Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cant a girl get five minutes?!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Moving soon?!

Yaah were to that point.  If you couldn't guess from a few post ago about the bed were ready to move into the camper!

So expect that to happen towards the end of the week though we wont be leaving the area quite yet.

So were now going to be living in the backyard in a tin box, getting the dogs comfy and trying our set up before we move to a cousins "Lot."

And yes, I said lot...  They own some land and tend to rent out spaces to summer RVers.  Upside is they said we could build a small enclosure for ours so I can still keep outdoor appliances safe (like my Deep Freeze).  But it can only be abit bigger then my camper.. >.<  It'll be a lot bigger if you ask me, but only so theres room to walk ALL around and have a space to set my stuff without sucking it in or crawling over.

Soo.. I feel cheated.  But, its fifty a month with hookups plus the price for our water/electric.  Better then anything else local so I wont complain much.  He doesn't even care if we have Dish. 

So we'll be getting that set up, trying our new home out, making sure everythings going to work... Fun, Fun... 

And that's where we are!  I'm out, got some more items to move out so take care!


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Its been a crazy week!

Work seems to pile as it gets warmer.  In this case, its run over my desk, my bed, my counters, my dogs, my boyfriend...


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Downingsizing our Bedroom

Making this one fast.  We've sold the vanity, end tables/nightstands, ect ect.

Nothing left but our bed furniture wise.

We have one set of sheets were keeping for now (We went from a Full to a Short Queen so the sheets wont be fitting the camper bed) but I'm holding onto my favorite pillow cases.

Already invested in some ties that are suppose to keep sheets on (saw a trick that keeps regular sheets on the short mattress) and got some new fitted sheets to try on it.  If it works i'll get another set but if not they were only five bucks so it wouldn't be as painful.

Some family got together and got us this mattress topper that I'm dying to try out too...

When were ready to move we'll be giving our bed and mattress to a family we know that could use them (No one takes or buys used mattresses for good reason, but these people know us and they need a new bed so it works.)

Naturally the pillows fit either way, so they go with!

Our Bedroom was pretty simple, but we got rid of almost everything...

The next thing wasn't really a bedroom item but we were having to keep it in our "Bedroom" area.  Our desks.

We each had a desk since we both had a PC/Laptop we use for games and work but they just wont fit on a camper, not even his tiny writing desk.  Since neither was exactly expensive, we plan to just set them on the side of the road and let them get picked up by whoever since it would be a pain for a charity to get and no one would pay enough to make it worth craig's list.

Were still not sure what to do about our "Desk" for the camper so we'll most likely be setting up on the dinette at first with my work files in the bunk house.

Well, that's all we have to report for this week.  Till next time!