things it wasn't exactly a extra trip for me.  And I can make the recipe over and over.  The only thing I didn't usually have on hand was the Half and Half. 

The price probably washed out for me but if your not buying the organic stuff like me then you'll save several bucks for more.

Enjoy and see yall soon!


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Time: Clean Up and Decor

Everyone loves throwing Tinsel on the tree and scattering lights and glitter at the house...  Its all great cheer till you remember Santa's elves don't clean it up.

For parents especially the After New Years hangover is probably met with friendly reminders of getting Rudolph off the lawn and Frosty off the roof.

That cheer is now dread.

My mother never let me decorate the house as a kid because of the clean up.  I had to visit a friend to trim the tree each year.  When I hit High School I decided I should help with the clean up...

That tree was soo much easier to put up then take down.  I left covered in tinsel, pine needles, and broken glass from the ornaments that hadn't survived the de-trim.

I suddenly wasn't so bitter at my mother for her lack of spirit.  And I didn't even help with the outside!

So for starters:  Downsize.

My friend always tosses broken ornaments, and attempts to keep tinsel for the next year during cleaning.  Her methods have helped her go 12 years without needing tinsel and allowed her to downsize the amount of boxes she puts away after Christmas.

She also donates ornaments she dislikes but are still good.

We both decided on smaller trees as well.  She still goes for the living tree but one about 3-4 ft tall to allow kids easier access rather then the 8 foot her grandparents always invested in.

I on the other hand save my cash and got a 3 ft to put on a low table in my apartment when they were on sale.

We both ditched a lot of our décor in favor of not overloading the tree.  That means one string of lights, about 10-30 ornaments, and small toppers.

I know the idea of downsizing ornaments can sting for some, my friend Linda had atleast 300 sitting in the attic but atleast 100 had value to her family such as "Baby's First" and handmade ones from her or her family.  These weren't replaceable.  Her idea was to avoid having any break on a tree that may fall and had a case made to display them that is easily put up each New Years and taken down after Thanksgiving.  In return her favorite ornaments glimmer on her tree and are easily put away without fear of the others being broken.

The same is said with her stocking collection.  Stockings from before she was born were hung in homage to her Great Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, cousins, all since dead.  These have meaning to her family and she tends to hang them on the wall with other stockings and uses them as a "advent calendar" of sorts.  She sticks sticky notes above and small treats or toys in them for the kids that come over.  It gives her a festive area and a quick clean up after since she just uses the spot for pictures and keys year round.  Not really a downsize but it allowed her to give away the stocking holders to other family that wanted them after her grandparents death.  And the clean up was very quick.


Ever seen a house covered in Christmas lights (I mean multi colored) year round?  No offense but its either a lazy person or someone into being "Festive" in my experience Mexican descent. 

But my artsy friend in her wisdom started laughing and saying she likes the idea and does the same inside her own home. 

Clear white lights can easily be placed in back yards for soft lighting (I actually do this with my patio, it makes it nice for late night reading and meals).

My friend uses her outdoor lights in her kitchen, she has huge house supports showing and hangs icy one on one side towards her table and then around the room to act as a "night light."  She uses the traditional white lights as well that flicker.  It reminds me a lot of fire flies and its a great place to write.  Since she hangs her herbs to dry in the kitchen and has potted plants in the room it always smalls earthy and wild.  Its the comforts of AC and Heat in a outdoor feel.

Another thing she does is take her old lights and stapled them to her ceiling (keep in my mind this is her house, not a apartment) to let them hang loose and uneven above her.  To be honest, walking in it looks like a jungle.  She has dark walls and those strings look like vines.  But she pulled the blinds and turned off the lights.  Poof.  Those strings lit up and it reminds you of looking at stars.  Great for kid rooms since its like a natural night light and it was a great way to use yet another string of the 12 she had.

I personally use the lights around my old vanity.  I only have the one string and my vanity is antique.  I don't use it often but the multicolor string looks nice reflecting off the mirror and pictures I have sitting on and near it.  Upside is I never have to untangle the lights or dig for them.


This does not mean 12 boxes labeled Christmas or even ONE BIG ONE labeled Christmas.  It means rolling the lights and hanging them, carefully packing ornaments and stockings.

Theres nice trays you can buy discounted after Christmas for ornaments (Waste of money to me, but my ornaments aren't that big, nor do I have that many!). 

I took after my friend's grandparents.  She'd buy the nice bins that pulled out like drawers and label each with "Stockings and Lights" and another "Ornaments" with the last one called "Santa and Hooks" which really meant her collection of santa statues wrapped in the Christmas paper they'd used and the stocking hooks.

Linda narrowed that down to one bin with drawers and now uses the others for fabrics and art supplies but the concept still stood.  She now quickly finds her stuff and puts it up and then cleans up in only a few hours. 

Living in a Apartment, mine is less organized.  I repurpose as much as I can like the lights, I wrap ornaments in the stockings, and then shove the fake tree under the bed with the stocking wrapped ornaments.  If you have the room, I suggest following the other example.  My tree scares the crap out of me through out the year when the dogs pull it out of the bin and leave it sticking out just slightly...  Cops have been called when I scream bloody murder as something prickly 'attacks' my foot when I wake up. 

I hope yall got some useful info and some laughs out of this.  Im going to go get tipsy off eggnog!

So have a happy Christmas and keep safe!


Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Time: Weight

Its the Holiday budda belly (as my granny called it) that extra 10-30 pds you get between christmas and thanksgiving.

Dont wait till New Years to start that workout.

1.  Cut the food.

Dont over eat, this means eat slower and not inhaling the food.  And save room for desert without cramming it in.

While your at it, avoid unneeded calories.  Do you need 6 spoons of buttery potatoes or WANT them?

2.  Workout/walk.

Take a extra hour to workout during that vacation.  Your waistline will thank you.

Its short and sweet but I couldnt find any better ways to enjoy the holidays without cutting the fun!

Have a good Christmas yall.


Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Time: Crime

Its not new, but crime rates increases during times of vacation... Like Christmas.  And Summer.

Burglers look for easy prey, and a empty house is very easy.

So this post is meant to help you protect your home and self.

1.  Avoid social media.

No one wants to hear how your cruise is great and the weather is nice while we freeze to death back home.  Plus your just throwing out the red carpet to thieves.  "Hey im not home, im in the freaking bahamas!  Guess whos home is up for grabs?!"

Brag after your back.  Same goes for when your out.

Same for sharing your gifts...You love that nice flat screen you got?  Well so will they...after they off load it for a nice profit.

2.  Dont make it easy.

Trim your bushes and give little to no hiding places.

Soft grass?  Try pebbles and shifty rocks around your windows.

Give them no where to hide, make it noisey.   Make it bright!

3.  Install extra lights.  Dark shadows SHOULD be feared.

4.  Install cameras.

These cant help during but after.  Plus if their noticable they add a extra risk.

5.  Dogs are your best friend.

They are a risk to life and limb but they also tend to bark.  Even a small yapper.  Noise ends stealth, no stealth means no go.

6.  Advertise that your going to be a pain in the ass!

Got a system?  Cameras?  Guard dog?  Put up signs.  Even if you dont, use some to make them think you do.

7.  Padlocks, deadbolt, steel door jams.

They arent picking the lock, their kicking in doors and busting windows.  Shatterproof glass and the like can help with that.

8.  See out, not in.

When lights are on inside your visible but their not.  Scary huh?  Invest in blinds and good curtains or consider getting use to no light.  Motion lights are good too.  You'll see those even in the dark.

9.  Mirror Mirror.

Oh yes, mirrors.  Atleast on your door.  Ever heard of someone being followed inside or having someone sneak up on them while they fittle with keys?  Does having a mirror on your door sound like a bad idea?

10.  Be unpredictable.

Go to store on certain days and times?  Change that.  If your getting cased they'll catch on.  Change it up and your not giving them a plan they like.

11.  Lock up.

Well thats my post for the day.  Yall take care this christmas!


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christmas Time: Debt


I dont know about you but those 10 dollar caps dont save me cash when im buying for 6 kids, 5 friends, a boyfriend, 2 parents, and about 7 other family members.

Plus, what can 10 bucks really get?  With such a low cap you may as well give gift cards so they can atleast get something nice at a discount!  How sucky of a gift is that?

Not to mention you put time into what they'd like verse the cost.  You cant even get a good book for 10 bucks and a used one is hardly a caring gift..

Personally, I shared with my friends a idea for next year, same with my family!

Dont waste all your cash, lets play a game instead.  Secret Santa and Naughty Santa are popular and easy, plus cash saving.

The idea is simply:  You use a higher cap (say 30-50 dollars) and get one person a gift.  My family is playing Secret Santa since we all have different interest.  But my friends and I are planning a game of Naughty Santa where we get gifts to fight over.  Being college students, were all interested in similar things so it wont leave any one person with something to feel cruddy about.

Upside?  These games allow a higher cap while saving each person 10-50% of what they usually spend depending on the amount of people.  Now the gifts can be bought with less pain and more thought.

Downside:  Kids.  These sort of games will not work for those under the age of 16.

The way to deal with kids?  Personally I like to buy Kids stuff throughout the year.  This saves me the pain towards Christmas and lets me take advantage of sales.


Another biggy.  But do you really need 12 dinners?

If your whole family is going to a big thing, do you personally need one?

Me and my boyfriend tend to just have a not so cheap dinner on Christmas and Thanksgiving with a couple friends.  Example?  2 pd burgers with loads of cheese and nacho cheese fries.

This sort of thing tends to cost us half of the amount of a turkey dinner if not less and we even split the cost with friends that join us by doing a pool and voting on the meal.

Again, college students.  Were close and cheap!  So this works great for us.  Plus we still get a traditional meal when we head home to see a large group of family.

But if you like those big dinners, just consider doing like us.  Pool money with friends, buy a turkey and fixings or everyone bring a dish.  That thirty dollar turkey wont be as painful when the other 50 dollars worth of sides is someone else's problem!


A small price but to others important none the less!

I learned from my granny though... You buy there AFTER christmas.  For 50-90% off.  I do this for EVERY holiday.  You pay 50, i'll pay 3 bucks.  Downside to this is that one ornament you REALLY want can sell out before you get it.

out of season will be cheaper but pick your battles.

Hope these help, join me next week for more!


Friday, November 27, 2015

Christmas Time!

Like many others I have a love hate for Christmas Time.

I love the gift card and splurged gifts that I receive (such as a new kindle from my mother and some gift cards to amazon from a few friends!).

Its a great time to give yourself the warm and fuzzy as you empty your wallet for others.

Down side?

Debt.  Crime.  Weight.  LOTS of cleaning.

Well, I thought maybe I should center a few post around this sort of thing to celebrate.

And to those that suffered Black Friday, I salute you for living.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Ghost Story Part 6


"Well, now it wasnt in the house ya know. But it didnt really leave."

She told me the next day that I should see if I could stand her backyard after dark.  So, this part I got to experience myself while I was visiting.

We camped on her back porch with her dogs, grilling and eating in the grass.  We went out around 7 at night and nothing eventful.

"Your full of bull shit and that stuff was photoshop'd wasnt it?"  I said to her.

She just stared out and shrugged.  "Make a wager then.  Fifty bucks if nothing happens.  But I didnt make it up, Fi.  Not a word."

She doesnt make bets often.  So I kept my trap shut and tried not to complain.  We made stupid small talk about grades and which teachers sucked (even though were going to school in two different states, seriously it was stupid small talk...)

Then it got close to 12.  About I suppose 11:30 she opened the door for the dogs so they could go in or stay out as they wanted.  All but one of hers went in leaving the two of us and my pit.  Not so shocking, it was Hoss that stayed out with her.

As it got closer to Midnight Hoss kept whining and looking back at the house.

"Hope your saved."

I am, but it wasnt exactly a hopeful thing to hear...

Five minutes before midnight she dragged both dogs in and closed the door.  "I dont want them getting hurt, plus that buffalo of yours might wreck the fence.."  She didnt sit back down, she just stood next to me.

Right at midnight, the oldest cliche in the book, things started.  Now she had this old metal shed in the back.  The doors started shaking but didnt make a single noise.  I asked what kind of trick that was and she just shrugged.

We walked back there and I could SEE them moving.  It was like something out of poltrigiest.

She touched them and they stopped.  She shook them once and they clattered and screeched like any rusty metal door would.  Then there came a knocking from inside.

I figured her boyfriend was in there and knocked back.  I laughed when it mimiced my knock.

"Ya, dont play knock knock with it."  Then a giggle.  A little girl giggle behind me.  There arent any kids close enough that I could possibly over hear that either.  I turn and theres nothing.  But suddenly I feel really cold.  She looks really pissed though.  "Its a creepy, bastard, isnt it?"

"Ya, your dating him... Shouldnt you let him out?"  The doors are locked with two pad locks.

"If that was him, you'd hear HIM giggling about now."

We walked back towards the house and that 30 feet suddenly felt like thirty miles.  The air was really heavy and I felt watched.  I still thought it was all a prank, that she was one hell of actress and punking me.  I really wish she had been too.

I saw something she didnt though-or atleast she didnt mention it.  Something was on the otherside of the wooden gate near the house staring at us.  It was the shape of a guy, ya.  But having been to her house enough, I knew that it was floating or stood at 7 feet tall because the privacy fence was about the same height.

I started towards it thinking it was just another joke.

About 10 feet away it rushed me.  It went through the fence and right THROUGH me.  It was like icey hurricane wind hit me full force, I stumbled and fell and couldnt breath.

When I could finally breath again I turned back.  No one.  She was next to me grinning.

"So.  Is my boyfriend able to pass through objects now?"

I was speechless.  I really was.

She half dragged me in-my legs were half jello.  The dogs were swarming us and whining.  She pulled a curtain over the door and lead me to her room.

The curtains in there werent pulled yet.  The same thing that had hit me was standing next to the shed in the back staring at us.  It was dark, and that thing was darker.

"Try and ignore it..."  She pulled that curtain too.  "It leaves by 4 usually.  Im not sure why.  But it never touches the house."

She told me that it now hung out in the back and front yard.  But it was only there during certain hours.  The dogs refused to go out and she didnt leave or come home at those times.

Needless to say, I didnt sleep.

The next morning we went outside and into the shed.  The dogs followed.  Nothing.  It wasnt fun, but it wasnt scary.  I knocked and nothing knocked back.

"So, I guess I owe you, 50 bucks?"  I didnt wanna shell out the cash, but I couldnt deny i'd seen it and felt it.

"Keep it, I dont want your money.  I just wanted you to see I was serious."

I had that experience over a year ago.  Since then, she had the house and grounds blessed.  She keeps inviting me to come stay over again.

I wouldnt.  Not for a million bucks.

WELL!  Thank you all for reading that, terror.  I dont know if you believe but I hope you never have to see something like that first hand.  I dont want to for sure.

To anyone suffering from something like that, I really suggest you go get help.  You arent crazy, this stuff does happen to real people, and in my person experience isnt wasnt good, I really dont want to do that again.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Lets Talk Coupons--An App that can help you save!

Are you poor?  Are you stingy with your money?  Are you struggling with cash due to the fact that the holidays just suck?

Well, im all three. My food budget is only about 100 bucks and half of it goes towards dog food, treats, and non food items... Like soap.

We dont get government aid AKA food stamps.  So we do things the old fashion way.  Coupons, off brands, and discount stores.

Im not ashamed of that either.  I have got enough food to last a week and have better food with leftovers then people spending twice what I do.  And honestly, I dont notice a real difference in the taste of off brand verse main brand foods...  I even splurg on the organic meats.

But lets get to the point, shall we?

This post is on Coupon clipping.  But, you dont get the paper or have a printer?  That can make it hard.

Personally, im lucky enough to have a smart phone (which these blogs and book sales pay for each month!  So maybe you consider some of those? --Moving on!).  I would search sites for coupons and deal announcements, write down a list and let them scan them over my phone at check out.  This took me a few hours each Saturday since I would plan the meals around my coupons and budget.

But then while im there I had to price compare with my coupons because a name brand with the coupon could still cost 10% more then the knock off.

But it was worth it.  I saved a average of 10-25 dollars a week on the items I had to have which gave me wiggle room to get extras like a monthly gallon of Ice cream or a large organic, farm fed chicken.

But a friend who also struggles with cash recently turned me on to this app that gives me my coupons and rebates in one place.

The App offers you coupons, bonus rewards, and rewards for recruiting as well (it sounds like a pyramid scheme, and im pretty sure it is one, but it is effective and it isnt hurting you, thus i'll endorse it).

Review wise, the complaints are both valid but in valid.  I'll list below the more common:

-Issues with picture taking.  =  Not as common but it seems to hit Andriod users more.  I personally had little to no issue if I set the items on the counter and auto focused by keeping my finger on the screen.

-Slow load ups.  =  This isnt the app.  I think this is the internet.  No, its not a instant change but I never had to wait longer then 5 seconds (and that wait was on a list with more then 200 items!).  It might also be a lack of storage on the phone though, just like a computer it'll run slower if the memory is nearly full or if you have 20 items running at once.

-Time consuming.  =  I saw it a few times.  STUPID is STUPID.  I know its harsh, but this app was insanely faster then searching page after page of other sites for coupons.  Probably about the same as with a paper (since you'd have to cut those out).  You cant expect to get a free service and then finish in less then 10 seconds.

What you do:

You find a rebate you'd like to use and "Unlock it" which means a short survey of maybe 3 questions, a video that is 30 seconds or less, or a quick fact to read.

Personally, I unlock anything I think i'll use while im at work so the videos play while I work.  So every 30 minutes, I unlock as much as I can till I reach a video.

Now you go to the store.  You can either check your phone or make a list with brand names at home.  I do the lather and check for rebates as I go if something catches my eye.

Now you pay as normal.  Which can mean using coupons for items you wont get a rebate on or just paying and going.  Personally, I still use a few coupons, especially if its for items im not using rebates for.  (I havent found anything saying I couldnt, and the more I save the more I can get.)

Now, the slightly long part.  You DO have to scan barcodes of any item you want to rebate.  So you pick the rebate and scan the codes.  It doesnt take too long though.  I tend to do it when I get home or while im on the bus when its not in walking distance (I suggest grouping and items your going to rebate on together so when unpacking their not all spread out as bad!).

Last you scan the barcode of your receipt or take a picture of it.  That will allow them to verify the purchase.  Which can take up to 24 hours, but on smaller orders I find it takes less then 5 minutes.

Where can you use it?

Hundreds of stores including Walmart, Target, Food places (I know Chili's is on there actually), Pet Smart, Whole Foods, Sam's Club...  Places that accept coupons tend to be on the list.  Even Dollar General and Family Dollar.  I found pharmacies like Rite Aid and Walgreens too.  More then likely, a store you go to is on the list.

What can you use it on?

Cloths, Pet stuff (Limited amount honestly), Electronics, food, liquor (Oh yes, MANY wine and vodka choices were listed for select brands!), containers, Office supplies, ect.

What brands are included?

Most main brands seem to be featured.  Ziploc, Tyson, Olay, Dial, Chobani....  But my favorite is the "Any Brand" ones so I can get my favorite brand.

Is it for certain items/flavors?

Some are.  I know for like a Brita Rebate for filters, it was only good for the pitcher filters, not the ones you put on your sink.  But most were "Any variety" with exclusions on anything smaller then so many ounces.  There are some specific ones though, yes.

Have you saved with it yet?

My first week using it, I used 8 rebates and saved 6.75.  I then got two bonuses (one for 2 dollars for getting over 5 rebates in a set amount of time, and another for 0.25 for using two coupons on yogurt).  So in less then 3 days, I had a balance of 10 dollars.  And most of what I saved on was staple items like bread, eggs, and milk!  I didnt go out of my way for it.

Now one of the other reasons im sharing this is you get bonuses for "Inviting Friends" to join the saving.  This doesnt take away from you if you choose to try the app but it can help the person who's link im sharing.  This one actually belongs to my friend Linda who got me started on it.  So I hope you'll try through the link and help us both.

Happy Saving, especially with Thanksgiving so close!


Friday, November 13, 2015

Date of Horrors

Be afraid my viewers. Its Friday the 13th! Avoid those pretty black cats and ladders!

Or, be realistic and dont think about it. After all, that bad luck never seems to catch you till you remember its there!


Monday, November 9, 2015

Possible Update Schedule?

I've recently got a job offering so my posting time is spazzy.  But I have to lock on a schedule or i'll end up posting once a month again...

As such, Im going to try and keep the post like I had on Blogger.  Posting ever 3-4 days.  One week a Weds, the next week Mon. and Fri.   It was a odd schedule.  But I like the random feeling.  Kept me on my toes...  Probably because those seemed to be my best days to post.

Mondays, I look for anything BUT work to do.

Tuesdays, I have a panic attack and work double time for Mondays...

Wednesdays is Hump Day... My last panic attack means I have a lighter load.  Thus im bored.

Thursdays are a meh day.  My work load varies.

Friday is pretty light, mainly any overload from Thursdays.  But its also my Gaming Night. (Dont Judge me...)

Saturday is Shopping.  Not fun shopping.  Its hours of cracking a whip on my budget and getting any food outside of ramen for the week on 50 dollars.  Its not fun..!

Sunday is my day of rest.  I need it after shopping so I pretty much do nothing.

So, ya.  Funny schedule.  But I think it'll be managable...  I hope you get a kick out of my panic attacks.


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Site Updates

Ding Ding!  We've finally caught up both websites so I can update on the same day for both.  No more advanced post on Weebly.

At this point I can really start weighing my choice on which site I prefer.  Sadly, I do lean to Blogger for ease of use.  But Weebly has some advanced options to make searching a easier task for all my fans.

On top of this, both sites have a HUGE fan base running with tons of views each day.  Because of this, I don't want to shut either site down. 

Im going to give it till the end of the year to decide if I want to fuss with both sites or if I want to switch to updating only one.

Either way I won't be deleting either site!  So no fear of that.

All that aside, you'll now see the two sites posting the same content each day from this point on!

Thank you for all your time, suggestions, and emails!  I hope to see more of everyone in the future!


Saturday, October 31, 2015

This is Halloween!

 Posted TODAY on Weebly!

Crank up the screams Zombies and Ghouls!  Time to party and enjoy the Spirits. 

But PLEASE watch the little goblins and gnomes!  Like the Grimlin's they shouldn't be fed after midnight and should not be left unattended on a holiday of mask and costumes!

Keep the safe while you celebrate, I hope to see you all next year for more limb eating fun!


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Recipe: Monster Eggs

10/21/15 Weebly

I got the idea when I let some local kids help me do deviled eggs for Thanksgiving last year.

Its in the name:  Deviled Eggs!  So lets twist that!


Food coloring (blues and greens work best)

Boiled Eggs

Mayo and Mustard Mixture-One Teaspoon per egg used (I personally add about 4 table spoons per dozen, add a extra if you prefer it more 'creamy'-im told mine are abit dry)

Chives or Green Onions (Optional)

For Taste:  Paprika, Chile Powder, Pepper (Optional)

You can also sub my recipe for your own but the food coloring is still needed!

So prep your eggs as usual.  Boil them just short of being done.  Maybe 5 minutes before being fully cooked. 

Now after they cool take them out of the water and roll them on the counter so the shell mostly or fully cracks all over the egg.  If some shell falls off, no biggy but you want it to stay intact mostly.

No put the eggs back into the water and add several drops of food coloring.  As much as you want, but just giving the water a noticeable stain plus 3 drops will do (more water, more drops)-keep in mind this is to stain the eggs, not completely color them.

Now cook the eggs the rest of the way and allow the eggs to sit and cool for about 5-10 minutes, atleast to the point that you or your kids can handle them without getting scorched!  I prefer to give them 5 in the water then 5 out to drain some of the water in the cracks.

Next is a great part for kids.  Your going to peal the eggs.  Same as normal-best if done by hand.

One peeled they should have a nice weaving of colored cracks on the eggs.  It doesn't have to be perfect so if it bled abit, no big.

Now is the part a kid cant do:  Cut the eggs LONG WAYS, not down the middle.  You can either cut a portion of the egg so its like a hot dog bun or you can cut it completely. 

While you slice let the kids pull out the yolk and pop it in the bowl.

Now mix your  mayo/mustard mixture in along with your chives/green onion if you choose to use.  Blend by fork.

Now stuff as normal:

If you cut completely then put the eggs fully together and set them on a plate.  If they split it'll be messy and gruesome looking.  If they don't, your guest will get a interesting surprise.  

If you didn't slice it completely then just do a nice messy stuff.  Let it ooze out and look like something crawled out of the mess.

Add to a plate and add your prefer powdery seasonings (The red of paprika and chili powder add a cool effect, so does pepper.  Naturally salt is tasted more then seen!). 

Garnish your plate with any extra mixture, unused egg pieces, and maybe even some eggs that haven't "Hatched" yet! 

If you have a herb garden or want to go all out, you can use cilantro to make a nest under the eggs or garnish the edges.  It goes great with eggs and wont throw off the flavors.  Older stuff works fine since it adds to the holiday theme.  Dry or fresh, best if on the stem if your doing a nest!

Well, I hope yall enjoy the recipe.  Send me some pics if you do make it!  I'd love to see your version!

Happy Halloween!


Friday, October 23, 2015

Spooky Punch Tips

Posted 10/7/15

I can give you a hundred and one recipes for punch, but lets face it.  You got those, don't ya?  Ya you do!

So instead, im going to share tips for making a cool, spooky punch for Halloween that can add to your recipe without breaking a budget.

1.  Dry Ice

This is really cheap, easy to get.  But what makes it so cool is you can put it in liquids to both cool and add a bubbly-smoky effect.  Great for Witches Brew and Poison style punch.  It wont alter the flavor either.  All ya gotta do is add abit at a time through out the party-like normal ice!

2.  Creepy floaters

Oh ya, you'll wanna make sure these items:  melt, dissolve, and/or are something digestable.  This means no plastic spiders.  But ice (shaped with molds), fruit (please warn guest and cut big to prevent any stupid lawsuits after too much 'spirits'), and stuff like that.  I've heard good things with grapes and olives even when its a more adult friendly brew.

Things that sink and look creepy on the bottom are cool too.  But think jello.

3.  Severed Limbs

Ha, im not even joking.  If you have a nice mold you can freeze you can do skulls, hands, and feet.  Pretty much anything.

I do know a nice trick for the hands.  Take a flavored kool aid and pour it into a plastic glove, tie it off and freeze, easy to just cut it off if you rub it with abit of warm water.  Just make sure its not the latex ones-so many allergies to it, and im pretty sure that's not good for anyone.

4.  Color it

Ya, a pretty pink punch is yummy..  But is pink scary?  Think black, green, blood red!  If you wanna make two bowls, a orange and black really sets the mood.

I've done plain old orange juice with tequila spiked black colored ice.  Went over great without getting anyone past tipsy-best when ya have a few kids around.

So put food coloring to use or pick flavors that will give the right color!

5.  Name It

Strawberry Lemonade with Vodka.  Not.  Scary.  Add some red, drizzle red gel (cake décor, not that fake blood stuff), and a drop of dry ice to make it froth abit...  Call it Blood Wine.  But what gets you in the spirit better then alittle Vampire style wine?

6.  Décor

Don't set a spooky bowl full with a tray of pretty sandwiches and frilly-pretty stuff!  Make the whole table look spooky with fake webs, blood spattered linens, and edible treats that make guest squeak!

I hope yall enjoy and can use my suggestions well this holiday season.


Monday, October 19, 2015

Glutton for Punishment

9/26/15 Weebly

I like work, I like to keep busy.  I hate feeling like there is nothing to do.  So now I have myself set to start working on a web comic with a friend.  As well as working on my books (one of which is suppose to be released by the 31st of Oct and not done editing), my 6 blogs I work on, side post I write for other blogs, my own strange need to write random things at random times, plus my job and dogs.

I'd like to think deep down there's this hope for never leaving the house to make money since I sell books via Amazon and mainly twiddle my thumbs when im not typing.

But is it so bad to dream that I could make myself a hermit and never leave my home but bring in a living wage?  Ya tend to need less when you share incomes-true, but my boyfriend got to start his dream first.  So I over work abit..

I don't know, I enjoy it abit.  I hate the stillness, hate quiet..  I like to feel like there's more to do.

Well, what about the rest of you?  Do you crave more work to keep you in controlled chaos or would you relish a life of freedom and time?

When ya think about it, would you rather be a business man or a hippy (assuming money did not effect either life style that is).

Love to get some feedback on that, hope to see yall again next time!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ghost Story Part 5

9/16/15 Weebly

Now with her mom did a lot of research and decided there were no ghost, only demons who could look like the dead to trick people.  Sounded about right with what they were having.

Now it was REALLY pissed.

"Ma ignored it too.  And spent time in my room, same as the dogs.  They never left except to go out.  It watched from the door, but it couldn't even open my door now."

She went on to tell me how it started breaking things in the kitchen and throwing stuff when her mom was getting ready. 

"Finally Ma had enough too.  Once it wasn't nice to her, she got mad real easy.  She did like I did, but she knew better.  She told it to leave our house."

Her depression ended, the dogs were all normal, and there were no more strange scratches. 

"The house was great... Not cold, not heavy.  We didn't fight, I didn't want to die and I stopped slicing my wrist.  No more blackouts or down patches."

Short but there was more to the story.  I think its worth waiting for though.  See ya next week!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Ghost Story Part 4

( As posted 9/2/15 Weebly)

( I hate you Weebly..  It deleted my post AGAIN... So less detail, more overview)

She said it was like feeling nothing at all, but she just knew she was suppose to die.  That was how it was at home.  Then when she left home it was just pain like no other.  She was sad and never knew why.  It was mind numbing. 

"It was torture, I'd burst into tears without warning.  It was like life was about to end for everything I loved and I just didn't know why.  I mean, who feels that much pain and sadness out of the blue in English... Okay, I hate English but this was like my whole family just got flayed in front of me-life shattering-pain and despair.  Everyone had good reason to think I was insane, I thought I was bonkers too."

I wish she was joking about that too... But i'd heard about a few of those episodes.  Fine and then at the drop of a hat she was running out of the room and sobbing.  No one knew how to handle that so they had someone take her home.  Guess that was a mistake.

"I told the doctors, they gave me meds... They never helped.  They said I was cronically depressed or something..  If the meds didn't help I was getting sent to a padded room.  So I lied and said I was better.  I guess that's why they assumed it was just bullying or something at school."

"I'd go home though.. Sit in my room on the bed till Ma got home..  I'd watch the lights flicker and that 30 pound tube tv get pushed around on my entertainment center.  Sometimes i'd see the shadows.  Everyday it get bigger and darker.  But at night it looked like a human shape.."

She tapped the picture of the claw marks.

"Fi, that was a week after Ma called that medium.  She was talking to it and it was getting stronger.  So I called her too.  Told her it wasn't my grandpa.  Told her I was getting scratched, had what looked like bites on my legs..  Told her how I was feeling now.  Ya know what she said?  Its FEEDING off me.  Its feeding off my energy and because it feels negative to me, im getting bad feelings.  It was just in my head."

She half laughed and started grinding her teeth-classic angry.  Couldn't blame her.  Skeptic or not, how could she bite her own leg?  She wasn't that flexible..  And how was it feeding off her good?  For that matter how was it hating her good to be around?

"It got worse after I called her..  I should of left the house to do that..  It was months of attacks.  I had horrible dreams...  It kept attacking me in my sleep, messing with me when I was awake.  Hoss was the only one to stay with me.  He started laying on top of me..  That's when I knew it wasn't in my head.  It scratched him.  Got him good..  He flipped out on top of me, spinning and snapping at the air.  All the dogs came down and started growling then.  I saw it.  It was a dark form, even darker then a pitch black room.  They chased him out, but he came back."

I asked her if that was where Hoss got the scratch on his head.  I thought it was from a fight.  It had to of been deep, it scarred and left a large hairless dent. 

"Ya..  I took the day off from school and kept close to him after that.  It was the first time i'd prayed since my grandma died.  I prayed God would protect my dogs.  And they never got scratched again."

She told me how there was about two nights with no trouble.  Dogs all slept in there with her.  Her depression let up too.  So she stayed up late and played on World of Warcraft, talking to her friend, soon to be boyfriend.  She'd told him and only him about some of the trouble. 

He knew about the attacks and would Skype with her during the "bad hours" between midnight and three.  He also knew about the last attack and how it had been chased off.

"We were just chatting, I was feeling good.  Then, I went deathly silent.  I felt like I was being watched.  I heard the girls leaving and felt Hoss stiffen under my chair.  I couldn't even breath, I was so scared... I typed to him Its back.. but..."

She teared up, pulled her legs up.  She told me how she kept a plug up back massager on her desk to use on her lower back and neck when she got stiff from sitting in the chair too long.  She always kept it unplugged and the cord wrapped around it though so it wouldn't get pulled down. 

"I heard it walk in, but I was too scared to turn... Too scared to breath.  I just sat there.  I felt someone stand behind me.  They were huge.  Twice my size..  I felt cold air on my head as if it was looking down at me and then that massager...  It was unplugged.  The plug was around it."

She was chocking up, but I got the idea.  It feel from the high shelf she kept it on and turned on and started buzzing and wiggling all over her desk.  Then it stopped.  When she calmed down, she told me that wasn't the worse part though.

"I still had my headphones on.  Sal, didn't know why I wouldn't talk.  I always talked during the stuff that happened.  He knew I was scared shitless, he kept asking in a panic if I was okay, what was that noise, why was Hoss growling.  I guess that thing heard him.  I felt it leaning over me and then he got cut off, like the call was ended..  But a split second later this horrible, unearthly growl... Fi, it was yelling, growling, threatening into my ear, into my mic."

She went on to say that out of fear she threw her headphones off and started crying at her desk.  Sal had done the same.  He started typing to her and she responded after a moment.  He had heard part of it, she knew but said it was static..  But he refused to put his headphones on either. 

"I ended the call and stood up.  I was scared, but I was trapped.  I hate feeling cornered.  I hated being scared.  I did something real stupid Fi..  I confronted the thing.  When I stood, I slammed into the dark mass and it was ice.  The whole room was freezing.  I screamed at it.  I let the natural red hair take hold and cursed it.  I demanded that in God's name it leave my room.  That it never come back in.  That it never touched my pets.  I called it a demon.  I don't know when I decided it was one, but I knew it wasn't my grandpa.  I told it, I wasn't fooled."

I asked her what happened, and she said the room got real warm.

"It wasn't in there.  But the hall light was blinking.  I pissed it off, but I wasn't scared.  I knew it couldn't come in.  The dogs all came charging in my room and started barking at the doorway.  The dreams stopped.  I felt safe in my room.  I believed in God again too..."

I had never known she'd stopped believing, but I was told later that she had got angry with him when she was 9 for taking her grandma.  She'd stopped praying, stopped trusting.  And then at 17, she believed again because he was keeping her safe.  Gave her one place she could be safe. 

"It was after that I told Ma everything.  Showed her the pictures.  She finally took me serious.  Finally decided it may not be my grandpa."

Interested in my friends pain?  See me next week for more!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Am I nearing the catch up?

Yes I am!

I had to stop posting and slowed down drastically on my Weebly Posting so im catching up fast here.  Soon i'll be posting weekly to both!

As far as which I prefer.. I really enjoy writing here on blogspot more.  Weebly is kind of annoying to post to at times.  Plus i've yet to lose a blog here.

Soo...  Maybe in October i'll be caught up?


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ghost Story Part 3

(Posted to Weebly 8/19/15)

About a month in at this point for those keeping score.

At this point, im thinking its true or she really is nuts. Or gulliable... So I asked how she knew it was a ghost.

"I didn't know, in truth I had no idea what the f*ck was going on. I didn't even know why Ma decided to stay on my side of the house... I would of ignored it all if the dogs weren't acting strange. Took me a long time to figure out what was there too."

She told me next how when she got home all the dogs would be piled in her room and all but Hoss left when she went in to do her homework. Then she started hear foot steps in the hall. When she turned nothing was there. She got up and closed the door till it was barely cracked and went back to her school work.

Right after she sat down it creaked open and Hoss crawled under her chair, growling. When she turned around it look like the hallway was pitch black. No light, not even from the windows. And the door was wide open. She blinked and it was normal.

After that she always felt watched when she was home. Hoss stayed glued to her, following her closely and growling whenever she felt the odd watched-feeling or heard things moving.

She said she didn't want to believe still. So she just ignored it and tried to soothe Hoss when he growled at thin air.

A few days later her mom started taking pictures around the house. When she asked why, that was when she found out about her moms experiences. Apparently she had the same watched feeling when she slept and sometimes found things had moved. Now she had contacted a medium and was sending her pictures.

She insisted she thought it was insane-She still doesn't think highly of "Mediums" apparently. But when she told me what the medium said, I couldn't blame her for not trusting what they see.

"Ma was being followed by 2 ghost, both looked like my grandma and grandpa. She didn't know what they looked like, Fi. She said it was my grandpa watching us. But when she saw the pics of my side.." She stopped, picking at her wrist, "She said the spirit-my supposed grandpa-hated me. He never hated me, Fi. He never would hurt or scare me. This thing wasn't my grandfather. I knew it. But Ma ate it up. She started talking to it, tried to record it."

I was in shock at that.. I did know her grandpa, he did love her. He never even got mad at her! She was the only grandchild, the daughter he never had.

It was about that time she became depressed.

​Still interested? I'll post more soon.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Ghost Story Part 2

(7/20/15 Weebly)

Apparently Highly demanded.. Part 2

So last time (a long time ago, sooo sorry!) I mentioned the scratches on my friends back.

Well, it was clear and deep. Real easy to see in the picture and it was only the three. My first reaction was "Maybe that big Shepard of yours? She likes to paw at you in your sleep..."

I could of swore she would cry at that... I guess it was stupid to ask that, she hadn't wanted to say for a reason. But my first instinct was to deny ghost and demons. And three scratches, who wouldn't think demons, right?

Well I kind of tried to make her feel not insane and asked her what it was.

She sat me down and told me how her mom had been feeling watched and started sleeping in her room. At first, it had helped her sleep but then she had started getting bothered too.

Her mom complained about being watched again and the dogs suddenly refused to sleep with either of them-all but the oldest dog, atleast who stayed next to her at all times.

It started with the dogs running away and a sensation of being watched while they slept.

At this point she was nearly in tears, I knew it was bothering her to talk about it. It was hard for me to see it, but even harder to believe. I knew she had a wild imagination and that her mom watched ghost stuff alot. But her dogs running out of the rooms? They were clingy.

She went on to tell me how it got worse after 2 weeks of her mom being back there. The floors creaked in the hall, her door would get pushed, and she'd see dark shapes moving in the hall between the rooms.

Made it hard for her to sleep. The oldest dog-Hoss, then moved from his favorite bed in the hall to her room.

Then another week later she started having bad dreams and would wake up in tears, sweating, and heart racing. I asked her about it and she said it was always bad but she could never remember. It was just mind numbing fear.

At this point the shy collie mix who never climbed on furniture started sleeping in her bed. Usually at her side or on her feet-hard to do with a 5'8'' girl in a small twin bed.

Next it started happening during the day. She went home after school each day and was usually alone for about 4 hours. She said it was about this time she got truly terrified.

Interested? Read more next post!


Monday, September 21, 2015

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Editing Hell

( Posted 7/1/15 Weebly)

Seriously. Im trying to edit my second Hell's Playground Book and its taking forever.

On that note, i've started roughs for 3 other books and im in the market for a editor who'd be willing to get percents of the profit over salary... I just dont have enough to hire for lump sums.

Im going to try and post again next week with part 2 of the ghost story! Please.. Relax yall!


Unable to Post

(6/1/15 Weebly)

I wont be able to post for a few weeks, have some work I need finish and catch up on. I'll try to post again before the month is up!


Friday, September 11, 2015

Post of Silence

In honor of 9/11 and its victims im taking this day away from posting on both blogs.  Thank you for understanding!


Monday, September 7, 2015

A True Ghost Story Part 1

(As Posted to Weebly 5/23/15)

I wont say names, I wont give places. This was a really personal thing for a good friend of mine. But she gave me permission to share the story. To let others see, its not fun and games to deal with this stuff. Its not just a TV stunt.

She had never told me about it before and it did make sense when I thought about that time period. Ya see we were in high school. She had never been a happy person but she wasnt a emo "I want to cut myself." type... Then over about a week she wouldnt talk and stopped trying.. She wouldnt draw, wouldnt smile, wouldnt even do her school work..

I figured it was a hormone issue or something with her dad being a solider but she wouldnt say. Next thing I know shes always wearing this huge black jacket (in 100 degree weather!) and wont take it off.

Found out a few weeks later that she had actually been trying to kill herself and couldnt seem to keep herself stable mentally. She was seeing doctors several times a week, on tons of meds, and always looked like hell. No sleep, and lots of abuse hell. I saw the bruises and cuts but I couldnt really help.

After about a year she was suddenly better. No bad thoughts, no more bruises, and not even scars!

The doctors figured it was because she was out of high school. Blamed it on bullying. She never argued. Just went on happy as could be.

I found out abit later after alot of pushing that she just wanted it to stop. She showed me the pictures and asked me "So... How can I scratch my own back like that?" Down her spine was 3 DEEP claw marks. She couldnt do those.

If ya want more, wait till next week. Sh*t hasnt hit the fan yet.


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I hate humanity sometimes...

(5/7/15 Weebly)

I truely MEAN this too! Everyone suchs a jacka-- Er.. Ya get my meaning.

Now adults... We all know that fun game of Ping Pong you play with any office or return service... Oh yes.. The "I cant help you, please call this number." which turns into "Well you need THIS person, heres the number." and then on and on till your back to the same person.

When it comes to making returns ya think, "Well, they just dont wanna give me my 5 bucks back." Whats BAD is when your trying to give to a charity and they give you that.

Now I was back home trying to help a friend get rid of some stuff before she moved and she said, "Hey Fin, can ya call and set up a pick up?" I say sure and look up the number. No biggy. I call what the site calls "The Pick Up" number. And know what I get? "Oh im sorry, this is the main office. You need to call this number."

Well I bite back the remark on what the site says, tell her okay and think "Well its a charity. Maybe dont have a tech guy on staff to fix it."

So I call the other number and end up getting yelled at by someone about having the wrong number. That Sonofa must get ALOT of those. Because I called main office, told them and they of course apologized and said told me how they didnt understand why that happened. I read off the number i'd called and they said its right. So I called again. I NOT so politely yelled back that its the number the main office was giving me and got hung up on.

So I called a 3rd time to the main office. Got a 3rd person. Read off the number and she burst out laughing. Apparently I was given the wrong area code. Twice. Even after telling the second one the EXACT number I dialed... So she apologized to me, said they probably looking at MY area code when giving the number gave me the right one.

Luckily this one WAS right. And I found out said charity has to type in the area code before telling you the number to call to get a pick up. Im pretty sure that poor guy could tell I was still abit peeved. But who wouldnt be? I've been all but cussed out twice for calling a number I was given!

I thought dealing with a COLLEGE was bad! And I got to tell ya, after being sent to the same person 5 times with the same question as they insist "I cant help you." while every other person says "ONLY they can help you." really works your nerves...

Needless to say I was abit pissy for a few hours... My boyfriend started grabbing a cross and avoiding me till I calmed down. When I finally started letting that anger go he still wont come near me. Says Im giving into the demon and that I need a priest.

Im actually writing this with him sitting huddled in a chair with a cross in one hand and a bottle of water that he sharpied "Holy Water" on and drew a cross... I feel the love...


Friday, August 28, 2015

Kids...With Kids?

(4/29/15 Weebly)

So... I was on Facebook and saw (for the 8th time, seriously...) a post saying "Like if your over 18 and don't have a kid yet." And got me thinking....."WOW"

Seriously, do you know theres a huge boost in single parents and kids with kids? I mean their having them in Middle school!

Babies having Babies indeed...

But is that REALLY that strange?

Anyone 80+ can probably remember girls (like 15, maybe younger...) marrying old men... And that being normal! There was a time when not being married by 18 meant you were F*CKED! It wasn't THAT long ago either!

But we spent 50 years or so not doing that stuff and now its weird to be on it again? Like bell bottoms and the flappers style clothing, fads come back! Apparently this is a fad.

So... Does this mean that women will be expected to stay in the house and raise kids again while men work again? Will Blacks and Whites not be allowed to mix? (Legally that is. To be fair any separation in modern times is your choice no one is keeping you apart. The White Man aint keepin you down. The Black Man aint going to shoot you... Hate the person, not the race. If you judge a person by race at all then you have made a mistake. But I can attack this beehive another time...)

To the point. Whats the real appeal in sex? Is it worth the risk? Honestly... If your under the age of 16 and having sex then something is WRONG. Its not "The Cool Thing" and its not rebelling. Its selling yourself short, opening the door to Hell (figuratively and literal).

Sex in general opens you to STDs, children, emotional and physical damage.

You've heard the STD and baby talk. At school or even parents. Do you really need a lecture on that? Nope. But heres the facts:

Herpes. AIDs. You know what these are. You know ALOT more too. Now... These can be controlled but not cured. The meds aren't cheap. Your wasting money on the meds monthly, your losing years of your life, your ruining other peoples lives, and your a stigma. And most people under 18 probably aren't tested and if they are aren't going to tell you. In fact, most over 21 probably aren't tested and wouldn't tell you!

Think of Family guy! Brain did not tell Stewie or Chris he had Herpes. And they ended up with Herpes after becoming Blood Brothers.

STDs are painful. Ugly (case in point, that Family Guy episode. Icky sores). Not Worth it.

Babies. Cute maybe to some.. But their only fun in small doses. Did you have a baby sister or brother? Or visit with a baby in the house? A night or two of the nightly screaming might be annoying but aren't you always saying "Just one more night." or "Thank GOODNESS were going home and I can sleep." Then you have a answer.

Babies cry and wont stop. It will be like that for months. No going out, no having a life, probably no college. And no, you cant dump it on your parents and boys you cant dump it on the girl. If you do, you'll pay. Usually you pay in heavy wage cuts. Oh, your getting 20 bucks a hour?! Well she can get 50-70% of that pay from every check in Child support. Same to girls who dump it on men.


Seriously... You cant fix a marriage by having a baby. You just gave a common ground that will fade and you will then ruin the childs life when you end up breaking it up.

Child support can hurt, yes. But it isn't a way to get back at your Ex. Its not a way to get money without working either. Its meant to care for the child. If your getting a thousand a month, good for you. Take it and use it for the child! They should be eating balanced meals 3 times a day. Have clothes that aren't holey (not exactly expensive but not full of holes). Any you got left should be used FOR the child. Maybe put towards their college education. It is NOT for you. Don't take it and buy beer or drugs or a new car or jewelry. Don't even try to say you got that brand new sports car for the kids safety when it doesn't even have a back seat...Or room for a car seat.

Next The damage. It IS damaging. Do you know how many people turn around 10 years or even just one year lately and say "I wish I had waited..." Maybe not till married but atleast for someone better. Im sure most do wish it. And not just because they ended up with a kid or STD, just because it wasn't special or the person they were with wasn't good to them.

Well... Im ranting abit to much, but you got the idea, right? I hope you young impressionable ones will take some of what I've said and understand its important. The worst will happen to everyone at some point. Everyone has to face the "Worse Possibly Outcome" at some point. Its not always going to be "It'll never happen to me."

So. If nothing else. Adults. Kids, Teens... Keep it safe. If you must, use a condom. Keep it safe. Don't let anyone pressure or force you into it. Don't be scared to ask questions!

Till next time darlins. Keep it safe, and God Bless you! :)

A Side Note: This is all assuming the sex is mutually wanted. Not Forced or Rape. My thoughts on any form of force or rape are not reflected above.


Monday, August 24, 2015

My mind...Is straining... Must. Not. Break.

(4/21/15 Weebly)

Im having a "afhrrghfghghthghfrrrgrrle" moment with YouTube.

Now, its been a long time since I've got to rant... So run if you don't want the rant.. Cuz imma blow.

Ever been on Youtube (What am I saying, who hasn't..) Well they have these FUN little ads before EVERY DAMN VIDEO! Well.. I get lucky. I get the same..Ad... Every f*cking, damn time!

Its not just every now and then, its just about everytime (and im on YouTube daily for HOURS).

I mean really, I know you buy so many slots to go over so many days... But really...

I think some of these games, movies, shows, products, ect buy 80% of the ad space for the day.

I mean im seeing ads for movies like "Duff" on my freaking heavy metal... Its NOT targeting the right audience at all!

Worse thing is you see these ads and think "Ah, that looks kind of cool." Then you see it a 3rd time "Okay... Im loosing interest." After the 10th time "Okay I've seen EVERY good part already... No point in seeing it." And about 20 times later "F*ck off already... I don't care." And 50 times later (not even joking...) "OMG I HATE YOU, I F*CKING HATE YOU! I NEVER WANT TO SEE THIS EVER!" And any time after that is a facedesk and tears of misery...

I'm so sick of it I counted... I've seen for the recent ads:

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. = 64 times

Duff = 103 times

And that's today alone...

I know you can skip (90% of the time) but its just... UGH! I understand the reason for ads, being able to skip them if their usually longer then 15 seconds makes it super okay to me but NOT THIS! Atleast some variety! Its just UGH! Its like a broken record, I my ears are bleeding.

And while im at the ads. Playlist: whats the point? You stick 20 minute ads in them and your stuck walking back to Youtube to skip it. I really wish they'd set a "Skip all after 15 seconds" button. I mean i'll take the extra 10 seconds to be able to skip everything longer then 30 seconds. I love playlist, I love being able to start my favorite songs and go work out and write. But its a pain to crawl off my machine to go turn that damn 20 minute ad off...

Okay... I have a straining migraine... Ughs... Uggghhhsss!

Till next we rant my friends.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Still Testing.. Testing...

(4/17/15 Weebly)

Still Testing, Testing, Testing...

I cant get use to the way it feels to make the post here! Its so bare (the page where I write the blogs into that is) and white! With HTML options....With Blogspot atleast.

I took computer courses and know how to make the codes... But the white, blankness is just so... Wow... I feel like im not writing enough its so bare!

But thanks for sticking with me on this! After a couple months I see both plus and minus' to both Weebly and Blogspot. Im still unsure on what I want.

So im going to keep going abit longer with both. Those following both, those 30 or so post aren't all posted to Blogspot and im still adding to Weebly. So i'll be holding out abit longer before I decide I think. Get both up to date. Its starting to become a habit to post to both sites honestly.

I might keep both... I feel so indecisive!


(Edit:  Since writing this on Weebly I figured out more on blogspot-including backgrounds..  So its not so bad to me!)

Friday, August 14, 2015

BloodLust Cheat: House of Mirrors

(4/8/15 Weebly)

Now as yall know, im random as can be with my post so i'd like to bring up my gamer side again, this time with tips and tricks rather then a rant!

Okay, Blood Lust is a fun little Forum style RPG that you can only get on Apple store (Boo...). I enjoy the forum style (think Pirate Clan or Viking Clan on Facebook. Thats forum style) and I enjoy the idea of the lore.

This game has lots of lore and little hints in the lore. Now THIS ONE gave me a ton of issues.

You go to the Family Reunion (which is like the 3rd or 5th zone, comes after burying carmella) and end up in this place called "Hall of Mirrors"

Now you got 4 options. Foward, right, left, back. So I try one of each. I tried right right right, left left left, and all that jaz... Then I read that lore above where it clearly states "Preside as usual." So.. I tried Forward. And I kept hitting Forward for 5-6 times (my stam ran out about 4th or 5th hit, I cant quite remember but less then 7.) and boom. Im out.

I found the lore in it is VERY helpful.

Tip for anyone who tries: Do the missions with the most Gold as much as ya can unless theres a reward. Once ya get the rewards from all of them move on.

Also, Stam is SLOW refill. Use as much as possible each time your on and then just check it every hour or so.

Lastly, Save those Sacrifices and use them for Bats. You can buy 3 for a buck ya but free games arent free then! So just do the offers that ya can and save them for bats.

Well. I think i've done my job for the week. Time to go poof!

Till next we meet, imma be gamin.


Monday, August 10, 2015

Tips to Health: Do what Ya Love 2

(4/4/15 Post to Weebly)

As promised, another tale, that's abit happier!

My friend is Kirita ( ) a wonderful artist and very loving person!

Ya see, shes turning what she loves most into a career. She is a artist who actually makes things to sell Jewelry, digital prints, computer wallpapers, commissions, and a lot more.

Though its not enough income to support her yet shes going to school for game design to make her own MMORPG!

Outside of her 20 hrs a week for a local business she also Sells on Amazon, does commissions, sells digital copies of her art, sales on DA, and does a lot of volunteering.

She pulls in an average of 30 bucks a month with Amazon by selling her old college books, jewelry, her old collection of rare cards, and even artwork after she factors out her materials, shipping, and Amazon's Cut.

Her digital sales and prints bring in about 50 bucks! Though it might not seem a lot to you, but Like my e book those digital sales are repeat sales of one item. Its like spending 3 hours on a item that can sell for a buck or two a HUNDRED times! This is why e-books are so popular to publish for new authors. There is no material cost so there's a high profit WHILE you sale them cheaper! The profit just comes in slowly.

Then theres the commissions she does. Im told those are few and far between to be mentioned but theirs months where she eats pretty good.

Now this is enough to keep her up and afloat till the big bucks roll in but she does most of this in her free time like I do with my writing. The difference is shes about to go to school for her career choice.

She could be bring in the big bucks in 10 years time and living her dream! But for the time being shes making a profit off what she loves to do anyway.

Doesn't that sound like something we could all stand to do?

Till next we meet!


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Happy Life Tips: Do What Ya Love

(3/25/15 Post to Weebly)

Ya heard me. Do what you love!

Me, I enjoy a lot of things. I enjoy reading, writing, and showing my creativity.

So in my case I make E-Books (Such as Hell's Playground) which brings me in a few bucks a week selling at a buck with 70% royalties. Lets say It averages me maybe 20 bucks a month.

I write blogs. Based on my views per day and that most ads give you a buck per thousand... It would take me 10 days (with about 3 ads running) to make 3 dollars. So im averaging maybe 10 bucks a month.

I also make and sell items on Amazon. Altogether that averages maybe 20 bucks a month after Shipping and Amazon's cut.

So lets see, doing what I love Im getting 50 bucks a month... And then you take out the materials for what I've made... That probably is about 5 bucks month. And then the cost of a site for my blogs, that's 10 (oh, that's the cheapest too! Atleast on Weebly.) so after you take out that 15 from my 50 im profiting 35 bucks a month...

Now you see, that's life. Its 35 extra bucks a month for about an extra 15 hours of my time. Why do I do it? Because I love to. I love to write these blogs and all my books and I enjoy making the jewelry that I sell with my friends and I love to hear how much people enjoy the items I sale!

No, you have to remember that 10 bucks for blog ads is all fake at the moment and do is the 10 bucks for the site. So I really am only profiting that 35 bucks.

Why don't blogs make me money? Because as it is that is how much I would bring in. I'd have maybe 2-4 ads running with my 120ish views a day and they only profit a buck or two per THOUSAND views. Its for reasons like that that I say not to be angry with YouTube and their ads (because most of the time their not TOO long and the YouTuber gets some cash off it) and with other people who blog and their ads.

Yes ads suck but they make that person a few bucks that helps them support their site and maybe even their life.

For me though, that wont happen. But this is why im thinking of switching to for my blog. I can post 2-5 ads there with a free blog. Sadly, I have to get my content up there first and I just don't get the views there Like I do here. Mainly because all of you are here on my fanbase! But now you know the dirty truth...

Oh well, im off topic!

Im thinking of making something like this a whole little series, similar to how I usually do with holidays. I have other friends and family to exploit! And perhaps a few oh my favorite blog fans will send me a few of their own tips and tricks or even their stories for posting! (With permission of course! I'll even change the name!)

But I will be picking this up next week to tell you about how this IS making money for a very dear friend of mine. Atleast, more then I am!

Till next time my friends!


Friday, July 31, 2015

Farmville…Just Farming?

(3/20/15 Weebly Post)

For those that know me—what the hell, yall know me too well for comfort! Well as you know, I schedule my blogs abit in the future to prevent blank post. Like what happened to Witches Brew post back on Halloween. Well. This one is abit pushed too, so on we go.

Show of hands, who plays Farmville? Probably everyone. It’s a fun little game designed to drag you in and trick you into using cash.

Well, recently they allowed the fun of “Your Childhood Sweetheart.” It’s a farmhand that never leaves and you often Hug. Well, their free to use in exchange for “Meals” which is crafted recipes and a energy that refills daily (every 24 hrs) unless you BUY more.

Well you had to train your friend in chapters like field care, tree care, and like chapter 3 you go on a date and in like chapter 5 or 6 you ask them to marry you and then like 8 or 9 kids are coming soon! LIES!

I got on.. Look what I had… A KID…Still says COMING SOON and here I got a bundle of joy… I don’t want. I even named it “wth..” I did not want. It eats my baby bottles. I need those! Too many animals! Hell I aint even gone out on a DATE yet! IM STILL IN CHAPTER 2!

So were we screwing in the trees or fields of golden wheat? Were those hugs really humps? I don’t know but im scared and confused!

What about yall? Scared yet by this?

Wasn’t it bad enough a person ya hadn’t dated yet was living in your house? Hugging you constantly? Getting in the way of you and your horses as well as EATING your food and DEMANDING food for their ONE job a day?!

And WORSE you only been there 5 days!! HOW DID I GIVE BIRTH!?!?!!

Facebook has no logic… Im terrified… I think I also got broken. Im mentally broken my friends. I crave the idea of logic. I still wasn’t comfy with the shitting out wool and horse shoes and they throw THIS at me..

What do yall think of these developments? Any confusion, worry, logic?

Till next we meet… I need a asprin…


Monday, July 27, 2015

Your an Inch Worm...Mr. --Grinch?

(3/11/15 Weebly Post)

And to revisit last week. My Boyfriend is the inch worm in his sleep!

So allow me to brighten your day with a few details and stories at his expense!

So when I first saw it, he had his ass all the way in the air, arms at his side. If I didnt know any better i'd think he was being raped by a ghost. But after a minute a stretches out and curls around and is inching all over the bed. Im not sure if hes possessed or half inch worm... But he does get around.

I feel like I should have popcorn to watch him at night or that I should feel abit dirty.. Its kind of like a bad porno scene in the B rated horrors from the 90s. Almost as hairy too.

Hes actually inched his way UNDER the bed before. Scared the shit out me when he woke up screaming "I DONT WANNA DIE! PLEASE DIG ME BACK UP! I WONT DO IT AGAIN!" and all the while hes banging on the mattress. SO I wake up and snatch the candle holder off the wall ready to kill someone thinking were under attack...nope...Just him.

So his legs are kickin, not under the bed mind you, the dogs are freakin', and im sitting there staring.. Blankly... I mean WTF... Is he dreaming? Nope.. Hes just stuck nearly naked under the bed, sweating and screaming. Now about this time the doors banging. I look at him and just go answer it. Hes in the back still screaming bloody murder with dogs barking and i've got two cops with their guns pointed at me.

I just point to the room.. They walk in.. And they see a pit bull on the bed trying to bite the fist sized bumps hitting the mattress. They look at me.. I point UNDER the bed...

There was a few wicked witch jokes made... Till a tooth hit that fist... Then it was silent... Followed by another scream... This one with "OMG LET GO OF MY THUMB!! FIONA!!!" Me.. I do all I can do at this point. I jump on the bed and tell my baby boy how GOOD he is! One of the officers pulls him out.. He turns beet red...

The officers kindly lie that he was fixing the boards in the bed and our dogs jumped up and they gave out... He was stuck under 200 pds of dog and mattress. His hand was fine too.

For his safety the mattresses are on the floor and the bed frame is tucked away in storage. Now he inches into the bathroom and wakes up on a wet floor with one of the water balls on his nuts as he hugs the base of the toliet... Though to be honest, I put the bowl there for his protection.

After all this, Atleast he doesnt drool... Usually. And yes, hes inched his way over me too..

I wake up with his feet in my face, I wake up with him half off the mattress and half on me, and at very confusing times with him curled in my lap or face down in my chest...

My reaction is usually a smack to his head. He never drools unless hes on me. So I want a shower.. He's done better about inching off the bed instead of on to me.

Now He either inches his ass into a dog bed ( I dont think the dogs mind AT ALL!) or I weigh him down and keep him from moving. Putting ankle and wrist weights on him helped. Plus I lay on his arm.

Well, you've got a nice look into my private life and I hope you've got a BUNCH of laughs out of it!

Till next we chat,


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New Bullet

( As Posted to Weebly 3/10/15, for a Weebly Page..!)

This wont count as this weeks post by the way!

But it was pointed out to me that I had passed a goal marker in post! Im actually OVER 25 posts now! (Small milestone but hey!)

Was my 25th post here! Yay!

Well, now that THATS done!

Imma celebrate abit! We shit hit our 50th soon enough too! When I hit 100 post or a thousand views in a day I think Imma have to throw a REAL party!

I'll see yall soon my sweets!


Friday, July 17, 2015

Touching Base

(As Posted 3/6/15 to weebly)

As you notice im posting to as well. I'll be adding there at 1-2 a week till its caught up but I WILL be posting here still! Still the usual weekly or there abouts! Don't worry darlins!


Monday, July 13, 2015

Post Exorcism

( As post on Weebly 3/4/15)

Few days later, angers gone (siggghhh).

Boyfriend has put away the cross. Im not a demon (now...) and thus not a threat...

He still threatens me with a catholic priest though when I get mad. I dont think my bursting out into laughter about it is helping. (What? It's funny. I get alittle mad and he starts threatening to get a priest!)

I think hes under the impression im possessed due to the OLD house. My friend told me once that it was haunted. Showed me pictures of the bruises and scratches she got... Told me how it really effected her relationship with her family and even blames it for her spiral into a bad depression and mental breakdowns. Maybe i'll share that next blog, after Im back home..

Well. Its still a old house. Creaky floor boards and if ya jump, it shakes! So stomping makes for shaky house. And thus, I must be possessed... Ya..

Well. THATS over! No more possessed me! I cant even help but roll my eyes about that one.. I get pretty ticked at times but im no where near as bad as a demon..

Am I?

Well, atleast I get some love from yall.


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Blank Space

( As posted to Weebly 3/4/15)

An blank space to throw ya off..!

(Truth, my blog became gibberish when it posted. I cant delete so..... It wont effect updates!)


Friday, July 3, 2015

Dating Vs Living

(As Posted to Weebly 3/3/15)

Ya know, there was a time where you dated a person for YEARS to decide if you were right for each other. That or your childhood friends and ya just know its true love (Thanks Modern Movies...) OR its true love after knowing each other 5 minutes, lets marry and snu snu! (THANK YOU DISNEY!!)

Well now adays you see more of "Hey we been dating a month, movie in with me."

Is that a bad thing? You know their already.. Uh-hm, being intimate.. (There is no good way to phrase that when I know there are minors reading this...) Plus with the latest batch of humans we date for a week, maybe a month and by this point their done or know if they want to take another step.

Now, knowing that sex probably is happening or will happen anyway you take into account they live together now.

If their already sexual then nothing changed. If their not then they may or may not share a bedroom. But there are pluses to living together.

~Money savings and time
When living with a roommate you have options to split chores and bills. For most younger people that is a helpful thing. It gives a chance to work part time and go to school, to save money, and to put more time into a relationship.

~"You Never know someone till ya live with them."
That old saying is VERY true. Everyone has special quirks and habits that cant annoy you outside of the home... Things like cleaning habits (example: laundry, dishes, floor isnt a hamper), eating habits, weird personal things that just freak you out...

Honestly this one alone should break the deal on if marrying before living with is best...

People just act different in public.

Here, allow me to enlighten you on my personal experience. Some time ago I was asked why I was "So sinful" and living with a man that was not my husband or family. (To be fair it was a old woman nearing the age of 90... Different time, different teachings. I just shrugged that off.) I told her the truth. He needed a place to go to get from a bad place.

My boyfriend and I had been dating for about a year. We had known each other for going on 6 years at that time. But he wasnt living in good circumstances. He was eating once a day, and that was usually dollar menu pink goo. He had HUNDREDS of health problems, mental and physical. And he was thinking of ending it all daily.

Me, I was going to college getting a degree. So when I ran into some extra cash via the Dean's List I said to him "Baby, if you want a new start I can bring you here. We can get ya better." He was scared, but he wanted something better and knew I cared. So he got his ass packed on a plane and here he was.

So my boyfriend is now living with me. I started working on his issues. First his social issues, then his body, and still his shattered brain... He went from sexy looking nerd to even sexier bum...

His anxiety makes it hard to find him work so he currently makes his living via dog and house sitting for the locals as well as me. My big dogs require ALOT of attention and he made a great house keeper.

But in the year we've lived together I've found things I didnt know about him when dating. Things like how he FOLDS his laundry... I mean what da hell... Its dirty, it'll come unfolded in the wash... Hes moody as can be... Which works, I got a temper to rival his. He spends TOO MUCH TIME ON FACEBOOK! Not being social though, oooh no... Hes playing Farmville, Dino Hunter, and Zombie Killer... For HOURS. He also never takes off his shoes, even in bed... He acts like a inch worm in his sleep, no joke, i've walked in there at night to see him with his ass in the air swaying and his arms plastered to his side... I'll bring you more on that next time...

Moral of that story. He brings in a extra hundred a month, helps me clean, takes care of my pups and makes me smile. Hes an ass at times but I adore him. And I feel like I could suffer a lifetime with him if we did marry too. I know that for sure because I know EXACTLY how he is with scary detail...

Till next we meet...

Im starting to feel I got off track...


Monday, June 29, 2015

Thinking, Thinking... Curious

(As Posted to Weebly 2/19/15)

You know... I've hit writers block. Don't you hate that? Apparently you can hit it as a blogger too. Not that I don't have ideas. I just cant focus enough to make more then 3 sentences.

So looking down at other blogs, you see Loooonnnggg, paragraph after paragraph, endless post. And lately they kind of skimp.

So to the rest of you. Does that bother you? To get little updates/mini post weekly verse a possibly once or twice a month long post?

Its all... Im not sure, RANDOM I guess! Maybe it wont matter one way or a not?

Possibly i'll just try to poke in more with mini post to twice a week for those..

Update to Blogging on other sites. I have started on with this same site name (yap, that's me.) and am posting. Its only 1-2 a week. At this point I wont reach this post till May or June. But its progress. It gets a few of its own special post nothing special if you want to check it out.

Also, if you noticed in some of my first post, you saw that I do write for Amazon Kindle. I've published one book so far (hope to have 2 by Halloween!). So im considering... Almost advertising a few books. Not just my own, but ones I found and enjoy. Would anyone be interested in that? This blog is meant to be random and wide variety type but it don't hurt to really keep some post of interest!

I'll try and keep up my actual holiday post too this year... Starting for St Patty day... V'Day is abit too... Well, gone!

Well. Till next time darlins!

Have a Blessed day!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

And my day was...

(As Posted on Weebly 2/15/15)

I hope everyone had a good V'Day!

Me, I spent it with my boyfriend, fighting in the morning and cuddling in the afternoon...

Our plans ended up... Squished. He actually planned to take me to McDonalds (Ick...No pink goo...) and then to see a movie I didn't want to see...Ever... I have NO interest in 50 Shades of Grey. NONE. Especially not with.. Other People...

Anyone else ever feel kind of icky when their at a movie and it has a long.."Heated" love scene? I mean its like watching porn around strangers. I don't know, maybe its just me but its just kind of sickening to do that.

As it is I hate seeing any kind of sexual nudity or sex in films...

It just turns me off the whole movie.

Take Horror films. Just about everyone single one has sex included. Most are NOT tasteful... (pan out, hinting at their being sexy things happening, Okay. Watching two people rolling under the sheets and thrusting...Not...Okay... ) I go wanting to see blood and guts and instead get assaulted with softcore porn and little to no real horror... I get more fear out of the 40-50 year old actor plowing the horrible (probably picked up just for looks, you know exactly what I mean) actress that looks like shes BARELY legal!

I got off topic... I'll save my lack of respect for current culture and movies for later.

Back to my day..

Well, I was pissy with him for that. Mainly because I had hinted over and over that I did NOT want that... Turns out (and reason I forgave him), he asked his sister what to do... Said sister hates me... Wants to see me dead and her brother back home, I mean the looks are pure hatred!

Well she told him to take me to see the movie because "She loved it, thought it was romantic." And told him to take me to McDonalds because I apparently "Wanted it" since I kept saying it.

Moral of the story... If a girl keeps mentioning NOT wanting something. It doesn't mean she wants it. Especially if shes saying it with ALOT of venom and staring you down with a "Do it and Im. Going. To. Kill. You." type stare... Or comes out and says "Take me to do this and I will dump you right there. There WILL be a crowd by the time im done yelling. Possibly a hospital visit."

So that night we went out, rented a cute movie (How To Train Your Dragon 2, actually!) and cuddled up. After about 5 hours of talking, playing with dogs, and movie we decided to go grab some food from a local Diner. Planning to fight the cold by curling up in bed after...

Another Moral: Don't leave the apt after 8 pm if you want your bed.

We got home and had both dogs on MY side of the bed... House rules, whoevers side their own gets the couch. So he got the bed... I got a love seat...

It was very cold too...

Well, I hope yall had a better day then I did. Its not all bad but hey, it sucked!


Friday, June 19, 2015

Sorry for delays!

Im very sorry about a delay in posting here, I've been busy since May with school and work and unable to focus on either blog.

Im going to go back to posting steady here and back date my older stuff from Weebly to catch it up!

I hope i'll soon have everything posted and be able to give new fresh content like I do on Weebly.


Monday, June 15, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day, Darlins!

((As posted to Weebly 2/13/15))

Happy Valentine's Day, yall! Grab your hunny and make them a happy bear tonight with plenty of honey!

For you...Um, under 21s. Keep it PG, no sex. (See parents? Im not gonna encourage that!) And for the sakes of you not really caring about my orders, atleast keep it safe. No one wants a kid while their a kid! You adults too! (Hey, maybe that's another blog post...)

I'll try to have some fun dating tips and gift ideas for next year. But you have any happy memories or gift ideas for/from Valentine's Day? Share them in Comments or email them!

As for me... Well I got plans with my beloved Zombie Bait. He's promised me something special! Fingers crossed its not a trip to GameStop where I get to pick a game... Or the Video Store and I can make him watch any movie... Again.


If your reading this... You better change your plans reaaalll quick Babe.