Friday, November 27, 2015

Christmas Time!

Like many others I have a love hate for Christmas Time.

I love the gift card and splurged gifts that I receive (such as a new kindle from my mother and some gift cards to amazon from a few friends!).

Its a great time to give yourself the warm and fuzzy as you empty your wallet for others.

Down side?

Debt.  Crime.  Weight.  LOTS of cleaning.

Well, I thought maybe I should center a few post around this sort of thing to celebrate.

And to those that suffered Black Friday, I salute you for living.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Ghost Story Part 6


"Well, now it wasnt in the house ya know. But it didnt really leave."

She told me the next day that I should see if I could stand her backyard after dark.  So, this part I got to experience myself while I was visiting.

We camped on her back porch with her dogs, grilling and eating in the grass.  We went out around 7 at night and nothing eventful.

"Your full of bull shit and that stuff was photoshop'd wasnt it?"  I said to her.

She just stared out and shrugged.  "Make a wager then.  Fifty bucks if nothing happens.  But I didnt make it up, Fi.  Not a word."

She doesnt make bets often.  So I kept my trap shut and tried not to complain.  We made stupid small talk about grades and which teachers sucked (even though were going to school in two different states, seriously it was stupid small talk...)

Then it got close to 12.  About I suppose 11:30 she opened the door for the dogs so they could go in or stay out as they wanted.  All but one of hers went in leaving the two of us and my pit.  Not so shocking, it was Hoss that stayed out with her.

As it got closer to Midnight Hoss kept whining and looking back at the house.

"Hope your saved."

I am, but it wasnt exactly a hopeful thing to hear...

Five minutes before midnight she dragged both dogs in and closed the door.  "I dont want them getting hurt, plus that buffalo of yours might wreck the fence.."  She didnt sit back down, she just stood next to me.

Right at midnight, the oldest cliche in the book, things started.  Now she had this old metal shed in the back.  The doors started shaking but didnt make a single noise.  I asked what kind of trick that was and she just shrugged.

We walked back there and I could SEE them moving.  It was like something out of poltrigiest.

She touched them and they stopped.  She shook them once and they clattered and screeched like any rusty metal door would.  Then there came a knocking from inside.

I figured her boyfriend was in there and knocked back.  I laughed when it mimiced my knock.

"Ya, dont play knock knock with it."  Then a giggle.  A little girl giggle behind me.  There arent any kids close enough that I could possibly over hear that either.  I turn and theres nothing.  But suddenly I feel really cold.  She looks really pissed though.  "Its a creepy, bastard, isnt it?"

"Ya, your dating him... Shouldnt you let him out?"  The doors are locked with two pad locks.

"If that was him, you'd hear HIM giggling about now."

We walked back towards the house and that 30 feet suddenly felt like thirty miles.  The air was really heavy and I felt watched.  I still thought it was all a prank, that she was one hell of actress and punking me.  I really wish she had been too.

I saw something she didnt though-or atleast she didnt mention it.  Something was on the otherside of the wooden gate near the house staring at us.  It was the shape of a guy, ya.  But having been to her house enough, I knew that it was floating or stood at 7 feet tall because the privacy fence was about the same height.

I started towards it thinking it was just another joke.

About 10 feet away it rushed me.  It went through the fence and right THROUGH me.  It was like icey hurricane wind hit me full force, I stumbled and fell and couldnt breath.

When I could finally breath again I turned back.  No one.  She was next to me grinning.

"So.  Is my boyfriend able to pass through objects now?"

I was speechless.  I really was.

She half dragged me in-my legs were half jello.  The dogs were swarming us and whining.  She pulled a curtain over the door and lead me to her room.

The curtains in there werent pulled yet.  The same thing that had hit me was standing next to the shed in the back staring at us.  It was dark, and that thing was darker.

"Try and ignore it..."  She pulled that curtain too.  "It leaves by 4 usually.  Im not sure why.  But it never touches the house."

She told me that it now hung out in the back and front yard.  But it was only there during certain hours.  The dogs refused to go out and she didnt leave or come home at those times.

Needless to say, I didnt sleep.

The next morning we went outside and into the shed.  The dogs followed.  Nothing.  It wasnt fun, but it wasnt scary.  I knocked and nothing knocked back.

"So, I guess I owe you, 50 bucks?"  I didnt wanna shell out the cash, but I couldnt deny i'd seen it and felt it.

"Keep it, I dont want your money.  I just wanted you to see I was serious."

I had that experience over a year ago.  Since then, she had the house and grounds blessed.  She keeps inviting me to come stay over again.

I wouldnt.  Not for a million bucks.

WELL!  Thank you all for reading that, terror.  I dont know if you believe but I hope you never have to see something like that first hand.  I dont want to for sure.

To anyone suffering from something like that, I really suggest you go get help.  You arent crazy, this stuff does happen to real people, and in my person experience isnt wasnt good, I really dont want to do that again.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Lets Talk Coupons--An App that can help you save!

Are you poor?  Are you stingy with your money?  Are you struggling with cash due to the fact that the holidays just suck?

Well, im all three. My food budget is only about 100 bucks and half of it goes towards dog food, treats, and non food items... Like soap.

We dont get government aid AKA food stamps.  So we do things the old fashion way.  Coupons, off brands, and discount stores.

Im not ashamed of that either.  I have got enough food to last a week and have better food with leftovers then people spending twice what I do.  And honestly, I dont notice a real difference in the taste of off brand verse main brand foods...  I even splurg on the organic meats.

But lets get to the point, shall we?

This post is on Coupon clipping.  But, you dont get the paper or have a printer?  That can make it hard.

Personally, im lucky enough to have a smart phone (which these blogs and book sales pay for each month!  So maybe you consider some of those? --Moving on!).  I would search sites for coupons and deal announcements, write down a list and let them scan them over my phone at check out.  This took me a few hours each Saturday since I would plan the meals around my coupons and budget.

But then while im there I had to price compare with my coupons because a name brand with the coupon could still cost 10% more then the knock off.

But it was worth it.  I saved a average of 10-25 dollars a week on the items I had to have which gave me wiggle room to get extras like a monthly gallon of Ice cream or a large organic, farm fed chicken.

But a friend who also struggles with cash recently turned me on to this app that gives me my coupons and rebates in one place.

The App offers you coupons, bonus rewards, and rewards for recruiting as well (it sounds like a pyramid scheme, and im pretty sure it is one, but it is effective and it isnt hurting you, thus i'll endorse it).

Review wise, the complaints are both valid but in valid.  I'll list below the more common:

-Issues with picture taking.  =  Not as common but it seems to hit Andriod users more.  I personally had little to no issue if I set the items on the counter and auto focused by keeping my finger on the screen.

-Slow load ups.  =  This isnt the app.  I think this is the internet.  No, its not a instant change but I never had to wait longer then 5 seconds (and that wait was on a list with more then 200 items!).  It might also be a lack of storage on the phone though, just like a computer it'll run slower if the memory is nearly full or if you have 20 items running at once.

-Time consuming.  =  I saw it a few times.  STUPID is STUPID.  I know its harsh, but this app was insanely faster then searching page after page of other sites for coupons.  Probably about the same as with a paper (since you'd have to cut those out).  You cant expect to get a free service and then finish in less then 10 seconds.

What you do:

You find a rebate you'd like to use and "Unlock it" which means a short survey of maybe 3 questions, a video that is 30 seconds or less, or a quick fact to read.

Personally, I unlock anything I think i'll use while im at work so the videos play while I work.  So every 30 minutes, I unlock as much as I can till I reach a video.

Now you go to the store.  You can either check your phone or make a list with brand names at home.  I do the lather and check for rebates as I go if something catches my eye.

Now you pay as normal.  Which can mean using coupons for items you wont get a rebate on or just paying and going.  Personally, I still use a few coupons, especially if its for items im not using rebates for.  (I havent found anything saying I couldnt, and the more I save the more I can get.)

Now, the slightly long part.  You DO have to scan barcodes of any item you want to rebate.  So you pick the rebate and scan the codes.  It doesnt take too long though.  I tend to do it when I get home or while im on the bus when its not in walking distance (I suggest grouping and items your going to rebate on together so when unpacking their not all spread out as bad!).

Last you scan the barcode of your receipt or take a picture of it.  That will allow them to verify the purchase.  Which can take up to 24 hours, but on smaller orders I find it takes less then 5 minutes.

Where can you use it?

Hundreds of stores including Walmart, Target, Food places (I know Chili's is on there actually), Pet Smart, Whole Foods, Sam's Club...  Places that accept coupons tend to be on the list.  Even Dollar General and Family Dollar.  I found pharmacies like Rite Aid and Walgreens too.  More then likely, a store you go to is on the list.

What can you use it on?

Cloths, Pet stuff (Limited amount honestly), Electronics, food, liquor (Oh yes, MANY wine and vodka choices were listed for select brands!), containers, Office supplies, ect.

What brands are included?

Most main brands seem to be featured.  Ziploc, Tyson, Olay, Dial, Chobani....  But my favorite is the "Any Brand" ones so I can get my favorite brand.

Is it for certain items/flavors?

Some are.  I know for like a Brita Rebate for filters, it was only good for the pitcher filters, not the ones you put on your sink.  But most were "Any variety" with exclusions on anything smaller then so many ounces.  There are some specific ones though, yes.

Have you saved with it yet?

My first week using it, I used 8 rebates and saved 6.75.  I then got two bonuses (one for 2 dollars for getting over 5 rebates in a set amount of time, and another for 0.25 for using two coupons on yogurt).  So in less then 3 days, I had a balance of 10 dollars.  And most of what I saved on was staple items like bread, eggs, and milk!  I didnt go out of my way for it.

Now one of the other reasons im sharing this is you get bonuses for "Inviting Friends" to join the saving.  This doesnt take away from you if you choose to try the app but it can help the person who's link im sharing.  This one actually belongs to my friend Linda who got me started on it.  So I hope you'll try through the link and help us both.

Happy Saving, especially with Thanksgiving so close!


Friday, November 13, 2015

Date of Horrors

Be afraid my viewers. Its Friday the 13th! Avoid those pretty black cats and ladders!

Or, be realistic and dont think about it. After all, that bad luck never seems to catch you till you remember its there!


Monday, November 9, 2015

Possible Update Schedule?

I've recently got a job offering so my posting time is spazzy.  But I have to lock on a schedule or i'll end up posting once a month again...

As such, Im going to try and keep the post like I had on Blogger.  Posting ever 3-4 days.  One week a Weds, the next week Mon. and Fri.   It was a odd schedule.  But I like the random feeling.  Kept me on my toes...  Probably because those seemed to be my best days to post.

Mondays, I look for anything BUT work to do.

Tuesdays, I have a panic attack and work double time for Mondays...

Wednesdays is Hump Day... My last panic attack means I have a lighter load.  Thus im bored.

Thursdays are a meh day.  My work load varies.

Friday is pretty light, mainly any overload from Thursdays.  But its also my Gaming Night. (Dont Judge me...)

Saturday is Shopping.  Not fun shopping.  Its hours of cracking a whip on my budget and getting any food outside of ramen for the week on 50 dollars.  Its not fun..!

Sunday is my day of rest.  I need it after shopping so I pretty much do nothing.

So, ya.  Funny schedule.  But I think it'll be managable...  I hope you get a kick out of my panic attacks.


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Site Updates

Ding Ding!  We've finally caught up both websites so I can update on the same day for both.  No more advanced post on Weebly.

At this point I can really start weighing my choice on which site I prefer.  Sadly, I do lean to Blogger for ease of use.  But Weebly has some advanced options to make searching a easier task for all my fans.

On top of this, both sites have a HUGE fan base running with tons of views each day.  Because of this, I don't want to shut either site down. 

Im going to give it till the end of the year to decide if I want to fuss with both sites or if I want to switch to updating only one.

Either way I won't be deleting either site!  So no fear of that.

All that aside, you'll now see the two sites posting the same content each day from this point on!

Thank you for all your time, suggestions, and emails!  I hope to see more of everyone in the future!