Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Downsizing! Part 2

Next lets talk... Duplicates...

Part 2:  Ditch the Doubles and Multiples!

I know, you should be prepared with two, but you cant live in a small space and only have a 5x5 storage room and keep two of EVERYTHING!  Let alone has SEVERAL of everything...


I'm sorry but when its two people, you don't need a set of 8 plus odds and ends from god knows where. (I counted 24 forks...A large one, and 2 small salad forks... The other 21 were just regular forks)  My solution was to donate it in general.  It cheap and had plastic handles but it was a full set.  The odds and ends were put together in bundles of 4 with the extras recycled.

Same with dishes and cups (though I kept 99% of my coffee cups). 

We really didn't have any sets here so we just trashed the chipped and broken stuff. 

Sadly, having a crafty friend trash wasn't good enough... But I liked the first part of the process and the end result.

We smashed all of that (including a mug that I treasured... Even though the bottle was missing..).  She then took the pieces and used them with concrete to make small walking stones.  She even made a special one for me with my broken mug.

In the end, that left us with three plates, its-not-your-business-amount of mugs, 4 mismatched plastic cups, and 2 glass ones, and 6 bowls.  We kept the three plates so we'd have a spare (ya, I know its against the rule but these are going back into storage and i'd like one more just incase one gets broken).  We recycled the plastic cups since they were old and most likely from a dollar store, kept the glass ones, and kept three of the bowls because one of them was small enough to use for dips.  Plus it nested so took VERY little room.

At this point were out of the kitchen box and have managed to clean out half of them.

Next was linens... God help me.

I have... A thing... About wolves... So I collect... things with wolves.  This left me with a sizable collection of wolf blankets, pillows, and sheets.

I really wasn't mentally able to let any go, so we took out two sets to use on our bed and the other 3 were put aside along with any damaged blankets/pillows.  The sheets were donated and Kirita is fixing the pillows and fixing/cutting the blankets up for quilting.  This reduced my collection by 3 boxes.

Next were towels... We've collected towels (beach towels) from events and so we had about 20 towels that I label "Drying towels" and 1 wash cloth... And 4 dish rags (but those were seasonal, so we left those be).  Naturally, a wash cloth is good to have.  But we didn't have any real bathroom set so again we took out the torn for fabric scraps, which left up with 12.  We then donated all but 4 so we could each still have our own towel (plus one for my hair) and a extra for when they were washed.  This surprisingly freed one box.

I know this post has emptied a few boxes but the boxes vary in size-its not the human sized mover boxes.  Just throwing that out there...

Well, I feel way too exposed so imma stop this one here.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Better Late then never...!

Ya, yah...  I'm late.

But I'm posting just a few days short!

So, fun fact...I'm living with a couple of weirdos... 

I mean I have inch worm.  But now I also live with a artist (that makes like oodles of fun!), her boyfriend, and my boyfriend... Who seem to have merged souls because we catch them copying each other... Two gamers with no work to do... And a love of sweets.

So I live with "Twins" and a crazy woman.

I know artist can be off their rocker, but my shy friend has cracked her mold.  I'd be proud of her if it wasn't so disturbing.

She's getting giggles out of scaring the crap out of the boys, Preps, is a shopaholic on Amazon (luckily its just a bunch of wish lists...), has mental break downs that are then followed by burst of happy affection...  Funny part, she's mentally sane... So were terrified by that.

Artist types are one broken pencil from going Hanibal Lectur!

But I'm still having fun.  Its still better then where I was even if it is a nut house... Kind of feels homey to be in a house with different personalities.  You see shit like that in those "reality" (HAHAHAH!) shows...  But it actually works out great in real life.

I can still be myself, she can be crazy, the boys... do as they do.  Honestly they blend in with the couch...  No really, they are wearing the same colors as the old snagged up couch their on.  They are blending...

Sal actually told me "Were Camoflaged..."  I nearly died, he just looked so serious as he said it and turned back to Battlefield...  Right as he got sniped.

It was the most enjoyable thing I've seen in a long time... To watch him die for a lame joke.  But I'm abit of a cynic. 

Well signing off!  See you next week with real content I hope!


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Downsizing! (Because i really need to..!) Part 1

Ya, so as you know, I just moved and its REALLY clear I don't need everything. 

So I'm taking a note from my own blog and downsizing.

Why downsize? 

Well... You can donate and put that on your taxes or sell and get cash.  Its free money!

So I came up with a few tips that I'm sadly having to follow...

Part 1.  The Week rule.  (Mostly applied to kitchen...)

This means if your not using it ATLEAST weekly, then you don't need it....  The means everything but my bed, computer, kindle, and coffee maker are useless...  But taking my boyfriend into it, that includes his clothes, game systems, and mini fridge.

So... I also took into count things i'll need later but not yet... (because were sharing a house mainly)

I cook so I need my stove, and it cant hurt to keep the microwave and toaster oven since these were commonly used too.

But this leaves me with other items... Like the 4 mixers.  Realistically, I don't bake enough to need the mixing bowl.  I also don't need a single serve blender and a large blender...  We never have company so large one can go!  And lastly is the stick blender.  I feel its useful, but I only paid 15 bucks for it and had it a couple years. 

My solution:  Keep my single serve blender (i'll need that for my smoothies and stuff when I move), donate the big mixer and large blender because they just don't get the use to keep suck bulky objects...  And lastly, I'm giving the stick to Kirita, because hers died recently and this one may not make it too much longer either (so not worth donating).

The same was done the toaster we never used, our second toaster oven, One of those key catchers (we really never used that thanks to table of doom..), oh and our table of doom... Because we do everything at our desk anyway.

Next I went through the pots and pans.  Any rusted or overly scratched got recycled.  Because you NEVER willingly use the pan that sticks like crazy or that rusted muffin pan when you can use the clean, stick free one.

We also tossed some things that had me saying "No fucking clue..."  Like what I'm told was a garlic press...  It looked like a nut cracker to me, but I'm taking their word on it...  I probably tried to use it as a nut cracker.

Well, that was a long day...  So you just heard how day one went... (and yes, it was mainly the kitchen boxes but the rule still applies!)

Till next time!


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Quick Check In

School starting soon and I figured we'd enjoy a quick touch base.

We are currently moved in... Sorta unpacked... Kind of.  I might still be unpacking my delicates and everything that isn't a coffee machine or electronic...  I know I'm not old, but damn I think teenagers unpack faster then me..

I've started a job search...  Small towns suck.  Being Summer the extra help is filled by high schoolers, the jobs require a friend of a friend for interviews (No, not joking... Small towns hire on who not so much anything else!), and sadly I wasn't the... Um... Most "entertaining" person when I was here...  College changed my moods a lot but I'm still anti gov. and anti social!   And now I live with a local trouble maker! 

Its comical when your dearest friend-sweet as can be-is considered a pest to her town for:  speaking out against animal cruelty, calling out bullshit on "high ranking members of society," and of course the unforgivable:  saying the local high school is shit and should spend more on education and less on cheerleaders and football (Le GASP!).  Very unpopular opinions!

Hah, its all interesting though.  More so then when I was a kid.  I still don't much like my hometown, but I enjoy seeing some of my oldest friends... 

Aside from that, i'll be looking at taking some courses on Coursera (free college classes, WHOO!), continuing the search for a job, writing here, unpacking (HAH), and hopefully not going nuts.

Oh, another down point?  (Because yall are really after my misery, don't lie, my bitchy post are the most popular!)  I wasn't informed that the house was in need of a roof and floor...  So were pitching in for that.  Ah, and Sal is trying to get a job in security...  Not mall cop type thing but still... I have issues with that.  Mainly because I grew up with no respect for the corrupt local cops (don't get me wrong, theres good ones, I actually liked some of the ones in Atlanta).

So ya.  Theres my dirty laundry.  Speaking of which I need to do laundry (Ahh, home hooked up washer and dryer how I love thee!) 


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Budget Life: Screenplay

Mobile App-Android

Like Slide Joy but I personally haven't had the best of luck.

I was told it would credit a reward for joining and have ads and that it could run with slidejoy.

I was never credited a reward (after 2 months mind you!) and though I've had EXTRA ads that I had to X out, I've never earned a penny.

I attempted turning off Slidejoy and restarted but after 2 days still nothing even though I've had ads.

I did contact them but no answer after a week...

Soo... try at your own risk, but that's my honest review!