Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Page we all need... For... Reasons...

Screw the Diet.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Ugh Family...

So, those who've been reading a long time might know, I'm kind of on a rocky slop with my family.


A.  Live with my boyfriend (Living with means we must be screwing and living in sin after all!)  So I'm apparently a whore for that.  -.-  Even though it started as a way to save money and he's too into gaming to think about sex.. ever.

B.  No kids!  I was a single grandkid.  For a long time.  Then about 11 another popped out just as I started to lose the cute.  5 later, those grandkids are losing the cute.  It is my time to produce more cute and I just have noo intention of doing that soon...  Karma is waiting on me... I fed those kids Redeyes and giant bars of heaven... I have sent them home jumping, quite seriously, off walls.  Also:  If yah didn't know, I'm just not that into babies!  I never saw the Awe factor.  Maybe it was out weighed by the Ew.

C.  I am going to live in a tincan.  No one likes my idea of freedom, they really don't.  One saw my blog post (No really, my family is stalking my blog, and when they see this they will hopefully bugger off about a few things.. -.- )  So being from a family of farmers... The idea of living in a mobile or trailer home... Its taken as a lower class... Were low, but that's "White trash" to them..  Even though my camper has a TOILET!  Oh yah... We have out houses and tubs set over fires type of country going on in a few parts of the family!  Secondly, I hate beer too much to be white trash and I don't do drugs.  I'd try weed and i'll drink vodka, that's as low as I go... Next point:

D.  I DRINK!  GASP!  Yah, women shouldn't drink or cuss... I do these things... A lot.  Sorry Grandpa, but its a new world and if I'm going to work as hard I'm going to drink just as much!  But nah, I like the old code of never drinking, spitting, or cussing in front of women... It was a show of respect type thing and it was kind of sexy characteristic in a man... But the idea that a woman shouldn't do something a man does is outdated.

E.  Their LIBERALS!  No, really.  I lean Rep but my family is mostly Democrat.  Yah, farmers are Democrats... Funny aint it?  And why?  Because my grandma is a democrat that was raised in the city.  And to avoid fighting with her, everyone else converted...  They have a lot of Rep views but they vote for Democrats... Its a strange thing... I personally like something from both sides but on main issues, I always lean Rep so that's the side I tend to back while I try and figure out who is the lesser evil... The fact that I don't straight ticket is also a fun issue.

F.  I'm a writer.  I do blogs, books, I'm even working on some kids books and comics.  I get by doing this... Not rich, but surviving.  But that's not good enough...  I should be something paying triple digits like a Dr or Lawyer...  Or I should be a housewife.  And that's apparently where I should of landed according to them!

G.  They dislike my boyfriend.  Why?  He's a gamer.  Due to his issues he doesn't do people well... They think hes weak and useless... Their half right.  Truth is, he does YouTube and does atleast 50% of the housework.  When I worked outside the house, he did 90% of it.  He may as well be a housewife with a hobby but I appreciate the work he does do because it makes life easier on me.  They also dislike that he is very... City.  He came from TX but he doesn't do... Farm or lack of grid well.  Hes came around to the idea of a homestead as long as there is internet and electricity.  But that took a lot of work on my part!

H.  My dogs.  I have too many is a complaint.  I'd have more money without them is another... And Pitts are DANGEROUS!  I love my dogs, their great.  They keep me happy.  Their worth the 200 a month in food and the various vet bills.  Also, my pitt is as dangerous as a goldfish... He is actually snuggling now.

I.  They think games and books are a waste of time... I love my books.  I enjoy gaming.  This issue has made many a screaming match.. -.-

J.  I don't go to church 4 times a week.  I... I don't mind church.  But going every time there is a service isn't going to happen, because I have to work and I just cant be around living humans that often..  I am Christian, I read the bible more then most...  But I've been burned by bad churches (and horrible church goers, you know the ones I mean..) and so has the Inchworm...  So for us its a personal reason to not go more then spiritual.  I do hope to look at a new one after moving and maybe going once a week but at this time, I'm not and my family seems to think not going to hear a guy yell quotes from the bible mixed with his opinion means I'm a horrible person going to hell...  If you have a good church your in, then I couldn't be happier for you.  Church is as great as the members make it.

The list can keep going... But i'll stop it here before I rant my arse off.

So now you know why my family sucks.  Any of you have similar issues?  We don't judge... We just wallow in misery together!


Wish me luck at the reunion..

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Downsizing Pt 6 Kitchen Again

I revisited a couple boxes and I gotta tell you...not many were fun.  Most had stuff I wanted to keep but chose to just seal and store.

The Kitchen had the most interest because of some of the things I'm doing with it.

First off, if your not up to speed:  I started downsizing first when I moved in with a friend.  Naturally I didn't need my own fridge, oven, ect ect cause I'm sharing in a HOUSE rather then renting a apt.  So most all the kitchen ware was gone through and packed to store.  I then went and got a camper.  Not because I dislike my friend but because we both wanted out.  She decided to sale and I decided I didn't want to go to a Apt but needed to save towards a house.

So here I am.  Back in the kitchen stuff.

Being realistic...  I bought this camper new so i'll be in it for ATLEAST 5 years paying on it and saving up for a new home (maybe). 

So I decided a lot of my big appliances could go.  I sold the big fridge, the oven, even the microwave.

I chose to hold onto the counter top toaster oven and mini fridge though since we haven't moved yet and because I can set those up where we'll be parking for abit.  (We plan to stay with some family for the first year while we adjust and to give the puppers a chance to settle since this will probably be their second move in a years time)  I can use the toaster oven outside when its hot and keep the less perishable items outside in the mini fridge (Think Water and Veggies/Fruits).  Probably my Wine and Vodka too since theres no good place to put it inside.

Next I dumped everything and took sets of 4.  Four Glasses, Four spoons, Four (butter) Knives, Four Plates, and Four wide mouth cafĂ© style cups that can be used as bowls. 

Theres only two of us but an extra set means we can have friends over and have spares.  I know most things are sets of 6 or 8... But you might can SLEEP 8 people on that camper but it would be a tight squeeze to have 6 max at that LARGE dinette.  Four seems like a comfy number.  Especially when we have large pouches like my pitty.

Naturally the dog bowls had to stay, they need them for food and water...

Fun part, I had a DECENT cooking collection...  But...  If you didn't know, my friend turned me over to how great cast iron is for EVERYTHING and not just meat.  So I donated my mix match set except for one medium pot for soup and boiling water.  I then invested in a new dutch oven style cast iron that is a deep and shallow skillet that fit together.  It barely fit into my tiny oven but it does.

Now I know you CAN make pasta in cast iron... But boiling water will pull seasoning off and it'll have to be clean or boiled off RIGHT after I'm done cooking to prevent rust...  So I'll keep that extra pot.  I'll make tomato sauce in the pot too since tomatoes can pull iron out of cast iron and become... Icky looking to say the least. 

I'm also getting rid of my knives.  I'll keep a cleaver, deboner, A all in one (That's what I call it atleast but its kind of a regular steak knife, but I use it for everything outside of raw meat), and this-what I assume-is a bread knife (because it wont cut much else, but it might be meant for fish...)

I actually use those four because I buy whole chickens, whole roast, whole everything really... Its just cheaper if you buy it uncut.. Which is where the deboner and cleaver work.  I also enjoy making my own breads so that knife gets used often too.  Weekly atleast.

I'm of course keeping my single serve blender (Its small and makes portable drinks.  It gets weekly use and I can store it under the dinette).  I already tossed the toaster...  I'm keeping my two coffee makers.  One does grounds and k-cups and the other does my espresso.  I think these (though energy hogs) are worth the space because I drink coffee daily and make espresso shots often.. Twice a week maybe.  Also my spice grinder...  I still have whole coffee beans to use so its still needed.  Plus we buy fresh or dried herbs too so I think the cup sized item is worth the space.

And yes, the French press.  I like it for when I need to entertain because my other coffee makers make singles but sometimes you need 2-4 cups at a time.  Also small and I wanna try nut milks.

Don't judge my coffee and tea needs. 

Outside of that I have a hand mixer that sits on a stand, a food processor, a dehydrator, and a Deep Freeze.

I decided to give up the dehydrator and plan to get a solar one that's smaller.

I'm going to keep the mixer too even though my blender could do it too, but the mixer has a stand it can attach too and my blender cant do more then maybe pint and a half while the mixer can do a full bowl at any speed I need.  Not to mention...  I'm not putting a thick and sticky dough in my blender.

Food processor is going away.  Why?  Because my spice grinder can do dry and my blender can go wet.  I got this thing as a gift and I rarely use it but I know it was probably expensive so I held onto it and used it for bone powder.

I'm keeping the deep freeze for now too since were all using it for the time being and if possible ill take it with me since I have a tiny freezer space in the camper.  Plus its kind of new.

Next I tossed all the utensils.  I kept one bamboo spoon, a Spatula, and a soup ladle.  Fancy, aren't I?

Lastly was mixing bowls...  I tossed the strainer and all but a medium mixing bowl and I got a silicone clip on strainer that fits my pot.

So, I sold some, donated ALOT and moved what I could onto the camper with places.  Made a little running money that i'll be putting with my next payment so all in all, not bad.  And after doing it I have a TON more room in the storage unit so I might not need a bigger one!

Win Win.


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

OMG, who comes up with this shit?!

No really... Its RANT time.  Who the FUCK (I wont point fingers at companies... Because SO MANY ARE DOING THIS), but who the hell calls a period "AMAZING," or "LOVES IT"?!

No girl in her bloody right mind likes that shit.  You LIE!

For those lacking the devil spawn called a utuerus... The fact that your not pregnant causes this organ to attempt to KILL itself monthly.  Every.  Damn.  MONTH.

This means the girl is:

Bleeding.  It varies from girl to girl... Or month to month...  But it does ruin many a pair of undies... Cost hundreds a year in a attempt to prevent that, and don't forget the joy of feeling a constant stream of blood...  We do not laugh, cry, move... Anything.  Or there is a flood.  The bathroom is a murder scene and we are the damn victim.

Pain.  Most of us get wonderful cramps... This is the organ actually trying to KILL itself... Its a physical pain like getting stabbed in the torso, the who-hah, and often spreads upwards to cause horrible headaches..  Sleep or peace are limited and you'll pop advil like its damn candy.

Diets.  Ruined.  Everything in sight must be eaten.  Your food, our food, dog food, possibly even the dog or your arm...  Ah, and sugar is needed... It actually does help with the cramps and the constant stream of blood causes us to need the extra vitamins and energy, so yes.  We want the WHOLE cake.

A lighter wallet.  Did I mention the cost?  If your paying 70 cents a tampon/pad and changing them every 3 hours (Suppose to change more often, but hey this gets expensive fast... But sometimes you need them hourly) And theres 24 hours in a day.  That's 8 a day.  5.60 a day.  For sever days... That's 39.20 a month.  That's nearly 40 bucks a month, EVERY month.  480 a year!  You think I'm messing with you on this?  No, this is a fair guess of the price per.  Tampons need panty liners.  If you only use pads your paying more for your needs... Such as length, units in package, wings, and amount it holds... They are not all made equal.

On this note, there is reusable options... Washable pads, diva cups... They take a larger investment.  Easily 50 bucks or more to start.  But hey, you can use them over and over so its cheaper! 

Now... Factor in the CLEANING.  Those diva cups must be dumped and then rinsed each time.  Every time.  The pads must be WASHED.  Now, unless your okay with soaking bloody things with the rest of your items... Lovely image huh?  Yah no, you wash them in one load as needed or monthly, whatever comes first.  True, this is trival to above, but you have to handle a bloody mess now.  Cant just toss it.  And that is why most buy the expensive but tossable.

Extra Content:  Pre/After Period.  Fun fact... We feel it days before... And days after were still feeling like shit as we bust our asses to get caught up and deal with the messes we caused.  So forgive that little moon swing... Were sorry we screamed instead of taking your head and drinking your blood!

Ah, and sometimes its early, or late, or last longer then normal...  Thought you were done?  Too bad!  Not time yet?  Sucks for you...

Now... Knowing this (as most girls/women do and have since like 12) this is NOT a amazing thing...

So please, do any of you find that crap amazing?  Love having half your month blown?  Love buying new undies that may not survive... 

And these tampon/pad ads... White, tight clothes?  Oh heeellll no... Going to the freaking beach?  They must be trying to do a Jaws remake!  Now they want to make this crap mainstream and say they love this unholy hell?  I know some lucky girls get super light symptoms and light spotting... But I've never heard them say they love that shit either...

Myself?  Hahaha... I'm not lucky.  In any sense.. I gave up on having nice things and wear black sweats with a hoodie 3 sixes too big with a hot water bottle on my stomach while I binge watch horror flicks so I'm ready for what I will be dealing with hourly while gorging on anything left in the house.  Upside?  All those leftovers are getting eaten.  Container and all if I don't pay attention..  I've trained my pitty to help drag me off the couch and fetch me V8s from the pantry... My father has called me a unholy demon spawn.  I'm a freaking joy. 

Now... Tell me, how amazing this crap is..  Please... See if I ever buy that product again after being told its a wonderful thing.. -.-

Here's a ad idea:  Partner with a hotel, Cheesecake factor, fruit of the looms, or even V8.  And tell us what we really feel.  That this sucks but this products offering a discount on food, a room, or a drink that can help keep you feeling human.  Or maybe that your now offering coupons for products we need/want in the package... Ice cream, new undies, candy bars... Redbox...

Okay, rants over.  I'm calm... I need to go stock back up on V8 and cake mix too.